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2 Jan. 1971
The Dead
Its Christmas 1901, and a group of Dubliners make their annual call on Granny Morkan's island. As the music and wine flows Gabriel's initial contentment with his wife Gretta changes as he realizes his wife's mind is far away thinking about one of the departed just remembered by all - but which one?
9 Jan. 1971
Tales of Piccadilly: Behind the Spearmint Sign
Private investigator Harry is find his life & work involving debt collection and the like boring and humdrum.Then Helen enters his life with an exciting case involving her missing husband.
16 Jan. 1971
Tales of Piccadilly: A Room Full of Holes
Pete and Glynis meet in a post office queue for booking long distance phone calls overseas. Their loved ones abroad become less important as they both discover they have a mutual appreciation of Rembrandt.
28 Mar. 1971
The Price
a family convenes after the death of the father. Two brothers and their mother come to terms with the sacrifices and misunderstandings they have carried since the children left home.
4 Apr. 1971
Arms and the Man
1865: Swiss captain Bluntschli fights as mercenary in the war between Bulgaria and Serbia. When his group's attacked by a few Bulgarian troopers, he learns that he's got the wrong ammunition for his cannon and has to flee. His flight leads him right into the bedroom of his enemy's fiancée.
23 May 1971
The Silver Collection
Rachel works in a museum, showing people round the silver collection. Jim, a carpenter, suggests she may be too far removed from real life.
13 Jun. 1971
Paper Roses
Facing retirement, elderly journalist Clarence Hubbard reflects on the pointlessness of a life wasted writing banal tabloid human interest, animal, and crime stories. Rather than go quietly to tend roses in a garden, Hubbard begins a series of violent actions not unlike those described in tabloids, and this is heightened by inter cutting tabloid headlines between scenes. Throughout, there are occasional shots of a television critic who watches this very play as it unfolds, and he writes a negative review filled with cleverly phrased but bitter invective.
22 Aug. 1971
Giants and Ogres
On learning of the death of his ex-wife, American businessman Sam Dirk arranges to meet Daniel - the son he has never known. Sam's attempts at reconciliation seem doomed as Daniel doesn't seem to want to know his father.
5 Dec. 1971
The Birthday Run
The Clarke's ideal holiday is cycling together in the country, but now find their happy world is starting to disappear under heavy traffic and roadworks.
12 Dec. 1971
Some Distant Shadow
A wife recalls her former lovers and realizes they have all played an important part in her life.
26 Dec. 1971
Who Killed Santa Claus
Christmas dinner with television personality Barbara Love seems an ideal invitation- until death spoils the proceedings.

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