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James Honeyborne (‘Blue Planet II’): ‘Our understanding of the ocean has fundamentally changed’ [Exclusive Video Interview]

James Honeyborne (‘Blue Planet II’): ‘Our understanding of the ocean has fundamentally changed’ [Exclusive Video Interview]
“Who would have thought marine biology and oceanography could engage such an audience?,” “Blue Planet II” executive producer James Honeyborne asks in an interview with Gold Derby (watch the exclusive video above). The BBC documentary miniseries was the United Kingdom’s most-watched television program of 2017. He continues, “But it’s part of our world and it’s the world that we don’t know.… the scale of this place — there’s still so much to explore and it’s so important to us.”

With scores of 97 on Metacritic and 9.4 on IMDb, “Blue Planet II” is among the best-reviewed programs in television history. It is now nominated at the main BAFTA ceremony for Best Nonfiction Series and Best Must-See Moment, having won Best Nonfiction Cinematography and Best Nonfiction Sound at the craft ceremony last month out of seven total nominations. “Blue Planet II” follows 2001’s “The Blue Planet,” which was also presented by David Attenborough.
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Nat Geo Greenlights ‘Hostile Planet’ Docuseries From Guillermo Navarro & ‘Planet Earth II’ Producers

National Geographic has given the green light to Hostile Planet, a six-part docuseries from Oscar-winning cinematographer and director Guillermo Navarro (Pan’s Labyrinth), Emmy-nominated producer Martha Holmes (The Blue Planet) and Emmy winner Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet Earth II). The pick-up comes ahead of National Geographic’s Further Front. The series, produced by Plimsoll Productions, takes an intimate look at the way animals have found ways to survive in the world's most…
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TV Review: ‘Planet Earth: Blue Planet II’ on BBC America

TV Review: ‘Planet Earth: Blue Planet II’ on BBC America
Blue Planet II” premieres this weekend, just one year after its sister series “Planet Earth II” returned for a second, triumphant series. But while “Planet Earth II” followed “Planet Earth” by a decade, “The Blue Planet,” the original installment of the BBC Natural History Unit’s docuseries about the oceans, debuted almost 20 years ago in 2001. Needless to say, the technology available to filmmakers covering the natural world has made leaps and bounds since then. As the producers told Variety, the gear used in “Blue Planet II” was crucial for getting the intimate footage of some of the world’s most remote and elusive animals. The producers developed their own camera system and lenses, shot in lush 4K, and used a massive bubble-like megadome lens to immerse the viewer half-in and half-out of the water, that beautifully liminal space on the surface. This equipment is on top of the hundreds of human hours spent underwater hanging out with
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‘Blue Planet II’ Team on New Characters, New Technology, Same Inspiring Ocean

In 2001 BBC America launched “The Blue Planet” to explore the inner depths of the world’s oceans and introduce audiences to a number of “characters” in the sea creatures that call those oceans their home. The world sat up and took notice — from England’s prime minister, who tweeted about the show, to the United Nations, who started a task force to tackle marine plastics. The show was nominated for five Emmys and won two. And now, more than a decade and a half later, BBC America is back at it again with “Blue Planet II.”

“Ninety-percent of the ocean is unexplored, so there’s so much more to do,” producer Mark Brownlow tells Variety.

This time around, Brownlow and fellow producers James Honeyborne and Orla Doherty set out with the explicit goal of looking for stories that were new and exciting and perhaps even pioneering.

“A year before we had our entire team out there talking
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David Attenborough on the scourge of the oceans: 'I remember being told plastic doesn't decay, it's wonderful'

His sequel to The Blue Planet will focus not only on the marvels of sea life but also the threats to it. The naturalist explains why plastic pollution, climate change and overpopulation are problems too urgent to be left to ecologists

David Attenborough vividly remembers, nearly 80 years on, his first encounter with one of the worst scourges of the planet. He was a schoolboy. “I remember my headmaster, who was also my science master, saying: ‘Boys, we’ve entered a new era! We’ve entered, we’ll be proud to say, the plastic era. And what is so wonderful about this is we’ve used all our scientific ingenuity to make sure that it’s virtually indestructible. It doesn’t decay, you know, it’s wonderful.’”

