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One of the best arcade games ever made!
Captain_Couth4 June 2004
Double Dragon (1987) was one of the best arcade games ever made. The story is simple, it involves two brothers. One of their girlfriends is beaten up and dragged off by some sleazy dirt bags. The two of you have to find her and fight your way through a savage gauntlet of knife throwing punks, women with whips, thug wielding baseball bats and huge

overmuscled fighters. What makes this game fun it that weapons can be used (i.e. thrown, hit with, or wield). Even garbage cans, crates and metal containers can be used! The game is whole lot more exciting when two players team up. It's a nice way to lose a dollar. One of the few arcade games that can last a long time.

Highly recommended, if you can find a machine!

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THE definitive beat-em-up
CuriosityKilledShawn3 February 2006
Double Dragon is commonly referred to as the first side-scrolling beat-em-up. It's not, there were a couple of minor hits before it, but it sure is the best that has ever dominated our arcades.

Back in 1987 me and my uncle spent a fortune on this game and it took us about 40 million credits to get to the end. It was almost as exhausting as actually beating up hundreds of thugs. You'd hammer the buttons so hard that by the time the game had ended, you're arm would be tripled in size and you'd be sweating like crazy. And I was only 7-years-old at the time!

Despite the games that followed which were classics in their own right (Streets of Rage, Final Fight) none really ever matched up to Double Dragon. When playing as 2 players, this game is absolutely lethal. By the time I was 12 I managed to finish it with a single credit. That's how sad I am. Or is it because the game is so good?

But it ain't just it's high playability that makes it so good. The cartoonish graphics have just enough color and Manga to make them almost iconic. And the music? It's amazing! When I was 7 I'd be humming this at school or while I was walking down the road. Even 19 years later it hasn't dated a bit and still sounds brilliant. So many themes, so many melodies and so bloody cool.

Double Dragon was also released on practically every home platform (don't get me started on the awful C64 version) but none of them, not even the recent Gameboy Advance version, really ever matched up to the awesomeness of the arcade machine. If you see this game, do not hesitate to spend all of your hard-earned pennies on it. It's well worth it.

Graphics A Sound A+ Gameplay A+ Lasting Appeal A
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Bad things happen when you mess with success.
Captain_Couth4 June 2004
Double Dragon (1988) was a terrible release. When the arcade classic made it's way to the N.E.S. I was stoked! That was until I played the game. It blew big time. The game was changed so much that it was barely recognizable. I was truly disappointed. The final nail in the coffin was the lack of a two player mode! That was it! Why did they have to mess with a good thing. Hell, I wouldn't mind the modification so much if the made it a two player game. That was the whole point of the game. I mean you can call it Double Dragon with only one player, now can you?

'nuff said.


The Game Boy version is better than the N.E.S. one.
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Where some of it began....... Warning: Spoilers
This may have not been the first brawl fest videogame of its time but it truly is a legend. Double Dragon included no holds barred street fighting blended with martial arts discipline and was impressive for being on the 8 bit Nintendo. Sometimes I regret having sold my Nintendo cause I had this game! Either way, your mission is to rescue your girlfriend from some thugs and it seems that only in this part, your brother Jimmy is a bad guy! Anyway, as difficult as this game was, it truly is responsible for the spawning of great fighting games even today.
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Once again, fun arcade game becomes mediocre NES game.
Aaron137528 February 2012
When doing this review keep in mind my score is kind of a combination of the arcade game and the NES version of the game. This was one of those awesome at the time arcade games that you and a friend could play together. Playing as the martial arts brothers you fight your way through multiple levels, battling various street thugs to rescue Marian, one of the brother's girlfriend. Fun way to waste quarters, for the finale you and the friend had to duke it out after battling a machine gun wielding maniac! Then there was the NES version, which took out the two players fighting along side each other and made a much weaker game out of what was a cool arcade game. It is not the only time this has occurred as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would do the same thing as would multiple others. I can understand why, as it is very difficult for a cartridge to go up against a huge cabinet arcade game devoted to playing only one game, but still, why must the co-op always be taken out first? The fighting is still okay I guess, but no two player mode made for one disappointing day as I remember finally being able to rent this and having a friend over and then being saddened with the realization that we would have to take turns rather than team together to take out the trash!
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Double Impact
hellraiser75 October 2018
This is another one of my favorite video games of all time, it was truly revolutionary for its time as it was or at least one of the first to throw the first punch in the beat em up video game genre. Though this game was also influential in my life as it was one of the inspirations to become a martial artist.

There is just so much I love about the game. It's true that the story/plotline is rather basic as it's your damsel in distress scenario and you along with your brother are the only ones that can not just save her but the city from this vicious gang. Personally, I don't mind because at least it's a plotline that is simple and straight to the point, no complicated bullcrap and despite a somewhat cliché plotline saving an innocent life is important all the same. But like with most beat em ups they're not games totally concerned with story, their more concerned about the action and this game doubles up on it and more.

