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In brief: powerful
ThirdEye-16 May 2002
In my short life I've developed a taste for a film that challenges me as a viewer and is more than the sum of it's parts. Metropolis is one such movie. While most will only give it credit for being a visual masterpiece, Metropolis is a well - rounded work with strong characters, themes and music. Not only does the character design have a fresh and captivating style, each character has his or hers own unique features. The setting is so rich and vibrant at times and dark and mysterious at others, it could only have been created through animation. The use of old western jazz and borderline ragtime music gives the huge city an earthy feeling, which is reflected in the architecture of the lower levels of the city. The themes are classic science fiction themes. I shy away from calling them derivative or repetitive because they still remain some of the most relevant ideas portrayed in any genre. Katsuhiro Otomo's screenplay is understated, contrasting the near "in your face" visuals. He is one of the most highly regarded writers in the genre, and he shows why here. The chilling ending is a destructive one, but it isn't the apocalyptic disaster some people make it out to be. The use of "Can't stop loving you" by Ray Charles frames the scene so well, and I found it far more moving and touching than the ending of Dr. Strangelove, which it is rightfully compared to. So, to all movie lovers, not just anime lovers, I ask you to go see this work of art and let it absorb you and change you. You will be better for it.
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One of my all time favourites
ExpendableMan31 January 2005
I'm not a big fan of Manga I must admit. The movies I've seen have been few and far between and while I certainly enjoyed the likes of Ninja Scroll, Akira and Ghost In The Shell, I've never had much urge to seek out a really wide knowledge of the genre. That being said though, Metropolis has to rank as one of my top five films of all time, not just the animated ones.

Telling the story of a far future world where humans and robots exist alongside one another, it focuses on the adventures of a Private Investigator and his son visiting the city for the first time and hunting down a missing robot called Tima. And what a city it is! The animation, simply put, is stunning. The epic scope of this vast urban world is beautifully captured on screen. It is richly detailed and lit up like a fantastic world of colour, like a fine piece of dramatic art that has come to life. The animation on the characters meanwhile is no less amazing, it is more akin to French than Japanese in stylistic terms, but is still very detailed and beautifully realised.

But this is no piece of aesthetic beauty with nothing to back it up as the storyline is truly gripping. As the boy befriends a young girl, both of them unaware that she is in fact an experimental robot, you find yourself getting swept up in their plight and they have just as much, if not more depth and emotion than any real-life actor's work.

Come the climax, you'll be simultaneously thrilled and left emotionally stunned. This is a magnificent film, I can't praise it enough.
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A visual feast - though the script has problems
Wizard-830 April 2002
I am a fan of anime, so after hearing all the great acclaim this movie got, I knew I had to see it.

Visually, the movie it top-notch. The blend of computer graphics and hand-drawn animation is seamless, with incredible detail given to each. Graphically, this movie is indeed a milestone in animation, one that will definitely be referred to over and over in the future. If you are a fan of animation (Japanese or otherwise), you MUST see this movie.

As for the story and character - they were somewhat underwhelming. Occasionally each got to the point where they intrigued you and made you want to learn more - but you got no more. You learn really nothing about the youthful male protagonist or the female humanoid who he saves and takes care of. They hardly even say a word to each other! There were also some big jumps in the storyline, feeling like a lot of important information was cut out.

The movie was based on a long manga, so it's obvious that A LOT of character and story development had to be cut out so that the movie would run at an acceptable running time. I honestly think this story would have worked - it certainly would have been somewhat better - had it been done as a miniseries. Maybe the visuals wouldn't have been so stunning, but a more compelling story and more memorable characters would have made up for it.
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I loved this film!
lambiepie-223 January 2003
I have always been a fan of the 60's and 70's anime. I feel that the 80's and 90's Anime got a bit out of hand, but this film brings me back to the experimentation, the wonder, visuals and the drawing you into forgetting this is only 'anime' at all.

