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Michael Roof: Toby Lee Shavers


  • Toby Lee Shavers : How long have you been with the agency?

    Xander Cage : Two days.

    Toby Lee Shavers : You're shitting me. No way. Man, that sucks.

    Xander Cage : Yeah, it sucks, but it beats jail.

    Toby Lee Shavers : No, it sucks because I spent six years in the basement of some windowless, NSA, gadget freak room, man. And I got a degree. I got a degree from MIT. Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude. And I bet they probably picked you up, what, pumping iron in San Quentin?

    Xander Cage : You ever get punched in the face for talking too much?

  • Toby Lee Shavers : Ah. Knocked over a few 7-Elevens, have we?

    Xander Cage : No, I had my leg in a cast for about three months. All I did was play first-person shooter video games.

    Toby Lee Shavers : That's a really sad story.

  • Toby Lee Shavers : [showing Xander the darts to the revolver]  Datura knockout darts. POW! Guy goes down for 12 hours, wakes up, doesn't know who the hell he is, and his head's splitting like a cord of firewood.

    [starts laughing] 

    Xander Cage : I was shot twice with those.

  • Toby Lee Shavers : [showing Xander the binoculars]  Eagle Eyes. Nine enhanced-vision modes. Every little boy's dream: the penetrator mode. Check it out.

    [points at a woman] 

    Xander Cage : [looks through the binoculars, sees under the woman's clothes]  Oh, my God.

    Toby Lee Shavers : She's checking you out.

    Xander Cage : I gotta hang onto these.

  • Toby Lee Shavers : [explaining the darts to Xander]  The red ones are tranquilizer and blood-splatter darts. All the appearence of a kill shot, but without the aftereffects. Like death.

  • Toby Lee Shavers : I've always wanted to say this. Fire in the hole!

  • Czech Major : [With Ahab and Silent Night closing in on Prague]  Our surveillance puts Ahab 22 minutes outside of Prague.

    Toby Lee Shavers : We should evacuate the city, sir.

    Gibbons : Twenty-two minutes to evacuate 1.5 million people? You better call in some air support. We may need to blow this thing out of the water.

    Toby Lee Shavers : Sir, if we hit that thing...

    Gibbons : Then this city will die, and the crisis will be contained! One city's better than 10.

    Czech Major : There's another thing; There' a blue GTO traveling parallel to Ahab.

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