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I almost dropped dead laughing!
giatime11 October 2003
Man, to anyone that thinks this is highbrow art, please, please, get a life. This was supposed to be a ghetto comedy, and as such it is awesome. The scene with Damon and the pimp in the Bathroom almost put me in the hospital. And the Church ladies at the storefront. This is funny stuff. I mean real funny stuff. If you can't find the comedy in this, you need to take the stick..... I'm sorry, as I was saying this is really funny stuff.
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Ho! Ho Ho! Foo !!
Benjamin Wolfe6 January 2007
In udder hilarity, the gang of two is back! And with a comedic vengeance. I saw this in California when I lived there at Christmas time, 2002, and it was one of the funniest down in the hood yule-tide, Christmas stories I have seen in years.

From one of the worst roommates, Dey Dey,(Epps Jr.) to Pinky their ex-boss, to Pops and uncle, doing restaurant bar-BBQ together(and arguing and fighting, all the way)right on down to the landlord and one of the biggest 'problems' these two have had (Damon) since, well...since 'FRIDAY' 1995 when Chris Tucker was riding with Cube, and Deebo was troubling' em'!!

The two police officers I won't soon forget, A.Hole and B. Dix when it came time to bring the PO' PO' into it, these two were all in all. Christmas time is here and unfortunately so is the ghetto thugs, out rippin' and stealin' everything in sight, including Dey Dey and Craig's stuff even out the refrigerator. They're broker den broke, and you can't 'beat' that with Michael Jackson!

I went back and saw this a few more times before it left the theater because frankly, it was worth it. Ms. K.D. Aubert, was a lovely and wondrous addition to this Miss-L-toe mantra in the ghetto. This was accompanied by a ghetto-fabulous soundtrack! Mary J Blige was my favorite of all, 'Family Affair' was R&B soul-delicious!! And in all, as Mary would say, Jesus is the reason for the season all the way!

I really love it when Ice Cube puts his writer's cap on and brings out yet another gem of a good-times movie.

I recommend this to Ice Cube and Mike Epps fans, because they take it and bake the cake and steal the show.

Good team playing' y'all! Here's to another fun-filled two hours down the hood comedy road. I'll be waiting. Until then, (****) four out of four.
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rome200225 November 2002
When I saw the coming attractions while going to see "Brown Sugar", I knew that I had to go and see this movie. Craig (Ice Cube) and his cousin Day-Day (Mike Epps) are back for another installment in the "Friday" series. This time the boys are in South Central and getting ready to celebrate Christmas...until a burgular dressed like Santa Claus (Rickey Smiley) robs the boys and getting away with their rent money and presents. Craig and Day-Day then apply for jobs as security guards when their evil landlady, Miss Pearly (Bebe Drake), demands the rent money in advance or she'll let loose her burly son Damon (Terry Crews), who has spent 12 years in prison and now likes men. As they adjust to their new job, Craig becomes interested in the sexy Donna (K.D. Aubert) who works at her pimped-out boyfriend's department store. Also featured in the movie are Craig parents (John Witherspoon and Anna Maria Horsford), Uncle Elroy (Don "D.C." Curry), Pinky (Clifton Powell) and even Chico the dog who wreaked havoc on Craig and Day-Day in "Next Friday".

This movie was so hilarious and topped the second installment but could never surpass the original "Friday" simply because of Chris Tucker who played Craig's best friend Smokey. I will definitely go and see this movie again and again until its available to own on DVD. Maybe if there's a fourth "Friday" Chris Tucker can join Ice Cube and the hilarious Mike Epps. I would love to see those three together.
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It was good, but it wasn't Friday
Paul Schneider (froggy-19)20 November 2002
I had the opportunity to sneak this film at the CWRU Film Society this evening. I admit I wasn't expecting much. Friday was a great film. Fun, laid back and a good trip. Next Friday was, well, OK, but it wasn't great. Friday After Next was maybe a little lower on the scale.

