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Once Upon A Star Wars
buckaroobanzai506 March 2003
This is an excellent documentary, which contains highlights of the other behind-the-scenes films on the making of the saga, and some newer (for 1983 anyway) footage from ROTJ. George Lucas gives us his insight into what he was trying to achieve, and his frustration at the limitations of the special effects at that time. He also, interestingly, hints that he would like to return one day and make further instalments to the saga...Mmmmmm. Was that wise George?

Anyway, it's a must see for any SW fan, and an essential purchase if you can find a copy. I've got mine.
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FKDZ15 November 2019
Entertaining and concise in the things it covers. This 1 hour documentary is perfect for someone who wants to see a short section about pretty much every aspect of Star Wars, from on set direction, to monster design, to sound. Also there's lots of George Lucas explaining his ideas and philosophies which is fantastic to watch and hear.

Even if you don't like Star Wars its show a lot of aspects of movie making / prop making / etc, which is really interesting.
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