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Fantastic Sunday nights viewing. Best way to end a weekend!
hazey22 October 2001
I have been watching this show since the first episode and love it! It is the first series I have ever seen where from the word go the acting has been brilliant!

This show has characters you can relate to, and a realistic approach to episodes. Even though "Always Greener" is at base a comedy, it's not afraid to attempt the hard hitting issues such as drug abuse and suicide.

If you haven't tuned into "Always Greener" yet, you are missing out.
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Aussie TV fights back
calvertfan14 October 2001
After a long line of dodgy TV dramas and soaps churned out just for "local content" (Echo Point, Medivac, anyone?), at least here is one that is well worth watching. A fine comedic drama in the spirit of Blue Heelers - nice, rural settings, but not without the trips to the city to see how the other half are coping. If you liked A Country Practice, and like Blue Heelers and All Saints you will love this as it definitely ranks up with the greats of Australian TV.
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A great Aussie production
Arafura23 April 2002
I must admit that when Always Greener was first advertised, I told myself that I wouldn't watch the show, fearing another "SeaChange" rip-off. But alas, I watched the first episode and was pleasantly surprised. My expectations were disproved.

The cast is great, featuring some new talent as well as mature actors like John Howard and the delightful Anne Tenney. The characters are real, and the storylines are involving. But what makes "Always Greener" a truly great show is the equal mix of typically Australian comedy and serious drama.

Overall, "Always Greener" is a brilliant local production and I look forward to future episodes!
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This is GREAT SHOW!!!
enesweb15 November 2003
I just want to tell you, if you not see it - you don't know what you missed! It's very realistic serie. It's GREAT!!! If you can see it - then SEE IT!!! Like "Karlz" said on board: "I've finally found a good aussie tv show and they go and axe it! It's because all of these STUPID reality shows are taking over... Always Greener was so good, you can relate to the characters too. Stuff that happened in the show is a reality and most aussie shows don't do that sort of thing. I'm really going to miss it... " I TOTALY AGREE!!! WE WANT MORE SEASONS!!!!!
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"Being able to watch typical country life, with thinking how weak it is."
bhlovegrove12 September 2002
I have watched every episode of 'Always Greener' and think it is great! As i am from the country myself, and know what the country life is like, it has become a tread to beable to watch a typical country family on television, with out laughing, because it is soo weak. The idea of two families changing lifestyles, from moving from the city to the country, or vias versa, is a great idea, even if the idea has been used somewhere else. I plan to watch every episode to come, and to continue enjoying watching it.
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I love it!!
purplebuggy200114 May 2002
I love Always Greener, it's one of the better Australian shows out there. I would highly recommend it because it appeals to such a wide variety of audiences. The 2 families with teenage children going through what most families go through. (with a bit of tv drama type stuff added in)

The best part of the show is how it's structured. It's got that (i know its unoriginal but it's great) Ally McBeal type, 'this is what I'm thinking is happening' thing. To sum up it gets the best bits of popular shows and adapts them to suit the style of the show. With original story lines, it's definately worth watching. purplebuggy2001 :)
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The Grass IS Greener!
ac_lees19 October 2001
Yeah, so the CONCEPT of it sounds dated and boringly family-like: Two families, one from the country, the others from the inner city swap houses.

Actually, it sounds dreadful! But the show has so far been done in good taste. It's not all cutesy as one would think - in the first episode, we see drugs being 'used' by the oldest daughter of the city family. It's got some real class and the characters are pretty real to life - not made-up characters to make the show more entertaining!

A good Aussie dramedy (comedy + drama together), appeals to most ages and both sexes. Especially good for lovers AND haters of the much loved SEACHANGE.
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Always Greener Always Fresh
Loz829 April 2002
I wholeheartedly disagree that "Always Greener" is a rip-off of "Seachange", the only connection is the brilliant actor of John Howard, and even then, he plays a completely different character!

I find that "Always Greener" always brings something new. Unlike many comedies, it is fresh, insightful and unpredictable. The use of Dictionary meanings of a word relevant to the next scene is clever and often amusing. It plays upon reality and surreality thereby making us constantly aware we are watching a television program whilst still endearing us to the characters.

