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Fascinating and Disturbing
secret_agent7714 September 2003
A compelling production. "The Investigation" showed how unprepared Canada and the R.C.M.P. were to handle a serial killer and rapist. True to their motto, the Mounties did get their man. Nicholas Lea is brilliant as always and Lochlyn Munro plays Corporal Darryll Kettles brilliantly. 10/10, here's hoping we see more of this great Canadian,home grown specials.
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Surprisingly gripping
Kipper349 October 2003
I saw this movie a few weeks ago when my mom brought it home for work. I liked the movie from the start, I found it to be kinda like a Law and Order Special Victims unit for Canada. Anne Wheeler does a great job not showing Clifford Olsen's face until the very last scene of the movie. Nicholas Lea, who you will remember played Krycek on THE X-FILES, is great as Les Forsythe, a desperate detective who is blown off by the brass like some batty old lady who hears noises all the time. He seems very at home in this kind of movie, and his frustration is evident as he struggles through the beaurocracy of the RCMP. Overall 10/10. Don't miss this movie if you have the fortune of finding it.
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Very Intrusive Direction
Theo Robertson4 August 2003
This Canadian TVM is based on a real life case where the mounties couldn`t get their man due to foul ups and red tape and this led to a child rapist and murderer to carry on with his obscene crimes . This is a TVM with a lot of potential but the script and performances aren`t as well developed as they should have been . Despite these flaws the one major problem that did jump out of the screen and grab me by the throat was the direction by Anne Wheeler which is totally inconsistent . Sometimes you feel you`re watching a fly on the wall documentary , sometimes you feel you`re watching a stage play , but worst of all sometimes you feel you`re watching a MTV trailer.

Like I said this had potential but everyone in general and the director in particular had to go and ruin it
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Very good if you want to see a 'real' film,but don't expect too much in the way of fun
davideo-26 May 2005
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Throughout 1981,in Fraser Valley,British Columbia,a man went on the loose luring vulnerable young people into his car,making false promises of getting them jobs in a construction site,plying them with alcohol and drugs,then abusing and killing them.This film follows the investigation into the killings starting with a tip-off from small town cop Kettles (Lochlyn Monroe) onto a state-wide investigation by Agent Forsythe (Nicholas Lea) that lead to the capture and conviction of the killer and the bungling incompetence and red-tape that marred it throughout.

The Investigation certainly makes for an interesting real-life story,but that's just how it feels:real life.It certainly doesn't succeed much in the way of fun.

As for the film's actual quality in itself,it benefits chiefly from a nice soundtrack (which,when you consider the many other ways it could have succeeded,isn't much to say!)The central protagonist (the killer) is an interesting character,but there's a disappointing lack of depth invested in him,although it is neat how his face is always covered up until the end.On the other fronts,Munro has a whiny lead presence that's a little annoying and he doesn't let rip and come out of his shell until right at the very end.Lea is a bit more dynamic and commanding,so it's disappointing that he doesn't come into the proceedings until a bit later on in the film.

The film's very obviously a video production.Some might say it's home's more at Channel 5 than BBC 1,but,there you go...

It isn't a film to veg out in front of,it's one of those ones where you have to use your brain and pay close attention to everything that is being said and inferred.It's a true film,very real,very human,but,unfortunately,that doesn't always make it very much fun.***
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Brilliant, complex and exhilarating story of a serial killer's downfall
rickcardona7 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, this little movie blew me away! It was so competently filmed. The pacing, acting and energy is consistent throughout the entire movie! Nicholas Lea and Lochlyn Munro shine brightly as two policemen in different departments that know beyond all others of the guilt of the suspect they are investigating despite the opposition, incompetence and skepticism of their peers and superiors. It was riveting from start to finish. You could feel the frustration these investigators felt as they relentlessly endeavored to bring a serial child killer to justice.

Amazing film. Wish it would've been a theatrical release so it could have gotten the exposure and accolades it deserves! A must see for those interested in true crime stories!
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