The graphics I think are great, yeah sure this is a game from a different time, but I don't care like with a well preserved and maintained vintage race car, this game still looks and plays good to me. I really like the background animation as it depicts each of the different areas, giving you a feeling that you are in a much broader world or that you actually are going on a journey, which was rare in video games at the time, where in most of the old games it just felt like you were in the same area with different challenges thrown in. From the nit and gritty streets, warehouse, park, mountains, and fortress.

I really love the character animation as we saw people with features, clothing and everything. Always did like those vest that the brothers wore the blue and red, too bad they never came in style in the 80s, but this of course was a way to help distinguish the difference on who's who. Though of course one other character animation that stands out for me is the mini boss/boss Bo Abobo. He was defiantly one of the first memorable bosses in video game history, one look at him really made me nervous as a kid, the guy looked like he was built like the Hulk or one of those wrestlers from WWF. This guy no push over either as his punches can drain your health quickly and sometimes can pick you up and throw you away. You can say facing him is literally the David vs. Goliath motif, despite how big and tough he is trust me he always goes down like all the rest.

The gameplay is great, from being able to move your character widely in an area which gives you plenty of maneuverability room. You have a solid variety of moves from the basic punch, kick, jump kick. Sub movies like throwing a guy, grabbing their hair and kicking them, and an upper cut or spin kick for the finish. But also, this game has a couple of power moves which are easy to execute if you know how, from a head butt to the famous elbow strike, these are very effective moves as they help take down foes with little effort. Though I'll admit these moves are another weak point in the game as it could render the game just a little easy, they almost act as a deus ex Machina device as they really do help you get thought the game fast or with little problems. So, for anyone that wants to continue being challenged playing game I suggest you make this moves your emergency/last resort measures only, in case things get harry.

But what I also like about this game is the fact that you can pick up weapons which are always your best friend in beat em ups, each of these weapons have strengths and weakness but useful all the same from a whip, a knife to throw, barrels/boxes/boulders also for throwing, and my favorite of course is the bat which I always love having when Abobo is around or just to help widdle the odds down. Also, I really love hearing the punches and kicks you deliver to each of your opponents, the bone crunching sound is just music to my ears, it really gives you the feeling that your dealing damage to your opponents. Playing though this game always gave me such a gratifying even empowering feeling having the ability to beat the crap out of each scumbag that dares to come your way. Along with the big bosses whom are intimidating but then once you fight them and take them down, they're not so scary let alone tough.

But of course, another great thing is the music which is just great, all the tunes are they kind I love to download on my iPod and listen to or even play at a party with friends to dance to. Each of the tunes on each level down to the "Dead or Alive" theme song which is one of my favorite themes of all time.

The only real bad thing about this game is that it's kind of short, I personally wouldn't have minded two or three more areas along with boss battles. Though same could be said for a lot of other beat em ups out there, the ride may 'be short but it's still a sweet ride all the same.

Overall, if you're into the beat em up genre of video games this is a vintage classic worth playing. Double Dragon roars.

Rating: 4 stars
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One of the best games for the NES
gangstahippie28 July 2006
Rated E(Contains Violence)

Released in 1988 Double Dragon is one of the first side-scrolling beat-em up fighting games.Sort of like Final Fight.In my opinion this is one of the best games released for the NES.For 1988 it was almost flawless.

The graphics were fairly good for its time and the gameplay was fun and simple.Double Dragon is a nice fun fighting game.You can fight using your fists and legs or you could use various weapons that you can find.This is one of the first of many side-scrolling fighting games to come.Double Dragon is a fun and good NES game.One of the best NES games in my opinion.

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Double Dragon
Movie Nuttball14 January 2005
The Double Dragon series is one of the most unique fighting video games! The characters, the action, and the sure thrill of excitement makes this game a fun non-stop playing time! Below is a brief look how I think the game is!

Game Play: The game play is very good. There is really basic controls here and is easy to perform. Novice gamers should have a good time here!

Graphics: The graphics are wonderful especially for the regular Nintendo System! The backgrounds are really beautiful!

Difficulty: The game is easy but as it goes on you find out that it will become more difficult!

Music: The music is great! Just fantastic catchy tunes through out the game! In My opinion its some of the best music ever in a video game!

Sound: The sound is great. Nuff said!

Overall: I have always loved Double Dragon! If you like excellent fighting adventure games then I strongly recommend you play this game!

To purchase this video game and other Double Dragon games check out!
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One of the best NES video games...
knemesis1625 October 2005
In the beginning of video games history there was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) at the top, it was the system with most users around the world. Double Dragon was a game that allow two players at the same time to fight in the streets going right in the screen, passing levels and winning skills and new movements. There was tow brothers, Jimmy and Billy Lee, they was going to rescue the Billy's girlfriend that were been kidnapped by bad guys with a very bad boss. It was a game that mark my life and i keep playing it! This and the 2 sequels are video game history and a Must! to every video game addict...
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Old Skool perfection
mynameismichaelcaine9 December 2002
There is no scrolling adventure game that has ever touched this. Golden Axe and Streets Of Rage are nothing in comparison. I had the Amiga version and it has to be one of the greatest games of all time. If you have a NES or an Amiga, get it!
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