I would advise anyone to give "Always Greener" a shot as you might be surprised into realising that what originally sounds like a cliche ends up being exactly the opposite.
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The best Australian series in years.
honey794 April 2002
Always Greener is the freshest, most original, entertaining and funny series to hit Australian TV screens in years. It is far superior to SeaChange, and comparisons are pointless. The casting and writing of this series is outstanding.
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Aussie Series That Is Perfect
aapac13 October 2001
I have never before seen an Australian series that has so many elements that this has

It has the perfect amount of comedy, drama and romance that makes it one of the best Aussie series with All Saints, Blue Heelers, Stingers & McLeod's Daughters
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Always Greener
coka678 September 2006
HI! My name is Milena and I am from Serbia (ex Yugoslavia in Europe),and I like your TV show very much.It was emitted on our cable TV last 2 months.This TV show was the best after "Blue heelers",years ago.I like shows with a soul.In my country 'Blue heelers" was translated as "Cops with a soul".Almoast everything that comes from Australia ,movie or TV show is showing viewers what life of ordinary or common people looks like.It is fantastic,and I was deeply moved.At my opinion every actor was the perfect choice for the role hi was given.And I don't have favorite actor or role,I like all of them.I wish everything best to all crew and actors in their future projects.
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energy_cuddle2 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe it's just that Aussie girls love Aussie shows, but this is one of my favorites! I watched every episode, and sometimes I even watch the midday repeats.

Yes, some of the acting was a bit dodgy, but don't you love the teens?! All the awkward moments were hilarious, and the comments were perfect... exactly what you would say in the situation, only funnier!

I reckon it's a must see!

I just have one question though... what's the name of the gay guy that Pip falls in love with? It's been bugging me for ages. He was my favorite character. There were moments when I just cringed with embarrassment for both Pip and the guy.

So... who's the mystery man? Please tell... I must know!
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Loved it!!
fairjosette18 May 2006
Why isn't this on DVD or, more importantly, still running? I loved the premise for the plot as well as the character development. The adjustments both families had to make in the city/country were well done. The bluntness of the characters with regard to each other and to life kept the show from seeming like a sit-com or "TV drama". There was no hiding behind the comforts of patterned living - which I think is the point of the plot. Also, since it was on public TV, there were no commercials, and it was on longer than 30 minutes. It also didn't contain any obnoxious wish-wash of romance. If it was there, it was true-to-life. I am not familiar with the actors involved in this show, but I did think they worked well together to create a convincing cast. Sure wish there was another show like this out there.
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Great show - laugh-a-second!
yosam20108 October 2001
Always Greener is an amazing show. While the basic plot is nothing shocking, the characters are real and the comedy is there all the way. The actors (John Howard, Anne Tenney, Michala Banas and Daniel Bowden to mention a few) are really snug in their roles and the stories just keep coming

Personal favourites (so far after 5 episodes) include the "scary cow" scene, the "chilli powder" and the characters of Pip and Marissa.

I can't see why anyone would say anything against this series, and from the looks of it (TOP 10 most watched shows every week since it began!), It's here to stay!
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excellent:(see also) wonderful superb brilliant
twiggysayshi15 May 2002
When this series first began way way way back in 2001, i couldn't help thinking 'yay, not another Australian drama or comedy, wonder how long this will last?' But, as time dragged on i gave it a shot on a sunday night, and, thankfully i did watch Always Greener but unfortunetly i didn't watch it any earlier!

The Cast is absolutely wonderful and as kooky as your typical aussie families! The younger cast, (Abe Forsythe, Michala Banas, Natasha Lee etc) are certainly matching up to the talents of their older cast mates.

The story lines are true and original and as always we are given a simple situation with twists and humour used (obviously) affectiontly by the writers.

Sure as most people agree the main premise isn't too original but the production design of Always Greener is as fresh as cut grass (supposed to be a pun : he he) and unlike some drama's once a storyline is resolved it is left to dry in the sun, but not on Always Greener, every episode plays a contributing part in a continuing story line.

Mention must go to the supporting cast whose names do not appear in the opening credits (Grant Bowler, Denise Roberts etc.) for without them minor characters appearing every episode it probably wouldn't be as good as it is and hopefully (careful not to jinx) ALWAYS will be!
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Avoid at all cost
deadoralive5 October 2001
Avoid at all costs. This show is so boring and mundane. The premise to this show is two families swap house. One family lives in the country the other has lived in the city. John Howard and Anne Tenney are fine enough as the head of one family. It is a rip off of another wonderful television series Seachange. The show is so full of cliches it is not funny. Stay away from it. A good point it is family viewing.
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