This suburban white boy is a huge fan of Cube, so I had fun just the same. Things just seemed... I don't know... disconnected. Granted the first two films didn't have a strong plot, but this one was a little thinner. The situations were funny, but they weren't as funny often times as I thought they could be.

In short, I'm glad I saw it and yucked it up. I certainly needed the laughs, but there could have been more of them and not so spaced apart. Finally, I thought the opening sequence was cute, but perhaps too cute, and it certainly seemed to drag on just a little too much.

Enjoy it, it's worth the money, but maybe at the cheapie show, which is where I fear it will be in a few weeks...
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Just as much fun as Next Friday
Kristine30 December 2006
Seriously, people, where's your sense of humor? Again I thought that Friday After Next turned out to be a great film that had a lot of really funny humor that nearly had me rolling on the floors laughing. Ice Cube did a great job with these stories and made it a Lord of the Rings of the hood type of trilogy. I loved Friday After Next, the story rocked and the actors were back and it looked like they had a great time performing together again. I know that this movie is so stereotypical, but it was all in good fun, you know?

Craig and Day Day have jobs as security men in a strip mall and they find themselves being tormented by their land lady for the rent money. When Day Day abuses his power of security and has men go after him for throwing their grandmothers off the corner, he and Craig are fired. They decide to throw a party to pay the rent money by charging party fees and Craig does fall for another woman, but she's a bit harder to get than the others.

I loved the pimp and Damon's characters, they were just so funny, especially coming out of the party with Damon's partners in a clamp! You'll have to watch the movie to see what I mean. I highly recommend Friday After Next to anyone, it's a great movie that I honestly had a good time laughing with and I am not ashamed to admit that, I don't get the low rating, because this was a fun movie. Please, don't judge so harshly, you'll find yourself loving every joke better and better.

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Waste of Time
moconnell-23 December 2002
This movie was not good at all. I liked the first two movies but I can not say the same for the last one. I think Cube and Epps are a great team on film but this movie was so bad I don't think anything could have saved it. The movie was pointless! I laughed two or three times at the most and most of what I did laugh at I had seen in the trailers. The best part was when Epps character was yelling at the old women in front of the liquor store. Cube is not funny at all and the movie was the same as the other two. It was about Craig and Day-Day trying to get money they owed before an overly large man beat them up. Even Craigs' dad who I think is the funniest character was not funny at all. I know people who liked the first two movies will see this regardless, but if you are just going to see it because you think it looks funny don't.
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very funny for a third, 7/10
lionel21 May 2003
i saw this movie twice and the second time viewing improved my expression about this movie as i catch up with more jokes that i missed during the first time. i find this movie very enjoyable for the first 20 minutes and the last 20 minutes. things happen in the middle drag a little bit but they are bearable and dispersed with a few quality jokes. 7 out of 10. and i will wait to check out the next sequel as the last scene implies that the story of the main characters will be back.
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Running out of gas...
rogerebertsclone1 December 2002
Having been a fan of the first Friday, my expectations for the second one weren't exactly high [no pun intended], given the fact that Chris Tucker wasn't in it. But it turned out to be an okay movie. I also noticed the direction it took the franchise to -- low brow humor. The first had a little bit of it, but the second one seemed like it just wanted to gross you out with its sick humor and poop jokes.

You won't find much difference in this Friday. Turning the series on its ear and giving it a fresh new spin with the Christmas theme seemed like an intriguing idea. Did it work? Hells yeah. With the uncontrollable Mike Epps once again playing the crazy sidekick to Cube's Craig, Chris Tucker seems like a distant memory. Out goes the semi-seriousness of the first one about the reality of the hood, and in comes the all out craziness that solidified the second. The only memorable characters in this one are Money Mike and Damon. If you're a fan of the series, by all means, rent it.