The story is an update of the fantastic silent film Metropolis, and at points in this telling, the story falls flat, but just watching the film drew me in and made up for those story gaffs. There isn't any one who can look at this and not be taken with its ambition. Old anime elements, new ones, stop action, realism -- you name it, its all in one nice package! I am looking forward to additional works from this team, I hope they continue on for I feel this project was a great venture and to what they are capable of. This film is really wonderful, I recommend it highly.
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Welcome to Metropolis!
Lady_Targaryen22 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
''Metropolis'' story is set in the future, in a society where humans and robots live together, but has problems with each other. Shunsaku Ban is an investigator who came to Japan to find a criminal named Dr. Laughton. He came with his nephew named Kenichi. They don't know the Metrpolis well, so they hired a Detective robot to guide them. In Metropolis world, artificial intelligence has advanced a great deal and robots are seen everywhere performing many different tasks. But they do not have any of the rights that are granted to human beings,in order not to infringe upon human rights, they are not allowed to have human names nor to travel in the zones without permission.

Ban and Kenichi discovers that Dr. Laughton was working for Duke Red, one of the main politics of Metropolis city, in a hidden place, creating a super Robot that resembles Duke Red's daughter once lost called Tima.

The place suddenly stays on flames and Tima wakes up during the fire and is saved by Kenichi. Dr. Laughton dies shortly after being rescued by Shunsaku but manages to utter a few words regarding a precious notebook of his, which the detective saves from the flames.

The movie is full of conspiracies, and one of the main characters in this plan is Rock, Duke Red's adopted son, who discovers his father's plans and decides to destroy the Robot and to kill Dr. Laughton. Rock is strongly against giving powers to Robots (to be honest he hates Robots in general) and he stays the entire anime trying to find Tima, the robot, and Kenichi. Rock is responsible for destroying the place where Dr Laughton worked and why it stayed on flames.

Kenichi and Tima become good friends during the movie in a more romantic way.

''Metoroporisu'' is a complex anime that actually shows more then people imagine. Definitely is not a movie for kids(( Even looking a little childish), since they probably will not understand the real message of the movie or the scene where Tima is shot in her heart, a metaphor for losing her humanity. o For instance, we see a theme of class struggle in a society full of riches and full of poor people and also the relationship of robots with humans.

I am very glad that Rintaro and Katsuhiro Otomo united their forces to bring Metropolis to a film, contradicting Osamu's wish. Many of the scenes of this animation were very well done(like the one the ziggurat is connected to Tima) with great special effects, and the mix of a retro animation with futuristic city had a very nice combination in the product of the movie.

I can say for myself that it was a long time since I watched an anime that made me feel touched, and this anime happened to be one of them. The end is very sad, and I don't think that Tima was rebuilt, as many people were speculating, since she was the most complex robot in the world and not easily rebuilt,specially without her creator.
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It's very hard to believe how many people hate this movie
LittleMiso3 December 2002
This is another great masterpiece in anime. Also, it's very different from others, as reviewers have pointed out.

I never expected old-1930-ish-saxopohone jazz music to be playing in an anime movie. It's a great movie, and, like Akira, the Matrix, and Princess Mononoke (or, Mononoke Hime as I prefer), it gets better every time you see it.

and in the climax of the movie, you hear Ray Charles' "I Can't Stop Loving You". Puts in the same touch as how Gene Kelly's "Singin' in the Rain" was put in "A Clockwork Orange". It engraves the scene in your head, never to forget, and it does bring the scene back to your mind once you hear that song. It's happened to me lots of times after i saw Clockwork Orange.

Review: 5/5, Good Movie scale Ratings: US PG-13, UK PG, Canada PG
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An Amazing Milestone In Anime History !!!
Computress18 March 2005
When I first saw this I was totally blown away by its beautiful animation and groundbreaking use of music! It really made me lyrical in a way few anime does - Rintaro and Otomo really has what it takes to make a masterpiece. The blend of charming old-fashioned technology and allusions to modern phenomenons makes it the perfect anime for the beginning of 21st century!

Metropolis is based on Tesuka Osamus first manga and later gave inspiration to his more famous "Astro Boy". Some story elements and characters from Tesukas later works are clearly inserted in Metropolis to make it work as a movie, which in this case is good... The choice of music is, in my opinion, daring and rather funny; jazzy tunes spiced with hits from the 60s (Ray Charles) sets the tone of the "optimistic atomic age". All in all, well made nostalgia...

