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Portrait of a ...
Semih8 August 2003
Two things stand out in this film: Set design and Cinematography. Each indoor room and the stories that unfold within are like viniettes. They look like individual oil paintings. The experience of viewing the film is like walking thru a gallery. You stop in front of each picture and the images start moving, the story takes off. Use of directional lighting add to the oil-painting effect, similar to directional light from candle sources in those old paintings. Polish cinema continues to bring out innovative cinema.
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Metaphysical and just Silesian.
It's not a simple movie. To understand "Angelus", you have to know something about Upper Silesian culture and language (if you see the movie in original). It's quite different from the official Polish language, for example to address a woman "chopie", which (correctly) is a masculine designation.

In this movie you can see the story of several men and their wives. One unmarried is the boy, which has to play the role of innocent Angelus, who should save the world. It's unrealistic, but familiar. Set design is authentic. I recommend the movie to everyone who wants to explore the spiritual expression of Central Europe.
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