By the end of the movie, you'll ponder if this was the best way to close out the trilogy. Was it as funny as they could make it? Memorable? With a stronger script and more reigned-in performances, it could have been. Average at best. But let's hope Cube ends it here.
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Ice Cube is my hero!
BlackJack_B2 July 2003
The third movie in Ice Cube's "Friday" series, this was the funniest of the three so far. The film takes place on Christmas Eve (on a Friday of course). Craig Jones and his cousin Day-Day have been robbed by someone going around dressed like Santa Claus and have all their gifts and rent money stolen (and their recreational drugs confiscated by the cops). It puts a damper on the day, where they have new jobs as mall security officers. So we see them through their day, wondering if they'll get their revenge on the burglar and seeing the hilariously overdone sterotypes in the film.

Most of the characters from the first two film and their idiosyncrancies are back, like Craig's father and his bladder problems. There's also Maz Jobrani's Moly, playing a stereotypical Asian character whose broken English was a gas! Probably even more hilarious is the sheer sight of Katt Williams' Money Mike who plays someone that is a cross between Snoop Dogg and Spike Lee. Also, I just loved the wardrobe; I'd love to get a pimptastic suit. Ice Cube is good here, as he plays the only normal character in a world full of crazy people; I could feel for him. The acting was overdone, but it was done like this on purpose and so I could accept it, besides, the dialogue was funny. Ice Cube has a superb sense of humour. It's only about 82 minutes, so it doesn't overstay its welcome, either.

And once again, Craig proves you don't have to be overly handsome to get the ladies. Very good comedy!
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Bad Job
tedg31 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

I can enjoy almost any movie, and pride myself on being able to see something interesting in even the worst, like "Video Dead." But this type of black exploitation film is too great a challenge. Yes, it was funny in spots, but it was the kind of humor that debases the laugher. Yes, it is great to laugh at ourselves and there's some latitude when the performers are of the same group as the target.

Ostensibly, this is a Black "Clerks." But I feel like a smaller person after an experience like this. That shouldn't be.

Ted's evaluation: 1 of 3 -- You can probably find something better to do with this part of your life.
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Doesn't compare to orginal friday!
cestlavie0322 July 2003
this movie is completely ridiculous. It has no point and the little plot it does have is WEAK! It's just one of those movies that should go straight to video if even that, and that dumb teenage boys will need to rent when bored and done playing their playstations. there was maybe only one or two funny parts, other than those, i hardly see the hype.
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Lazy stereotypes stumble through unfunny comedy...
danielsan1284 April 2004
A man dressed as Santa Claus is robbing houses in a seedy part of Los Angeles. He is disturbed by the tenants of one particular flat, a fight ensues and he escapes with their rent money. What could have been an interesting opening soon descends into a lazy farce, strewn with archetypal 'black' comedy characters; fast-talking middle aged women, macho convicts with a taste for anal sex, hookers with hearts of gold. No comedic stone is left unturned; but it says a lot about the film that you really don't care what happens to the protagonists. That the film runs for less than 90 minutes is blessing indeed. It's sad to see Ice Cube (once a talented rapper, and interesting actor in Boyz N The Hood) reduced to this shameless mugging.
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Out of control
whoTheFuqRyou3 March 2003
I was a little suspicious at first but when I finally saw it, I was glad it wasn't like Next Friday which was kinda dull. This one was funny at first then got really out of control at the end, Clifton Powell was the surprise comedic performance in this as Pinky - g he had me laughing pretty hard but it's John Witherspoon and Mike Epps who really made this funny... This was hella fun but not better than Friday, still good though
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Hilarious Movie
carmen31111 September 2003
When I first saw Friday After Next, I was not impressed with the storyline. I thought that it was a bad attempt at a sequel...that is until I watched it on DVD (someone else bought it). I was then able to slowly enjoy the quick-wit of Day-Day and Craig's distorted yet loving relationship. But the character that stole the entire movie was the "lucky charm midget pimp" Money Mike. His presence on the screen was side-splitting funny! I believe that without Money Mike, Friday After Next would have been just another mediocre attempt at comedy.

