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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of action violence, sexual content, nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where a man orders women to strip down to their thongs. They are obviously naked, but only their bare buttocks are shown--albeit for an extended amount of time, and quite clearly.
  • Women are dancing on stage and tear off their pants, revealing their underwear.
  • A woman wears suggestive clothing and performs a sensual dance in front of a crowd. Viewers see a little bit of her buttocks.
  • Women suddenly dance out on stage. They may be topless.
  • A shirtless man and a woman in her underwear (cleavage on her buttocks and breasts), engage in foreplay and prepare to have sexual intercourse.
  • A man and woman fight, but a man with his ear to the door believes they are having sex and makes several explicit sexual comments.
  • A man says that Frenchwomen are naked 34% of the time, and he smiles at this.
  • The movie is filled with innuendos and sexual comments, some explicit and other's mild.
  • A French police officer pulls down the two character's pants and underwear to perform anal probe for any hidden weapons (off screen, but very implied). They are seen walking uncomfortably out of the building.

Violence & Gore

  • An assassin is captured and then interrogated roughly by two police officers(This is done in a comic manner). The scene ends when one of the officers puts a gun to the assassin's head and threatens to kill him. A man is shot in the back; he stumbles forward and falls into a pool (We see some blood pour out). A man cuts another man's arm with a sword. A man describes a torture process where men would use swords to slice apart their victim's bodies. A man describes a ritual where a man would behead a woman as a sacrifice. A woman is shot in the arm (We see some blood). A woman is kicked and falls into a rotating wheel (We hear ripping sounds and see the shocked expression of bystanders, implying that she was decapicated).
  • A man falls and lands into a booth (Glass shatters and bystanders scream). Several men are killed in a firefight. Many gunfights take place (A few don't involve any fatalities). A man hits another man with a chair. Many fistfights occur throughout the film, with characters punched, kicked, thrown and hit with various objects (None are bloody, and mostly played for comic effect). A woman attempts to kill a man by throwing blades at him.
  • Multiple shootings and fist fights, but hardly any blood.
  • One torture scene, played out for comedy


  • 16 uses of "shit," 12 uses of "ass," 23 uses of "damn," 2 uses of "godd*mn," 1 use of "piss," 6 uses of "God," and 2 uses of "Jesus."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters drink in several scenes; some smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The final sequence upon the Eiffel Tower is somewhat intense.

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