I could go on forever with this rant, so I spare you that if you see this little animated gem! Rent it, buy it, steal it (if necessary ;) , you won't regret it!
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A Futuristic Classic!
ryanbigman7 August 2002
Metropolis isn't an action, adventure, or a drama...It's an experience. It's a roller-coaster ride of a movie that takes the audience through an experience into the future with a sense of the past and present. I'll explain. First off, the animation in itself is what makes the film so unique. It's a sort of Tin tin animation mixed in with anime. The background of the city is amazing, a must see. The music is what does it though! The music is very classy. The type of music used in the old black and white classics. The whole movie experience is a sort of oxymoron, it contradicts itself. The futuristic background with the classic-styled people and music. A very unique animation indeed and one not to be missed if you're a fan of animation.
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Why does everyone hate this?
sadrec120 July 2004
For crying out loud, it's stylized! That's why the soundtrack is jazz and blues and stuff. That's why the character animation is "crappy".

Look at a comic book from the twenties/thirties, namely Herge's Tintin books, or Tezuka's manga (fifties actually), which this is based off of, DANG IT! The characters are designed to look like comic book character's from that era. Shinsaku looks like one of the Thompsons. Kenechi looks like a cross between Tintin and Astro Boy.

It's meant to be like a Prohibition era Chicago or something.
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Interesting world, poor animation, bizarre story
the_wolf_imdb4 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I really wished this movie to succeed - its retro cyber punk world is really interesting and backgrounds do look amazing. Seriously, the retro future titanistic look of the buildings and subterran spaces is really great. On the other hand the characters do look childish and really outdated in style. Think of Tintin characters for example - very naive looking characters with primitive animation in 1920s style. The General himself looks like Mario - seriously. He is just laughable. These characters just do not fit to these great looking buildings.

The story is absurd and seems to drift without any direction. The characters are not believable at all, they are not just flat, but they do behave in a simply absurd manner. Twists and kills are sudden and hard to follow - you just have no idea why something happened and motivation of characters is totally unclear. The most bizarre is the ten year old hit-man (or whatever he is) who is supposed to work for the Baron but not only ignores his interests but he is basically willing to kill everyone in his way like there is no law applying to him at all. The Baron seems not to have any connection with politics yet he simply builds super weapon and has no problem to test it live on his own without consent of Army or state. More or less it is just a roller-coaster of random yet beautiful scenes.

In the end I'm not sure if the authors meant the movie to be full fledged serious cyber punk or just simple movie for the kids. It does not seem to be suitable for neither group. It is just too stupid to be serious scifi fan and too messy and hard to follow for the kids. Lots of empty speech, nonsense scenes, useless characters and even more pointless deaths. You might to try to compare this movie with Steamboy or Castle in the Sky but it is just way inferior to them.
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Visually stunning
Karneda929 August 2008
This is not just one of the greatest anime movies ever made but one of the greatest animated movies of all time. This film is an amazing achievement in every aspect and really pushes the may animated movies are directed and presented.The film takes place in the a future reminiscent of art deco. It will be almost impossible to fully explain the story of metropolis in a comment alone for there are many important characters with there own back story but in brief i can tell you it is about a young boy and his detective uncle as they discover a humanoid robot with striking similarities to a human being. Wat immediately catches your attention of metropolis is the way it is presented, blending CGI with highly fluid hand drawn animation in a noir style this makes the film very memorable Wat's more striking is the character development with highly memorable characters with a great English and Japanese voice cast. You have a great deal of sympathy even for the antagonists e.g.You have the main antagonist shattered by the loss of his daughter and his right hand man born without parents adopted Duke Red (main antagonist) as a father but is often neglected and shunned by him.This is an excellent achievement for an animation and should not be missed this is a film that joins other anime greats like Akira and Princess Mononoke a must see film.
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A great retro sci-fi
Tweekums27 October 2009
I knew little about this film but when I saw that it was going to be on television I decided to watch it; there is so little non-Ghibli anime on TV one has to take what one can get. When it started I knew this was going to be different; most of the characters didn't look like anime characters, they looked more like characters from western cartoons of the 1930s. This fitted in with the feel of the whole film which was a 1920s/1930s view of the future reminiscent of Fritz Lang's film of the same name.

