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  • An American thug calling himself Wall Street (Matt Schulze) enlists the services of a hired driver known as The Transporter (Jason Statham) to transport a bag across the French countryside to his mansion. However, along the way, The Transporter whom lives by a code lets his curiosity get the worst of him when he inspects the bag and discovers within a bound and gagged young Chinese woman (Qi Shu). Upon delivering the young Chinese woman to Wall Street, Wall Street hires The Transporter again to deliver a package. But, The Transporter is furious when he learns the package is a bomb and that the job was fake and Wall Street intended to kill him and the bomb detonates blowing up The Transporter's car. After confronting Wall Street's men and fleeing in Wall Street's car, The Transporter learns the Chinese woman hid in the back of the car and The Transporter takes her back to his house for interrogation. After the Chinese woman reveals her name as Lai, The Transporter and Lai's lives are soon in great danger when Wall Street sends hitmen to kill The Transporter and destroys his house. Lai tells The Transporter that Wall Street is illegally smuggling people into the country to become slaves and that she needs his help after she looked through an old photo album which she discovered The Transporter is Frank Martin, a retired American combat soldier. Learning what is at stake, Frank reluctantly agrees to find and free the people whom Wall Street and Lai's evil father (Ric Young) illegally smuggled into the country and save the day. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • To obtain a PG-13 rating, The Transporter had to be cut and Fox used this version not only for the cinema release but also for the home media release. Other countries used this master, too, e.g. Britain and Australia. Altogether there is only about ten seconds missing in the PG-13 version. Edit (Coming Soon)


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  • Yes, Frank grabs him by the neck with his legs and flings him out of a moving truck at a high speed. He is shown to have landed on his head and a crunch noise is clearly heard. Even if he didn't land on his head, the speed at which he hit the ground would have been more than enough to kill him.

    In the uncut French version, Wall Street's body is seen being run-over by the trailer wheels. Edit (Coming Soon)

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