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Cars 3, Deadpool 2, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and more make our weekly roundup!

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Cars 3, Deadpool 2, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and more make our weekly roundup!Cars 3, Deadpool 2, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and more make our weekly roundup!Zachary Dent4/28/2017 2:51:00 Pm

We had a great week filled with some awesome movie news, trailers, and clips! Check out some of the highlights below!

Lightning McQueen is back! The first official trailer for Cars 3 dropped this week. McQueen has endured the biggest car wreck of his life and a new generation of racers are leaving him in their dust. But with a little help from trainer and racing technician Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), McQueen sets out to prove that #95 is still the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be. It will be Pixar's biggest showdown when Lightning McQueen races newcomer and top dog Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) on Piston Cup's grandest stage. Owen Wilson returns as Lightning McQueen,
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Marc Alan Fishman: If I Could Be A Super-Hero…

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… I’d probably opt to not.

It’s that rare question kids pose to one another in an effort to ensure they can field their own Justice League at a moment’s notice. Why else do many of us turn to comic book heroes as children if but to live vicariously through their adventures – and in turn relish in the delight of super-human abilities?

Prior to the race to space, pulp heroes were more often than not akin to modern-day Batmen minus all the swearing, gravel-voiced threats and plucky pre-pubescent sidekicks: human beings granted the time, energy, and personal wealth enough to be at peak physical and mental strength. Around the time we split the atom. science fiction boomed, and, Superman and the mighty demi-gods of the day were joined by sets of super-powered show-offs in sparkly suits. I’d like to think shortly after said boom, the schoolyard became
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Top Box Office Hits of 2014 - Outside the Franchises!

Amir here, reporting to box office duty. For those of us not living under a rock for the past four years, the success of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 this weekend comes as no surprise. Let’s skip right over it then, although it’s probably worth noting that its haul was significantly less than its predecessors. In order to restore some sanity in the midst of this sequel-dominated explotionapalooza, we’ll take a break from regular box office reporting to look at the year’s top ten non-franchise, non-cgi-driven, non-animated box office champs of the year thus far:

#1 Drama of 2014: Gone Girl

That Top Ten

01 Gone Girl $156.8 and rising Jason's review, podcast

02 Neighbors $150.1 Review & podcast

03 Ride Along $134.9

04 The Fault In Our Stars $124.8 Review

05 The Equalizer $99

06 Non-stop $92.1 Amir's Review

07 Heaven Is For Real $91.4

08 Tammy $84.5 Review

09 The Other Woman $83.9

10 Fury about to climb over Let's Be Cops for this
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Interstellar fends off The Imitation Game at the UK box office

UK box office top ten and analysis for the weekend of Friday 14th to Sunday 16th November 2014…

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar fought off competition from The Imitation Game and Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey?! to retain top spot at the UK box office in its second weekend, pulling in £3.78 million to take its total gross to £12.13 million.

The Benedict Cumberbatch-headlined Imitation Game took second place with £2,742,725, while festive family comedy Nativity 3 claimed third with £1,800,419. Meanwhile crime thriller The Drop also managed to crack the top ten, debuting in fifth with £637,867.

Number one this time last year: Gravity

1. Interstellar, £3,777,804 weekend; £12,131,990 total (2 weeks)

2. The Imitation Game, £2,742,725 weekend (New)

3. Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey?!, £1,800,419 weekend (New)

4. Mr Turner, £741,748 from 383 sites. Total: £4,357,230 total (3 weeks)

5. The Drop, £637,867 weekend (New)

6. Gone Girl, £454,488 from 354 sites. Total: £21,545,587 total (7 weeks)

7. The Book of Life, £442,863 from 492 sites. Total: £5,376,374 total (4 weeks)

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, £437,437 from 452 sites.
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A response to Idris Elba

Anthony Stokes with a response to Idris Elba and his recent Marvel comments…

Recently, Idris dropped a huge spoiler for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and later started bad mouthing his experience working on Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. He claimed that he felt silly during an VFX shot where he was in a harness with a helmet and hair piece, having just come from filming Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Part of me understands where he’s coming from but another part is extremely frustrated.

