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Season 1

21 Oct. 2001
Tracker (Pilot)
Zin leads an escape, he and 218 other aliens land as energy. They take over the bodies of humans on a train. The guard's prison comes to Earth. He creates a body out of a billboard. He's dazed and disoriented, he encounters Mel who offers him a ride. The guard must now track down all the alien prisoners.
22 Oct. 2001
Cloud Nine
When a dangerous alien drug hurts one of Jess' friends, Mel and Cole's investigation leads them to a group of the alien fugitives.
25 Feb. 2002
The Miracle
Cole tracks down a fugitive performing miracles of healing. When he finds an old friend mixed up with Zin, Cole's job isn't as clear-cut as he'd like it to be.
22 Apr. 2002
Dark Road Home
Cole goes undercover in a psychiatric hospital to get vital information from one of the escaped aliens.
3 Jun. 2002
Remember When
Cole discovers a way to recapture all the prisoners. But as he makes his preparations, he gets hit with an energy blast and suffers from amnesia. With the wormhole rapidly closing, can he remember in time to fix the device to send all the prisoners home? What will happen if he does complete his mission? The finale of the series.

 Season 1 

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