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MPAA Rated R for strong sexuality, nudity, language, some drug use and violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is dancing on the stage in see through clothes. Her areola is visible while her panty is covering only her butt crack. Later she removes her upper garment and only her nipples are covered up.
  • Two topless girls are dancing on the stage.
  • A man is on top of woman and he is humping her implying penetration. He is also pressing her bare breast.
  • A woman is with a man. Part of her breasts and a nipple is visible. It is implied that she grabs his penis from the top of his pant and finds it to be erect.
  • A topless woman dances. Her breasts are visible.
  • A man imagines himself to be having sex with several women separately. In one, he engages in coitus while she is sitting on a table. In the other he is with two women and in the third one, he is seen thrusting energetically.
  • Two men watch a video where a woman assumes doggie style position and her breasts are hanging freely.
  • At a party several topless women are visible. One girl is completely nude, breasts and vulva are visible. There is a statue of a woman in doggie style position. A man with camera says smile and a womanraises her dress, revealing her breasts. He then says he likes to see breasts and nipples of all kinds and he mentions different types of them which are also shown on the screen. Later, there is a close up shot of a womans breasts hanging down as she is bent over the table in doggie style with a man behind her.
  • A woman is with three man. They put her (Maria Bello) on a table and an old men starts to kiss her on her lips and another man takes out her breasts and starts fondling them.
  • A woman opens her dress on a stage and her breasts and bush are visible.
  • A man video tapes another man receiving oral sex from a woman.
  • A man video tapes a man on all fours and two topless women who are blindfolded with the older woman having abnormally large breasts.
  • Two man enter a bar and drop their pants. There are some other couple in the bar who are having sex. Only women riding the man in their laps is shown.

Violence & Gore


  • A man looks at the breasts of a woman and tells his friend "Look at the jugs on her".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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