My favorite part in the movie was when Money Mike said:

"Speaking of cockroaches, where were your antennas when them ****** were stealing my ****?" "I didn't see them steal anything" "Well, use your eyes next time. Look. They ain't just supposed to be hazel, they supposed to do some god**** work around here. I don't do this for play. I don't do this for fun." "I'm sorry" "Don't be sorry, hoe, be careful. Lord know what? I am tired of your presence. Dismissed!"
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Not as good as the 1st but much better than the 2nd
csweetleaf23 April 2003
This movie is about Craig and Day Day who share an apartment together and they are robbed by 'Santa Claus' and later they become security guards so they can come up with the rent money for their evil landlord and if they can't come up with the rent money, her son Damon (who is gay after serving about 12 years in the pen) will take care of them and the boys are fired while on their lunchbreak, one thing that I didn't like about this movie is that Craig was overly bossy compared to the first two movies but this movie is much funnier than Next Friday and it is about a notch or two below the original Friday and this movie deserves more recognition than what it gets.
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Lock Your Doors and Bar Your Windows. Santa Claus is Coming to the Hood!
ExplorerDS67899 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the hood, everything was quiet, and this was not good; Craig Jones and his cousin Day Day have finally moved out of their parents' houses and into their own crib at the Shady Palms Apartment complex off Crenshaw. Friday 3:37 AM, Christmas Eve, a low-down robber dressed as Santa Claus broke into Craig and Day Day's apartment and began stealing their Christmas presents, their stereo, and just as he was making himself a sandwich, Craig discovered him and jumped him. They get into a scuffle. But the Santa had the advantage. He beat Craig with the Christmas tree and got away. At dawn, bumbling police officers B. Dix and A. Hole, arrive and when they heard these boys were robbed by Santa Claus, they were skeptical. As soon as the cops left, Craig and Day Day's nasty landlady, Miss Pearly, arrived and demanded the rent. Unfortunately the rent money was in the stereo that got ripped off. They weren't afraid of her, but they were absolutely terrified of her son Damon. He made Deebo look like a pussycat. Damon had just spent 12 years in the pen and now he was out, he developed a craving for companionship. Prison-style companionship. He also told Craig and Day Day that if they didn't have the rent money by nightfall, he was going to really have his way with them.

After that, Craig and Day Day head for work. That's right, the impossible has happened. They finally have jobs. They work as security guards at the outlet mall where their fathers have gone into business. Willie Jones is no longer a dogcatcher and together with his brother Elroy have opened a place called Brothers Barbecue: Taste So Good, Make You Wanna Slap Your Mama; The boys were employed by a man named Moly who ran the entire outlet mall and was the proprietor of fly-infested Holy Moly Donuts; Craig and Day Day spent most of the morning arguing in their security booth. Then, Day Day accosted and cursed at some old ladies for singing Christmas carols, and did the same thing to some kids in front of the toy store. But then, outside of the Pimps & Hos clothing store, Craig saw a very pretty girl named Donna. He attempted to hit on her, but unfortunately Day Day had the same idea, so it didn't go too smoothly; Day Day and Craig go out back on their break and have a joint. Elroy joins them, just then they're held at gun point by the Santa Claus robber! He steals Elroy's Rolex and makes a clean get away. Worse yet, a street gang heard what Craig and Day Day did to the carolers, and they did not look friendly. Craig and Day Day run like the wind as the gangsters give chase. Fortunately our heroes hide on the roof of Pimps & Hos, while the gangsters met up with Moly. They give him a message for Craig and Day Day: they beat him up. After that, Day Day and Craig decide to quit, and soon after, Moly fires them; Meanwhile, Miss Pearly decided to snoop around the Jones' apartment. Luckily Day Day's pit bull Cheeco caught her in the end. Literally.