Set in the city state of Metropolis where the robot underclass must stay in their designated areas and a scientist is building a robot that looks like a girl but is destined to run a new skyscraper known as the Ziggurat. Into this city comes a Japanese private detective and his nephew Kenichi who are seeking to arrest the scientist for organ trafficking. The state's de facto leader Duke Red's adopted son Rock is determined to destroy the robot thinking his father is replacing him. Rock starts a fire in the lab. During this the robot is activated and escapes with Kenichi although neither know that she isn't human. Rock continues to hunt them as the flee through the various layers of the city to a climax in the mysterious Ziggurat.

I loved the retro feel to the animation along with a sound track that also felt like it was from that time. The use of the song "I Can't Stop Loving You" during the climactic scene was inspired. Even if you don't normally like animation this is worth watching as it is a good story which is well told.

These comments are based on watching the film in Japanese with English subtitles.
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Not as good as Lang's, but not bad
The_Void22 May 2005
Fritz Lang's original 'Metropolis' is an enduring classic of cinema. The techniques used at the time that it was made were absolutely astounding and it is still astounding to consider the technical achievement that Metropolis represents even these days. This Japanese re-telling of the classic story doesn't follow the plot of the original film, but they are linked due to the way that they both utilise grand settings for their thrills and although it was a lot more impressive in 1927, this version of the story is still a very decent film. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Japanese 'anime', but every time I see a film in it's style I tend to at least enjoy myself, and that can be said of this film. The plot has too many elements to be fully coherent, but it serves its purpose and is always second to the visuals anyway. The story follows two societies; robots and humans, and comes together when a private investigator's nephew meets a robot girl constructed to rule the city. The script is somewhat taught, this may be because of the fact that it has been translated into English, or it may just be a bad script. It doesn't really matter though as, again, the sharp visuals are always enough to distract the viewer from the other areas of the movie. It's almost a shame that this movie isn't better when you consider that it has an absolutely great source of inspiration, but then again you can hardly expect it to rival Fritz Lang's classic. On the whole, I recommend this movie if you've seen Lang's and want some more, but otherwise I just recommend the original classic.
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Hey buddy, can you spare a dime for plot development?
lilboybuell13 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
*** Plot Spoilers Ahead ***

As I sat at home and watched Metropolis on DVD, It became very apparent that much time, money, and care went into creating the animation for this movie. But, while viewing the amazingly lush and detailed artwork of Metropolis, I began to feel a cold sense of indifference towards the characters and story line. If the creators of Metropolis had redirected just a few ergs of energy away from the animation process and put it towards creating equally impressive plot elements, I belive Metropolis would be a masterpiece.

While the concept of Metropolis is derivative of much Sci-Fi genre, the story has merit. The weakness of this movie is the need for the viewer to connect scenes together in their mind with story elements that lack any details. Basic information is provided so that the story has a framework and events can take place, but the viewer has to place their trust in this information because once a plot element is introduced, no further development of the idea takes place. I got a feeling of 'as it is written, so shall it be,' so don't question anything. The problem is I have questions. Why doesn't Rock let Dr. Laughton run off with Tima as the Dr. plans on doing (surely Rock overheard this, but then the story would end)? Why, if Rock is such a tough-guy, can he manage to blow-up the lab, but not kill Tima or the Dr. with his gun? What exactly did Duke Red do to gain such power? Is he an industrialist? Did he buy his way into public attention? When Rock and Uncle return to Zone 1 after the rebellion is put down, why does everything look normal and we don't see any carnage? Why are Kenichi and his uncle needed in the throne room when Duke Red reveals his plot? Exactly how will Tima's powers manifest themselves? Why does Kenichi insist on saving Tima now that he knows she's a robot and she is trying to kill him(we have to assume that they love each other, but given no reason why)?

