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Sex & Nudity

  • In Round 2, there are suggestive posters on the building that feature women in bikini outfits showing their stomachs and legs.

Violence & Gore

  • There is gang violence in the Sega action side scrolling video game involving one of your characters Adam, Axel, and Blaze punching, kicking, wrestling, and throwing enemies to the ground.
  • The player can be seen beating up both men and women enemies by punching kicking, wrestling, and throwing them, or swinging or throwing a knife at them, using a beer bottle, or swinging a metal pipe or baseball bat at them. The player beats them up until they lose their HP bar meter and they scream and die.
  • The enemies can be seen attacking and beating up the player by punching and kicking them, throwing them, swinging their knife, metal pipe, boomerang, claws, whip, charging into a player, breathing fire, crushing the player until the HP bar meter is gone and the player loses one life and if the player loses all of their extra lives and continues, then it's game over.
  • Both the player and the enemies can lose their life if they fall into a pit or fall down from a building.
  • In the factory the compactor machine can crush a player or enemy.
  • The final Boss Mr. X can be seen shooting the player with his machine gun.
  • The player has the option to use his or her special move by calling reinforcements in a police car firing a bazooka which will kill the enemies on screen. This move no longer works once you reach Round 8.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The player can be seen grabbing a beer bottle. Though it's not confirmed.
  • The boss Big Ben can be seen drinking alcohol and breathing fire at the player.
  • A building bar can be seen in Round 1.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This game can get intense as you are fighting enemies and dodging their attacks.
  • The 2 female bosses Mona and Lisa are considered the hardest bosses to beat up, even for easy mode.
  • The gang members both the men and women can be heard screaming before they die.
  • Suggested ESRB Rating: Rated T for action violence, suggestive themes, alcohol references, intense gameplay.

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