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  • Just in time for the theatrical release of the sequel - - Sony Pictures released an unrated Director's Cut of the movie that runs approximately 8 minutes longer and features several new pieces of storyline and some shots of brief nudity and a much longer version of the striptease for Xander.

    Be aware that the European releases of the Director's Cut might be cut due to the fact that they're based on a British master that has been altered because of the BBFC's policy regarding scenes that could have a bad influence on the youth. In this particular case a headbutt is missing. One can find a comparison between the cut European version and the uncut US version here. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The band at the beginning of the film is German heavy metal band Rammstein. They are performing the song "Feuer Frei!" off their album called "Mutter". Edit (Coming Soon)


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