Metropolis makes a weak attempt at being a morality play. We are told that robots in this society are hated and to prove this point we learn of a 'fascist' group called the Malduks whose only existence seems to be to kill robots as violently as possible. The public being saved from robot 'tyranny' don't seem unhappy with the robots in their society or concerned when they are put in harms way when the Malduks execute 'bots with extreme prejudice. We also learn of a group of people living in Zone 1, an underground society for people displaced by robot labor, that eventually rebels against the upper society. Zone 1 is described as being filled with hardship and suffering, yet seems to be a happy place to live. If a statement about class struggle and the right to exist is being made, I don't see it. The people and robots of this world are faceless masses used to push the story along.

Finally coincidence is also used in lieu of plot to push the story along. Why would five separate parties (Kenichi and Tima, Uncle, Atlas the rebel, Rock, and Duke Red) meet at one spot in such a metropolis? My answer is lazy or uninspired writers.

Rating: 2 (10 for animation, -8 for story).
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visually stunning but story problematic
SnoopyStyle25 November 2015
In the futuristic Metropolis, robots are segregated and used for all the menial work. Many unemployed blame the robots and pushing for revolution. Duke Red is building a vast skyscraper. A robot disrupts the opening and Duke Red's son Rock destroys the robot. Private detective Shunsaku Ban and his nephew Kenichi are hunting for scientist Dr. Laughton who is supposedly trafficking organs. Laughton has actually been hired by Duke Red to recreate his deceased daughter with an advanced robot.

The visual style of this animated movie is beautiful. This is worthwhile watch simply for the visual aspect. The story is functional for more than half of the movie. Kenichi and the robot on the run is pretty good. The rest is a bit disjointed and complicated. Motivation is tricky. The twists and reveals are questionable and the story is overstuffed. It is still a beautiful looking piece of animation.
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The short review: If you like anime, you should definitely see this film.
Timothy19979 May 2011
Despite sharing it's name with the 1927 Fritz Lang film, Metropolis is a whole different animal. It's about a boy who runs across a girl named Tima while investigating a factory with his uncle, and tries to find out who she really is while evading an assassin named Rock and looking for his uncle. Apparently, the director got the idea for this after seeing a poster for the 1927 film, and wrote a manga series about it which eventually turned into a movie.

To start my full review, let's talk about the animation. It's incredibly smooth and stylish, and reminded me simultaneously of Mega Man and Ponyo. Every scene is drawn with such attention to detail that there are almost no holes to pick at, and it actually tops most of the Hiyao Miyazaki films in that respect. Besides the traditional animation, there is also a large amount of CGI work. I generally hate it when CGI is used in an otherwise 2D film (especially in Lilo and Stitch), but it combines with the hand-drawn stuff so well that it compliments it rather than clashing with it.

Beyond looks, Metropolis also has very solid writing. There are no corny lines, embarrassing moments, or slow scenes. Everything is there for a reason, and none of it feels like it could have been done better. The voice work is wonderfully done as well. Even though all of it is in Japanese, I could tell that it was acted very competently, and succeeds in making it feel like we're hearing the characters talking rather than actors at a microphone.

In the end, Metropolis is simply one of the finest pieces of work I've ever seen. It has amazing animation, charging music, convincing voice work, and the most important thing of all: heart. If you have any way of seeing this, do it. You won't be sorry.
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One of the most visually and interesting anime films ever made
Criticman1220 March 2011
Back in 1949, Osamu Tezuka, the creator of manga's such as, "Astro Boy" and "Kimba the White Lion", created a manga called, "Metropolis". It was similar to the 1929 movie by the same name and it was good and had some observations of the Cold War. In 2001, there was an adaptation of the manga.

This is one of the most visually and interesting anime films ever made. What really make's this movie really great, are the visuals. There like the one's in "Treasure Planet" and "Titan A.E.". A lot of people say the character model's were bad, but I thought they were good because I thought they were interesting.

