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25 Jul. 2001
What She Least Expected
Auckland trauma registrar Nicky Somerville has a very bad night as she gets punched by a patient she is trying to save and then realises her boyfriend is having an affair. A fresh start takes her to the small town of Bassett - only to find that she may be without a job. Her appointment hasn't been ratified by her new boss, Dr William Kingsley - but Nicky is adamant that she can't go back to her old job.
8 Aug. 2001
Some Kind of Madness
William is not coping well with the end of his relationship with Louise and begins to stalk her. Enid is admitted with complications from diabetes and an ulcer. Nicky has some time off and trying to keep her life simple concentrates on yoga but ends up getting posing for artist Gabrielle - a painting that is later bought by Kieran.
6 Mar. 2002
The Most Deserving
Nicky feels she should be doing more to help the people of Bassett and sets about getting Liam's cleaner a hard to get appointment for a shoulder operation. Liam is suspended from school because he was caught smoking dope. William finds a new love and Ken is deeply affected by the recent car crash.
13 Mar. 2002
Lost and Found
Louise discovers that William has become involved with Sue Lansford and is none too pleased. Gabrielle goes missing sending Ken, Rhonda and Nicky in search of her. Cliff searches for a missing Maori teenager.
20 Mar. 2002
Undue Influence
Amanda Masefield asks to change her doctor - from William to Nicky. She then invites Nicky to join the Book Club. Afterwards she invites Nicky back to her home and asks her to take back the portrait of her that Kieran bought. Alistair meets Ulrike - a German backpacker but after having dinner with her she suffers a fit brought on by a severe ear infection. A good many town-folk come down with a roto-virus caused by leaking pikes which is discovered by Alistair. Arlene McNichol aims to become a member of the District Health Board much to William's annoyance. Later, ...
27 Mar. 2002
Gil is in the process of turning out the Bassett operatic society's version of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Patience', one of the only operas yet to be performed. His mother is in hospital and wants to undergo an operation to relieve pain caused by a tumor in her colon but Gil doesn't want her to go ahead fearing that it will kill her. Kieran goes to great lengths to get the painting of Nicky back and eventually they end up sleeping together. The next day Nicky tells Kieran they cannot continue with their affair as long as he is married. Kieran tells Nicky he loves her but...
3 Apr. 2002
Do the Right Thing
Nicky is annoyed to find that everyone at the local marae thinks she and Cliff are a couple. She agrees to go on a date with him but it doesn't end well as he fears he is second best to Kieran. The TV that he borrowed from the pub also gets stolen. Louise gets the blame for the budget over-run and takes her frustration out on Nicky. Todd's violent brother Cornell escapes from prison and kidnaps Ken stabbing him in the stomach with a screwdriver.
17 Apr. 2002
Alistair decides to declare his feelings for Nicky after discovering that she has started a relationship with Cliff and Dana gets more than she bargained for after helping Ken in his recuperation. Nicky discovers Diane Peach's painful secret after her young pregnant daughter is brought into Mercy Peak - that she gave birth at 15 to a Downs Syndrome daughter. She asks Nicky to find out what happened to her. Nicky finds old records and finds that Diane's baby was not born with Downs Syndrome but adopted out by Diane's parents. Nicky and Cliff decide to investigate other...
24 Apr. 2002
Chickens, Roosting
Alastair and Nicky's relationship becomes frosty as well as his relationship with his father because of his adoption. Arthur is having trouble with his breathing and is admitted to hospital. Nicky and Cliff go to Kieran and Amanda's for dinner and are joined by Alastair. But it doesn't go well as Cliff finds out from Keiran that Nicky slept with Kieran before him and leaves the party. Amanda and Alastair have sex in the kitchens after the party breaks up as Kieran seeks out Nicky. William tells Louise the circumstances of Alastair's birth and adoption. Cliff shows up ...
1 May 2002
Live and Let Live
William and Alastair continue to be at loggerheads and Alastair tells him he is thinking of going back to Germany. Alastair admits Arthur to Pemberley Rest Home telling Enid it is only until his chest infection clears but Enid removes him because she doesn't like the way they treat him there. Nicky and William clash over her patient John and Alastair finds out that his mother committed suicide before she ever saw him. Todd continues to live in squalor and upsets Dana with his attitude. Enid and Arthur take an overdose of Arthur's medication so that they can be ...
8 May 2002
An article entitled "The Stolen Children" is published and it doesn't make life easy for William, especially during the Gilbert & Sullivan operatic show. Enid refuses to go to Arthur's funeral and eventually ends up telling Alastair the full story of what happened. William gives Alastair the paperwork on his birth after Alastair tells William he plans to stay around instead of moving to Germany. Amanda believe that Kieran knows about her tryst with Alastair and Ross tells Louise he knew about her sleeping with William. Kieran tells Nicky that he has moved out of his ...

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