Attenborough lets the last word hang in the air, eyebrows and hands raised. Then the hands fall. “Now we dump thousands of tonnes of it,
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Wild About the BBC

If there’s one Great British institution that comes in for some flack on a regular basis, it’s the good old BBC. While to many that should just be ‘the old BBC’, with a new series of Strictly Come Dancing (I’m not that big on brevity) looming large, the snipers should be silenced, at least until Christmas. But as this is only a temporary measure, what’s the one thing that the broadcasting giant can count on all year round? Why, Mother Nature of course.

Whether it’s a tiger hunting, a flock of flamingos, or something a bit closer to home like fox clubs at play, these are the things that go some way to justifying the licence fee. Yes, the licence fee; that bone of contention that always leaves the general public feeling a little, well, ripped-off. One failed sitcom after another, overpaid presenters, plus the sporting calendar dwindling every year,
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David Attenborough to Narrate BBC’s ‘Blue Planet II’

David Attenborough to Narrate BBC’s ‘Blue Planet II’
David Attenborough has come on board to narrate “Blue Planet II,” a seven-part series from the BBC that explores the world’s oceans.

He said: “I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds that cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known.”

The series, previously known as “Ocean,” will be launched to international TV buyers at BBC Worldwide Showcase in Liverpool, England, which runs Feb. 19-22. The event attracts around 700 delegates.

The series is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production, co-produced with BBC America, Wdr and France Televisions, in partnership with the Open University. The first “The Blue Planet” series was broadcast in 2001.

“’Blue Planet II’ explores the latest frontiers of scientific discovery, from icy-white polar seas to vibrant blues of the coral atolls, from the storm-tossed green Atlantic coastline to the black depths of the alien deep,” according to a statement.

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BBC America Orders Nature Series ‘Blue Planet II,’ Exploring the World’s Oceans

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BBC America Orders Nature Series ‘Blue Planet II,’ Exploring the World’s Oceans
Hot off the premiere of “Planet Earth II,” BBC America is returning to the oceans for its next epic nature series.

The cable network announced Sunday that it will air “Blue Planet II,” which also comes from the BBC Natural History Unit. The seven-part nature series will explore the world’s oceans, and will be presented by broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

“I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known,” Attenborough said in a statement.

Read More: ‘Planet Earth II’ Review: A Revival With Greater Purpose Than Meets the Eye

Blue Planet II” will serve as a sequel to “The Blue Planet,” which was broadcast in 2001 and also featured Attenborough’s narration.

“Like ‘Planet Earth II,’ this is a remarkable and relevant sequel – this time plunging us into an awe inspiring
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Mrs. Henderson Presents to transfer to the West End

Following a sell-out season at the Theatre Royal Bath this summer, Mrs Henderson Presents will open at the Noel Coward Theatre on Tuesday 9 February 2016..

Mrs Henderson Presents will star Tracie Bennett as Laura Henderson, Ian Bartholomew as Vivian Van Damm and Emma Williams as Maureen who all reprise the roles they played in Bath. Full casting will be announced shortly.

Based on the film Mrs Henderson Presents – original screenplay by Martin Sherman, the musical has a book and is directed by the multi-award winning Terry Johnson. Lyrics are by the Oscar, Tony and Golden Globe winning Don Black with music by Oscar nominated George Fenton and Simon Chamberlain, who both collaborated on the original film. It is choreographed by Andrew Wright, has set design by Tim Shortall, costume design by Paul Wills and lighting design by Ben Ormerod. Wig, hair and make-up design is by Richard Mawbey, orchestrations are by
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BBC's The Hunt goes to Nine

BBC Worldwide has sold a range of natural history titles to the Nine Network and Network Ten and two new science series to the ABC.

Nine.s package deal includes the landmark wildlife series The Hunt from Alistair Fothergill, the executive producer of Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, which examines the relationship between predators and their prey.

Other titles include Atlantic, Animal Super Parents and Nature.s Weirdest Events and library series Frozen Planet, Life In Cold Blood and The Blue Planet.

Network Ten has secured Shark, which highlights the diversity of sharks around the world, with some scenes shot by cameras mounted on helicopters, plus Natural Curiosities series 3 and two Sir David Attenborough documentaries, Attenborough.s Fabulous Frogs and Attenborough.s Big Birds, the Africa series Planet Earth and Tiger: Spy In the Jungle.

