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Typhoon Chasers
A B-29 "Typhoon Chaser" pilot comes up with a risky idea on how to save a squadron of B-29's that are stationed in Okinawa as Hurricane Marie passes thru in1954.
Flight Surgeon
A C-47 crashes miles from base in rough weather and terrain. One of the crew is seriously hurt and the planes radio is knocked out. Using an URC emergency radio the base flight surgeon is able contact the crew and save the injured crewman.
11 Nov. 1958
The Dart
A flight surgeon must determine why an F-100 pilot shot down a fellow pilot while on a training mission. Was it due to the effects of supersonic flight or was it over a Las Vegas showgirl with whom they both had an interest in?
The Derelict
On a flight to Alaska a B-47 has an electrical short and all but one of the crew is able to bail out. A squadron is sent to shoot down the B-47 and the crew member on-board must regain consciousness and control of the craft to save himself.
11 Nov. 1958
Final Approach
While on a practice bombing mission the crew of a B-47 encounters a landing gear failure on approach and decides to make an unprecedented and dangerous belly landing for that type of craft.
Failed TV pilot about test pilots, ground crews and their families on Andrews Air Force base.
Chopper Four
In 1945 despite skepticism of it's practical use the R-4 Sikorsky helicopter is used for the first time to recover seriously wounded troops in terrain where other aircraft are unable to get that close thus saving many lives.

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