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Asia Argento: Yelena



  • Yelena : I've been undercover here for two years.

    Xander Cage : Two years? What was your plan? To let them die of old age?

    Yelena : There was no plan. A year and a half ago, Intelligence gets reorganized, and I stop getting orders. They forget about me. And I did what I must to survive. You understand?

    Xander Cage : What do I understand? I've been an agent for a week.

  • Yelena : Xander? Remember what I told you before, when you kissed me?

    Xander Cage : Never again?

    Yelena : I lied.

  • Yelena : Do you know what a wire transfer is?

    Xander Cage : Is she for real. Sweetheart is there anything else you need to do, let us big boys have a conversation.

    Yelena : Conversation. A word with four syllables. Do you want some ice before your brain overheats.

    Xander Cage : Ice. Yeah, you could chisel some off your heart, if you could find it.

  • Yelena : I want immunity from prosecution, asylum in the U.S., and citizenship.

    Xander Cage : How bout a condo in South Beach and a rich boyfriend?

    Yelena : Those I can get for myself.

  • Xander Cage : I wish I had a video camera.

    Yelena : What are you talking about?

    Xander Cage : 'Cause this is gonna be one hell of a trick.

  • [after kissing Xander Cage] 

    Yelena : Did you enjoy that?

    Xander Cage : Yes.

    Yelena : Good, because it will never happen again.

  • Yelena : [photographing Yorgi's safe]  You're not supposed to be in here.

    Xander Cage : I was on the way to the bathroom. What's your excuse?

    Yelena : [pulls a gun on him]  I don't need an excuse.

    Xander Cage : [grabs her arm with the gun and she pulls out a second gun]  You're good.

    [gets her other arm, making her defenseless] 

    Xander Cage : But not that good.

  • Yelena : Yorgi knows you're an agent. Kirill is waiting out front with his rifle.

    Xander Cage : [turning to look]  Where?

    Yelena : Don't look. There's a back door.

    Xander Cage : Yeah, but if I go out the back, they'll know you warned me.

    Yelena : If you go out the front, he'll put a bullet in your eye.

    Xander Cage : [looking around the room and getting an idea]  You still packing?

    Yelena : Always.

    Xander Cage : Get ready to use it.

    Yelena : What's your plan?

    Xander Cage : He's still in love with you, right?

    Yelena : Yeah.

    Xander Cage : Well, he's not gonna fire 'til he's got a clear shot.

    Yelena : That's your plan?

  • Milan Sova : Did you think you could just walk into the spy business one day and have all the angles figured out?

    Xander Cage : So what are you gonna do, shoot me?

    Milan Sova : Uh-huh. Where do you want it? In the head, to be quick? Or in the chest for an open casket, so I can see your heart?

    Xander Cage : Can I think about it?

    [bullets rip through the door, killing Sova] 

    Xander Cage : [seeing Yelena come in]  What the hell are you doing?

    Yelena : I heard you talking. I could tell where you were in the room.

  • Gibbons : [to stop Ahab, Xander appears to have sacrificed himself]  You Yelena?

    Yelena : Mr. Gibbons.

    Gibbons : I promised Xander you could go to America. I'm a man of my word.

    Yelena : Well, it doesn't make much difference now, does it?

  • Xander Cage : So you don't like foreigners, do you?

    Yelena : No, you're a pig.

    Xander Cage : What about your boyfriend? Is he a pig, too?

    Yelena : You tell me. You should recognize one of your kind. Now, tell me about the cop.

    Xander Cage : What would you say if I told you I'm not who you think I am? That I could get you out of the mess that you're in?

    Yelena : Really? And what mess am I in?

    Xander Cage : The mess that makes you sneak around the castle when everyone's asleep. That mess. The cop?

    [showing her one of Shavers' tranq darts] 

    Xander Cage : See this? It's called a blood-splatter dart. The impact's real, but it's harmless. Red paint, mostly.

    Yelena : Why?

    Xander Cage : I'm a secret agent.

    Yelena : [laughing]  Oh.

    Xander Cage : [she continues to laugh]  Are you sure you don't want to embarrass me?

    Yelena : Oh, come on.

    Xander Cage : What's so funny about that?

    Yelena : I mean, look at you.

    Xander Cage : I work for the NSA.

    Yelena : Oh, you're funny, you know that?

  • Yelena : What do you want from me?

    Xander Cage : I need to know more about Anarchy 99.

    Yelena : You want to know about Anarchy 99?

    Xander Cage : Yeah.

    Yelena : Well, you've seen the girls, the clubs, the parties.

    Xander Cage : Mm-hmm.

    Yelena : What you don't see is what goes on during the day. There's been a lot of activity in the last year. People coming in and out. Russian scientists.

    Xander Cage : Well, what are they up to?

    Yelena : I don't know. They go in the basement, and I'm not allowed in.

    Xander Cage : Now's a good time for you to get invited.

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