ABC pre- bought Forces of Nature, which reveals what lies beyond Earth.s beauty and
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Explore Disney's 'Avatar' Land with Photos, Posters and New Details

Explore Disney's 'Avatar' Land with Photos, Posters and New Details
D23 isn't just about the next big Disney movie. There is also plenty on hand to see revolving around all the Disney parks throughout the world. And one of the most exciting and anticipated attractions coming in the next few years is Avatar Land. The massive theme park attraction will soon become part of Disney's Animal Kingdom at Disney World. And Disney showed off some of its plans with new posters that invite fans to explore Pandora. We also have photos from the event, which offer a sneak peek at what park attendees can expect in the coming years.

Disney wants you to mark Pandora as your next destination vacation. And Walt Disney Imagineering is making that possible in partnership with Avatar creator and filmmaker James Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment crew. The new theme park attraction will offer up the wonders of Pandora, giving park goers a chance to fly with the banshees.
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Voices Through Time: The Documentaries of Roberto Minervini

“So one thing from another rises ever; and in fee-simple life is given to none, but unto all mere usufruct.” – Lucretius, On the Nature of Things, Book III

The above quote was once used by great Italian documentarian Franco Piavoli to open his masterful 1982 film, The Blue Planet. In that instance, it is deftly applied to the fragility of mother nature; her various granting and reclaiming of life, but can just as easily be applied to the figures followed by Roberto Minervini, an Italian based in the United States whose acclaimed Texas Trilogy – The Passage, Low Tide and Stop the Pounding Heart – was followed up at Cannes this year by The Other Side, which shifts the director’s gaze slightly eastward to the state of Louisiana. One must assume that Minervini, despite blazing his own trail that has led him through the Philippines and Spain en route to America’s Southern states,
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Planet Earth team head to Netflix for epic new series Our Planet

The producers who created The Blue Planet, Planet Earth and Frozen Planet for the BBC are moving to Netflix for their next series, entitled Our Planet – but it’s not out until 2019

The team behind the hugely successful and respected nature documentaries The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, and Frozen Planet are moving from their previous home of the BBC to Netflix, for their new epic Our Planet.

Alastair Fothergill, whose production company Silverback Films will make the eight-part series, said: “Our Planet is going to raise the bar for natural history landmarks. We will reveal the most amazing sights on Earth and show them in ways they have never been seen before.”

Related: Leonardo DiCaprio to make more nature docs with Netflix after Virunga success

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Mip Doc: AMC’s Mob’ Impresses, Craig Promises to Scale Up Discovery Networks Intl.

Mip Doc: AMC’s Mob’ Impresses, Craig Promises to Scale Up Discovery Networks Intl.
Cannes – AMC event series “The Making of the Mob: New York,” Zdf-backed “Zero Gravity: A Mission in Space,” and “David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef,” sold like “Mob” by Entertainment One, were three highlights of this weekend’s 2015’s Mip Doc mart.

Another highlight: a keynote speech by Discovery Networks’ Intl.’s new chief creative officer Phil Craig, who, underscoring the ambitions of factual TV’s biggest players, said that his brief when he came in was “scale.” That takes in “expanding tramlines, becoming more of a full service provider of content across way more genres than before.”

In another keynote, Tim Pastore, prexy of original programming & production, National Geographic Channel U.S., confirmed that Nat Geo would “delve into a couple” of scripted history-based projects a year.

A two-day mart that wrapped Sunday evening, Mip Doc also saw spirited presentations of the impact of the digital domain and technology
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Netflix Is Yanking These Movies and Shows on February 1, 2015

Netflix is expiring a slew of movies and TV shows in February -- but don't panic! As we previously reported, several BBC series including "Doctor Who" and the original British "The Office" that were once set to leave Netflix on Feb. 1 are staying put. However, several other BBC titles will be disappearing Feb 1. According to Variety, bid a sad toodle-doo to "Fawlty Towers," "Blackadder" and "Mi:5." (Don't worry, "Sherlock" isn't due to expire anytime soon.)

As for movies, the clock is ticking on "Zodiac," "Batman Returns," "Apocalypse Now," and "Mad Max," which will also be pulled in the monthly purge.

