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A Taste of Rio's Reality
david_abella9 May 2005
Thought provoking. Shocking. Real. This documentary provides a first hand perspective of the violence found just miles outside of the picturesque images associated with Rio De Janeiro. The film continuously cuts back and forth from the testimony of the three segments portrayed in the film: the police, the dealers, and the dwellers. The favelas(slums)are home to the country's most downtrodden--the government leaves the lands as wastelands and the result is war in the streets. This documentary will open your eyes to urban warfare on a scale beyond comparison in the Unites States. Some of the most chilling testimonies are the ones provided by young men in detention facilities who detail the horrific crimes committed. Who's side do you take after watching the film? Are the dealers heroes protecting their communities? Are the police the real enemy? Can the citizen/dweller caught in between the crossfire (literally) ever have an impact in the fa vela? What can derail the vicious cycle of drug sales, gun smuggling, and poverty? Or rather, can anything ever end this cycle?
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Honesty is the key word of this documentary
FilmCriticLalitRao27 August 2008
All those who have seen Brazilian film "City of God" will feel illuminated to learn that this highly original documentary film was the inspiration for it.If a violent film like "City of God" was appreciated for being an outstanding fiction film,Notícias de uma Guerra Particular would also be regarded highly as an honest visual document about everyday violence which takes it toll on the residents of Favelas in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.The film is multidimensional and we get to hear many views of people from all walks of life.We hear what police,drug dealers,drug addicts and Favela residents have to say. There is hardly any blame game which takes place in this film as Katia Lund and João Moreira Salles do not take sides.They show us images which are true to themselves.These are some of the images which might shock us but they were shot in order to reveal the hidden truth behind abominable drug trade in Rio.An excellent documentary film for those people who appreciate Brazilian cinema and are aware of serious films like Pixote a lei do mas fraco,Ônibus 174 and Tropa de Elite.
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Two sides, one war
schulz-329 October 2002
One of the greatest documentaries ever made!! If you want to know what exactly happens in Rio, how is the real relationship of the police and the drug dealers, this is the masterpiece to watch. Nothing will be the same again. You will face life in a completely different way.
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