Craig and Day Day's Christmas party would still be held that night, but how would they raise their rent money? Craig decided to charge his guests and take up a collection. Willie and Elroy were there, Donna came too, along with Money Mike, local pimp and owner of Pimps & Hos. Day Day's old boss Pinky came and brought some very sexy girls. Damon was there too, and he began to take a liking to Money Mike. He followed him into the john. Luckily Mike managed to find Damon's weakness by applying a pair of pliers to his testicles. He takes Damon outside. Craig and Day Day follow. But unfortunately when Mike attempted to get Damon into his car, Donna drove off without him, and those pliers wouldn't hold for long, so a furious Damon chased Money Mike all over the neighborhood. Suddenly, Craig spotted the Santa Claus robber, and he and Day Day tail him into his hideout where they jump him. Craig beats him with a Christmas tree, but then Santa escapes and they chase him all over the neighborhood, in and out of yards, even houses, including that of a mean, shotgun-toting old man, and the unfriendly gangsters from earlier. Santa made it out to the street thinking he got away with it when suddenly he was mowed down by Pinky's chauffeur. Craig and Day Day catch the Kris Kringle criminal and reclaim all their possessions. They leave him tied up on the roof in a sleigh; Epilogue: Santa remained on the roof for a while, Damon chased Mike all over creation, and Day Day and Craig gave themselves early Christmas presents and got it on with some FINE girls. Oh yeah.

Friday After Next. This movie was hilarious. Just as good as the first two. This is it with the Friday series for now, but I hope they make another movie soon. Ice Cube is back as Craig, and he's as funny as ever. Mike Epps is back as Day Day, and he's a riot. He's also that shotgun toting old man towards the end. Also here: John Witherspoon as Willie, Don 'D.C.' Curry as Elroy, Clifton Powell back as Pinky, Katt Williams as Money Mike, and K.D. Aubert as Donna. All very good in this movie. As you may have noticed, Chris Tucker hasn't returned as Smokey again. Maybe in a future Friday movie or Smokey may have his own movie? Anyway, if you've seen Friday and Next Friday, then please, see Friday After Next. It's hilarious. It's loaded with foul language and fine girls. You won't be disappointed. Friday After Next is top-flight entertainment for any day of the week. I recommend it.

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Under-rated treasure and hurray for Infinifilm DVD
tsq6713 February 2005
This is must see cinema If you can quote all the crazy phrases and dialog from the Original Friday then this one is for you. The saga of cousins Craig and Day-Day continues but to really get to the true grit of the film rent or buy the DVD and watch the Infinifilm with all of the deleted scenes. My personal favorite is the deleted scene of how they lose there old job at a nursing home ...that old man that ran the student diner on A Different World is just too damn funny .... The plot is basic ghetto.. . The Christmas bandit that does break ins in a Santa suit is a good subplot. The movie is a true salute to black entrepreneurship. Craig and Day-Day parents open up a BBQ restaurant, a pimp goes legit and opens a clothing and pimp accessory store, Pinky the record store owner from NEXT Friday is still in business and Craig and Day-Day show a penchant for party promotion when they throw a rent party at their apartment. But I digress, the quotables are some of the funniest one liners in Blaxpo ever. I mean truly, I never thought about getting my dick sucked from behind until Day-Day mentioned it or ever questioned the motives of church ladies standing in front of a Liquor store singing hymns or carols until Day-Day asked them if they were trying to sell pussy in the lords name ...Damn thats Ghetto! Without Chris Tuckers character the Friday franchise moves on. Craig has moved on in life without the neighbor that damn near got him and his family killed. Who wouldn't? But seriously analyze it on its own merits and forget Cris Tucker. One more note that I nearly forgot don't ever see Mike Epps in concert that mofo is not funny doing stand-up. I paid 58 bucks to find out the hard way. There is a rule in comedy never follow a comedian that has better material than you ... well his ass had No material. The funny guy at work place is funnier and has better material.
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markiskenny28 July 2004
What is with black humor? It is not funny. It is lame, boring and has nothing to do with laughing. It is mild chuckling at its best as it points out the obvious using sexual misconduct, uncreative drug references and hip hop ebonics that only appeals to young hoodlums. Getting high and making a jackass out of yourself while avoiding getting shot in the "hood" is hardly a joke in my neighborhood. I guess when you are high, nothing else matters when everything that shouldn't be funny just is. In fact, I am laughing right now as I type this. Am I high? Is this funny? Want to go steal a childs bike and ride it around the neighborhood while I chase Ice Cube and make threats to his bimbo prostitutes for girlfriends? Is this even worth my typing? I guess I simply do not care. Which is the point I am trying to make... this movie is not worth caring about in any way, shape or form.