"Metropolis", is an amazing anime flick that's worth watching for anime fans or non-anime fans.
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Why is this movie so hated?
rickritenour19 March 2010
Seriously. I was looking at all the reviews on this site for this movie. I don't understand the criticism. Everyone seems to hate this movie for the most ridiculous of reasons. In the past 10 minutes I've read every possible nitpick for this film. Bad music, bad animation, weak voice acting, no plot, no character development, not true to the original manga, and so on. Let me start by saying that the source material manga was a load of crap. It was possibly the worst written manga I've ever read. I'm glad the creators of this film decided to base it mostly off of Fritz Lang's film by the same name. I will admit that this film was not really ground breaking at all, but that doesn't kill the film. I liked most of what this film had to offer. I even liked the weird selection of music because it added a certain charisma to this film that I can't quite explain. I guess you could call the music brilliant by being seemingly inappropriate to what is occurring. The animation was good and was very reminiscent of other android anime like Astro Boy and Kikaider. However, the original Japanese version of this film makes more sense because it doesn't have the weird lack of the picture at the end. That kind-of hurts the plot in the English version, but I digress. This was not an amazing movie, but it was not bad either. My final verdict: pretty damn good.
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bobpnk65829 September 2006
best Japanese movie i have ever EVER seen has everything & the ending is the this is the best Japanese anime movie i have ever seen beyond doubt & i recommend it to everyone the ending is the best the images will last a lifetime!!!!!!! the music is right on & the images will give you goosebumps I've spent 4yrs in film school & this is the movie i wish i made!!!!! the images last forever i have a 10 yr old & this movie suck with her... anyone who is a fan of animation will appreciate this film i just wish i had seen it on the big screen.. a TV can no do justice to the images this movie has & the man that created them is a genius!!!! its not for the faint of heart is a movie for the ages just like the silent original!!!!!
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*weep**weep*, Very Sad, Touching, and so Dang Beautiful!!!
solidgameboy12-121 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers

This film is based off of Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis Comic Book. And So, I pay tribute to him, To Mr. Tezuka, If it weren't for you, This would have never been created, and "Astro Boy" would have never been born.

May He Rest in Peace.

This film is about a work of art called A Ziggurat, which is an old Aztec thing. Everyone in Metropolis, has mixed emotions about this Ziggurat.

Some think it's Fantastic, others, think that It's a weapons base.

At another moment, Kenichi, a boy with his grandfather Detective, Shunsaku Ban, from Tokyo, have come to find a man named Dr. Laughton, who is belived to be trafficing Organs and body parts to build something, and the man who thought of the Ziggurat, Duke Red, is trying to use Laughton to make him a robot that looks like his dead daughter from young age, Tima, to take over the throne, but has an adoptive son named Rock, who dispises Robots, and thinks the world would be better without them.

Kenichi and Tima soon meet, and become friends, Shunsaku is teamed up with a robot he nicknames 'Pero', and goes on a journey to figure out who shot Laughton, Find Kenichi, and what was Laughton creating, and for who.

At the ending of the film, all the loose ends are tied together and explain everything, Tima, who has figured out the truth of her existence and in outrage, destroys half of Metropolis, with the tune of Ray Charles' "I can't stop loving you," as the ending theme, for Tima and Kenichi.

Soon, all that is left is about half the civilians of Metropolis, Kenichi, Shunsaku, a few robots, and the love that exists between Kenichi and the robot heart of Tima.

This film is one beautiful movie, with beautiful music, (Dixieland Music, to be accurate, with slow versions of the theme tune.) and a beautiful song in the ending credits called 'Never say goodbye again." which fits well with the movie, For Fans of beautiful animation, Family Entertainment, A Love Story, A Future film, A Good thriller, some action, or in need of a foreign film that is beyond words, This film is for you.

1,000,000,000/10 (I'm Not Kidding.)
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Great adventure, classic themes given new life.
seltzer2 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is one of those rare finds where everything about it seems stolen from other things, but they mesh together so successfully as to establish an original story. The characters are the main reason this film works for me. Too often, films establish characters through endless bouts of dialogue. Here, every word spoken by the characters fits their personalities, including the silences. As in life, some people are garrulous and some are laconic. More films should adhere so artfully to such an idea.

******SPOILER WARNING******* When Tima is writing Kenichi's name over and over again, it says more than any expository dialogue. ******END SPOILER***********

The plot is a neat blend of class struggle, political intrigue, and a few different kinds of love story. It's amazing what love can make us do, and some of the characters prove this in wildly different ways with different kinds of love. Even the greedy and selfish villains of the piece evoke some sort of sympathy.

Many have commented on the climactic scenes of the movie; all I will say is that it stays with you like one of your own memories.

