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Interesting story, decent acting, though unpolished
First, in spite of its shortcomings, it did hold my interest throughout. It wants to be compared to some of Pam Grier's films, especially the earlier ones, though it falls a bit short of that mark. Still, it's generally fun, for similar reasons. And Regina King is attractive and effective in this role.

The plot is not too original, and the direction indicates a good feel for visuals, but not much finesse. Most of the characters are obvious stereotypes, which substitutes for character development. And, often, for plot development as well, as they do what they must, regardless of reason. The musical cues are occasionally so heavy-handed I laughed out loud - not the intended effect.

On the plus side, the story is told pretty effectively, hiding, then revealing, clues, so that understanding is pleasantly delayed into an "A-ha" moment near the end. And there's some restraint on the gratuitous sex and violence, so Jeff Byrd, the director, shows discretion and promise. No need to see it twice, but you might give it a chance once.
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thrilling twists and crafty storing telling... definitely would recommend
phrixion17 August 2005
I just watched the film and can tell you it is a well crafted story and presentation. It definitely had me guessing and entertained through out the duration of the film. I don't want to say too much because as well as the story is, the way the story is told is well done in my humble opinion. The story takes off and comes to a final resolution wrapping up the film very well.

I definitely would recommend Truth Be Told (Final Breakdown)for a well crafted story line and execution and as a dramatic thriller. Another Strange Fruit Films production I haven't had a chance to watch yet is the romantic urban comedy, Book of Love.
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Boring Cop "Thriller"
Comeuppance Reviews12 May 2010
"Truth Be Told" is a boring cop thriller. Cops Stratten and Harris (Sheffer and Underwood) are corrupt cops after some dirty money. There's a double cross involving Rayne (King) too.

The problem is that nothing happens in this movie. The movie stares back at you with a blank expression. If you look at the cover, it looks like an exciting action thriller. The Lionsgate company always practices the "art of the deceptive cover". This is no exception. There is no action, just talking. Craig Sheffer and Blair Underwood are okay, but King doesn't have anything to work with. "Truth Be Told" was also known as: "Final Breakdown" and "Turnaround". If the movie can't decide on a title, that means the movie can't decide on a tone or genre.

The "Truth" is: "Turnaround" when you see this, because you won't regret it.

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My God, what a horror show
tireless_crank8 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I can't even guess what the writer/director/editors were collectively thinking about when they pushed this film out the door. There is a semi-serviceable plot but everything else about the movie is so poorly done that it hardly matters. A platoon of police fire from their multi-shooters (no six shooters here) randomly into a bus station, without regard for the bystanders and everybody inside is dead except one woman is is lying against a wall. Are the police excited, interested? Not much? Is there any flurry of activity, like other support vehicles, calling for ambulances, etc? No. Do they actually look around to see if anyone is wounded or playing possum? No, perhaps they have been shooting magic bullets that kill without wounding and they 'know' that everyone is dead? They sort of walk around, staring into the distance, talking tough, ignoring the guns scattered around. The one woman left alive has a bruise on her forehead but no other marks; clearly the magic 'bruising' bullet strikes again.

That's when I quit.
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