Maybe next time Hollywood will think twice before releasing stupid crap.
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When the studio saw the script for Friday After Next...
MLDinTN7 October 2003
they should have said next please. This was one of those sequels that makes you say why was money wasted on this. I didn't particularly care for the first Friday and this one was worse. Pretty much nothing happens throughout the movie. We get a lot of cussing and a santa that makes the main characters look stupid. It's like a bad Seinfeld episode in the projects.

FINAL VERDICT: Rubbish. Don't watch it.
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Ice Cube what were you thinking
foxydiva197418 December 2002
I went to the movies on my anniversary and there were a lot a movies to see. I chose Friday After Next because Ice Cube usually does a good. I was so disappointed when I saw this movie. Ice Cube did not put alot of thought into this movie. He needs to get out of the box he's in. I didn't laugh not once. I am praying that there will not be a Friday after this Friday. It stinks! But I am still a fan of Ice Cubes.
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This is what happens when you keep trying to cash in on a franchise... over... and over... and over...
MC ReXX29 November 2002
I saw this movie today, only expecting cheap laughes and a way to kill 90 minutes... to be honest, I wish I had taken those 90 minutes back and watched "Next Friday" again instead. This movie wasn't very good at all. I probably laughed about 10X. 10X in a 90 minute movie, which equals an average of, 1 laugh every 9 minutes.

I laughed harder during Jingle All The Way!!! (Not that JATW is a bad movie, IT ROCKS!) For a Christmas movie, you might wanna stick to The Santa Clause 2 or watch one you already have.

If you're a fan of the Friday franchise, you'll be disappointed. Most of the laughes are in the trailer itself.

I just hope we won't get anymore Friday's, cause it's certainly feels like a Monday morning after seeing this... 4/10.
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OptikRed28 November 2002
The worst Friday movie yet. Even Chris Tucker could not have saved this one. This movie was terrible I felt as if Ice Cube wrote the entire movie in 10 minutes. There is no plot. The whole point of the movie was to get enough money to pay the rent. Do they ever get the money?! At the end of the movie they are at Craig's apartment party and he says they got the presents back, but he never says anything about paying the rent. Many other reviews blame Mike Epps for this terrible movie I think he is a talented actor, I liked him in How High, the blame for this terrible movie should be placed entirely on Ice Cube. He wrote it after all. Watch the original forget this movie was ever made. * out of *****
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Started out funny.
DeJuan30 November 2002
I liked this one from the beginning, when Craig was getting his ass kicked and Day Day was talking in his sleep. I'm glad they had alot of new people on this one, besides the main characters. Money Mike was funny and especially Big Damon. I was sitting in the theater and I told my girlfriend that Damon was about to get turned on by the Tupac video, because I've seen the women in the video. Then he say "Tupac, you looked so good." I cracked up laughing. I wouldn't suggest this as a series, because they are so different from each other. They are all good movies, so I judge them alone. I'd love for another twenty of these to be made. WE have twenty James Bond's, so why not? Holla.
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Downright Funny
iwatcheverything22 October 2003
If you liked Friday the original skip Next Friday and go on to this one. This movie had me rolling through most parts. Cube and Epps are a great team although I will always miss Chris Tucker. The whole of this film is at no time slow and it is actually fast paced laughter. Even the cops are funny. If it was a stand alone film and not a sequal it would have done so much better. I will have to buy this one to complete the Friday collection.
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profane and vulgar but not funny
Special-K8819 January 2007
Highly profane sequel finds Craig and his cousin Day-Day back in the hood where they've finally moved out of their parent's house into their own bachelor pad. They work as security guards at a local mall, and use their job expertise to try and lead their own investigation after a crook disguised as Santa Claus robs their apartment and the police don't seem very willing to help. Even worse, their landlord despises them and her fearsome son (a hardened ex-con), will make them pay dearly if they don't produce the rent money in time. Cast has energy, but they're helpless against a weak story, very few laughs, and excessive vulgarity. *½
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