Great science fiction, adventure, some politics, a few love stories and universal themes make this a great story. The retrofuturistic backgrounds have to be seen to be believed, and the animation is top notch all the way.
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Boring, pointless and just off.
bennyhagen18 May 2012
Director Rintaro stubbornly refuses to progress a barely existing plot, expose motivations, make connections or build towards any kind of conclusion simply wasting your time for 108 minutes. While the visuals are of course great, with nothing remotely available to serve they also are totally f***ing pointless (like this whole thoughtless movie). Anyone who is into the genre knows, that for what reason ever, anime does barely ever provide you with a tight narrative or even a solid plot, but let me tell you this movie is just pointless.

Because I have said everything I can about this thing and still don't meet the required amount of lines, I will recommend other anime here. Skip this and if you heaven't yet, watch anything from Akira to GITS to Sky Crawlers, to Studio Ghibli movies, Soul Eater or Claymore instead.
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One of the greatest
blackmamba9997114 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This was quite possibly one of the most important Anime Classics of all time. A beautiful rendition of the 1920's Classic Metropolis. This film held breath taking scenes of high technology mixed with the old ways of how people lived in a city called Metropolis, a city full of wonder, crime, robots, and a girl who did not even know she was an android. Yet one boy Kenichi, who is the nephew of a Detective which is in the city to find a corrupt and sinister inventor by the name of Dr. Laughton. and to bring him back to Japan to face charges. Kenichi on the other hand befriends this girl named Tima (android) and together try to outrun a power hungry young man named rock. An orphan who was taken in by the figure head who had the Ziggarat built to keep Tima running things for humans forever. Instead by happenstance, a simple gunshot causes Tima to activate a self defence mechanism which nearly destroys the earth altogether. Through faith and determination, Kenichi tries to get her to remember on when they first met so the inevitable can be ceased. This film held magic in all forms, I loved the way they used old style Jazz music to mix with the confusing high technological world that needs to wake up from itself. Rintaro was brilliant using Ray Charles's song (I Can't Stop Loving You) for the last scene of the Ziggarat coming down like the tower of babel. Beautiful sequences of explosions, grand scale buildings, and just all round clean up of something the world could do without. I am very surprised this film did not get any academy awards for best foreign film, which contained many ingredients that people could actually relate to. A marvel in film making. Especially when it is hand drawn.
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Metropolis is the future...
calv200019 March 2003
Brought from the pages of the classic comic book "Astro-boy" by Osamu Tezuka comes "Metropolis", a state of the art anime epic written by the writer of the now legendary "Akira" Katsuhiro Otomo and directed by "Galaxy Express 999's" Rintaro .Boasting writing and directing credits such as these, anime fans will probably sit down to watch this expecting a stunning, cinematic experience and I believe thats exactly what they'll be getting. Metropolis adds as much to Tezuka's masterpiece as it owes with its stunning visuals, complimenting sound-track, fantastically mind blowing imagery and its characters, which I believe are some of the most memorable characters ever seen in an animation. One of my personal favorites is "Rock" a character not present in Tezuka's Astro-boy. Metropolis also presents its audience with a wonderful story-line exploring human emotions, a grand industrial veiw of the future and the dangers of the technology that comes with it, not to mention a superb ending that will not dissapoint. Finally its refreshing to see anime that dosn't rely on sex and gore as a selling point as many of them do nowadays (not nessisarily a bad thing, just common). I would easily award this film 10/10 which isnt a rating i'd pass out without being truly impressed. Anime fans and Anime virgins should see this movie TODAY!!!

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Visually stunning, emotionally crippled
OpinionatedJM16 February 2005
A magnificent musical score I'll say that! The animation was decent and perhaps stylish, for some reason the whole jazzy blend with the round cartoons reminded me a bit of Fritz the Cat.

If you're looking for an interesting story and fascinating characters that actually make you feel something go look somewhere else (may I suggest Hayao Miyazaki) there's plenty of explosions in this one and exciting landscapes but no suspense if you know what I mean. I haven't read the comics so I don't' have that whole angle maybe that's why the story wasn't very gripping.

I guess my final word on this would be "Style over Substance".
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