Here's the complete list of titles that will vanish from your streaming list (pending any sort of meddling time-travelers):

Netflix Titles Expiring February 1, 2015

"A Bit Of Fry And Laurie" (1987-1995)

"Airheads" (1994)

"Allosaurus: Walking With Dinosaurs Special" (2001)

"Apocalypse Now" (1979)

"Apocalypse Now Redux" (2001)

"Auschwitz: Inside The Nazi State" (2005)

"Batman Returns" (1989)

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New Spongebob SquarePants Poster Lands

New Spongebob SquarePants Poster Lands
There are few corners of culture more mystifying, more complex and baffling that the Spongebob Squarepants phenomenon. Here is a man - a spongeman - whose adventures make the subsea elements of Bedknobs And Broomsticks look like The Blue Planet. What creature, on god's good Earth, can be friends with a starfish and a squirrel? And live blissfully in an underwater pineapple, presumably a joint development by Dr. No and the Man From Del Monte? But Spongebob is that creature and he's back with another CG adventure in the second movie spin-off of the massive Nickelodeon show, The Spongebob SquarePants Movie: Sponge Out Of Water. Here's the first poster showing Bob in action. With a crab. Little is known of the mesohyled one's journey in this one, but judging by the title and the tagline, he'll be emerging from the sea like Venus or, say, the Kraken, and destroying the seaboard going on adventures.
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Can 'Cosmos' Save Science Television?

Can 'Cosmos' Save Science Television?
With his nondescript blazers and mild manner, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is an unlikely radical. But make no mistake: in an age of evolution skeptics and climate change deniers, the defense of science he levies as the host of "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" is nothing short of revolutionary. Of course, a similarly grand sense of purpose accompanied Carl Sagan's "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" when it premiered on PBS in 1980, eventually attracting 400 million viewers in 60 countries. That the iconic original resulted in no definitive triumph for factuality might lead the discerning critic to offer a more cautious assessment of the revamped "Cosmos," but its very existence -- in the midst of Sunday's packed primetime landscape, no less -- is a bold statement. We're here, we're peer-reviewed, get used to it! Beyond public television's old guard ("Nova" and "Nature" on PBS, "The Blue Planet" and "Planet Earth" on the BBC), much
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30 Rock Season 7 DVD Review: Features and Funny Bones

  • TVfanatic
Which shows/seasons are out on DVD or Blu-ray? What features are included with these box sets? When might we be giving away copies to a handful of lucky readers?

We'll be answering these questions and more each week in this space, as TV Fanatic is excited to present our first extended look at the latest DVD/Blu-ray releases, starting with a classic comedy and moving on to a beloved British drama...


30 Rock Season 7/The Final Season: It’s hard to say goodbye to a show that was always smart, silly, profound and insane all at the same time. 30 Rock Season 7 hits stores today if you want to relive how the last episodes wrapped up the lives of Liz Lemon (Tina Fey, creative genius), Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin), Tracey Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski). Release Date: April 30.

The best thing about the final season is that,
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Blu-ray/DVD Release: One Life

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: April 9, 2013

Price: Blu-ray/DVD Combo $24.97

Studio: BBC Home Entertainment/Warner Home Video

Cute animals, James Bond and the BBC. What’s not to like in One Life?

Daniel Craig (Skyfall) narrates the nature documentary, which was directed by Michael Gunton, from Earth: The Movie, Madagascar and Africa, and Martha Holmes, from The Blue Planet.

They follow life from all over the globe, stories of survival and animal ingenuity from birth to the next generation. Whether they have wings, flippers, eight legs or two, the movie shows that life connects us all.

And with filmmaking pedigree like Gunton and Holmes, not to mention the excellence of BBC behind the film, you know the documentary will be gorgeous.

One Life is only available as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo in the U.S., not a single DVD. The discs contain these special features:

“The Making of One Life” with
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Doctor Who goes 3D for 50th birthday

Time Lord's half-centenary will be celebrated with special screenings in 3D in cinemas and on BBC HD channel

The Time Lord is accustomed to travelling through space and time, but BBC1's Doctor Who will have an added dimension for its 50th-anniversary special, which will be filmed in 3D and shown in cinemas.

Doctor Who will celebrate its half centenary with a special birthday edition on 23 November, exactly 50 years after its first ever adventure, An Unearthly Child, starring William Hartnell in the title role. Viewers will be able to see the 3D version on the BBC HD channel.

The BBC's controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephenson said on Monday the anniversary of the time-travelling show would be a national event and compared it to the Queen's diamond jubilee and the Olympics.

Doctor Who's executive producer and lead writer, Steven Moffat, said: "It's about time. Technology has finally caught
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