I don’t like making personal attacks on people, especially such a nice guy, so I’m going to try to be as fair as possible to Idris Elba here. I understand that being an actor can be a lot harder then people give it credit for. Most actors are very charming and grateful people, so when they complain we tend to be a
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'How to Train Your Dragon 2', 50% Off Criterion, 'Tammy', 'True Blood' & More on DVD & Blu-ray This Week

While we have some new titles to look at this week, I want to point out to you that Barnes & Noble is having its 50% off Criterion sale right now and I've already posted a massive article offering a look at several titles I would personally recommend, including The Complete Jacques Tati and Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman as well as a selection of favorites and new 2014 titles to consider... Here's a snippet of that: A Selection of My Absolute Favorites Persona Breathless 8 1/2 Seven Samurai Yojimbo and Sanjuro The Battle of Algiers The Seventh Seal Sweet Smell of Success The Wages of Fear The Night of the Hunter New Recommendations for 2014 2014 offered plenty of new titles to consider from top directors and classics in desperate need of a proper upgrade. Here are a few of my favorites. New David Lynch and David Cronenberg Eraserhead Scanners read my review here New Federico Fellini
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Final: ‘Fury’ Wins Box Office War With $23.7M; ‘Book Of Life’ At $17M; ‘Gone Girl’ $100M+; ‘Best Of Me’ $10M – B.O. Final

Final: ‘Fury’ Wins Box Office War With $23.7M; ‘Book Of Life’ At $17M; ‘Gone Girl’ $100M+; ‘Best Of Me’ $10M – B.O. Final
Final Update, 1:32 Pm: Fury ended the weekend at $23.7M for Sony and Qed, so it underperformed all the tracking (gee what a surprise), social media metrics, and expectations just a little. But it will likely still make money all in after its domestic, international and home entertainment run. I understand that there were significant profit participations on this one. Fox and Reel FX’s The Book Of Life closed the weekend on the high end of our estimate with $17M and will have some playtime again over the next two weekends as no new offerings are in the family zone until Big Hero 6 bows from Disney on November 7. The other newbie, Relativity’s The Best Of Me, was soft with $10M. Gone Girl is now sitting pretty at $106.7M after three weeks in release for Fox and New Regency.

The more exciting news was really in the specialty
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Box Office: 'Fury' wins the war with $23.5 million as 'Birdman' soars in limited release

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Box Office: 'Fury' wins the war with $23.5 million as 'Birdman' soars in limited release
David Ayers' "Fury" hit theaters hard this weekend and the World War II era drama easily took down two-time champ "Gone Girl" with $23.5 million.  Starring Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf and Logan Lerman, among others, "Fury" is reported to have cost $68 million.  This writer has heard it actually cost over $100 million, but we'll go with the studio's number at this point.  The one thing everyone can agree on, however, is that "Fury" was fully financed by Qed International and it will need significant international returns to break even.  Considering Pitt's overseas star power that may not be a concern.  "Fury" also marks Sony Pictures third no. 1 opener in a row after Screen Gems' surprise hit "No Good Deed" and Columbia Pictures' "The Equalizer." David Fincher's "Gone Girl" dropped to no. 2, but New Regency and 20th Century Fox are still smiling.  "Girl" surpassed the $100 million mark in just
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Wamg’s Guide To 100+ Films For Fall / Holiday 2014

As we look in the rearview mirror of the summer blockbusters, September heralds the start of the fall movie season. Filled with Hollywood heavyweights and A-listers, here’s our Big list of the most anticipated movies coming to cinemas this autumn and during the holidays.

Our exhaustive list includes films that are playing at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival as well the ones that already have a theatrical release date. With the awards season on the horizon, we also added a few bonus films at the end to keep your eye out for in the months ahead.

Pull up a chair, grab a pen and paper and get ready for Wamg’s Guide to the 100+ Films This Fall And Holiday Season.

We kick it off with what’s showing in Toronto at the film festival that runs September 4 – 14.

Maps To The Stars – September 2014 – Toronto International Film Festival; UK & Ireland September
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'The Giver', 'Tusk', 'Focus' and 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2' in Today's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

We're already deep enough into 2014 that we're getting MPAA ratings for movies that don't come out until next year and in today's batch that means ratings for Glenn Ficarra and John Requa's Focus starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2. Otherwise we have an R rating for Kevin Smith's new horror film Tusk, which I expect to be announced for Tiff's Midnight Madness and Phillip Noyce's The Giver and its expected PG-13 rating. The complete bulletin in listed below. 10,000 Km Rated R For some strong sexual content including dialogue, language and brief graphic nudity. A Belle For Christmas Rated PG For mild thematic material and rude humor. Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead Rated R For strong bloody horror violence and gore throughout, and language including some sexual references. Focus Rated R For language, some sexual content and brief violence. Release Date:
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Ildris Elba is a Violent Man in the Trailer for No Good Deed

Ildris Elba is a very very bad man in the new trailer for the thriller No Good Deed. If you want to have the entire movie spoiled, then go right ahead and watch the trailer. Talk about giving everything away in only 2 minutes and 30 seconds, damn! They really go all out and I’d […]

Read Ildris Elba is a Violent Man in the Trailer for No Good Deed on Filmonic.
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No Good Deed Trailer Teaches Us To Never Let Idris Elba In

After playing hard-boiled cop John Luther on the absolutely brilliant BBC series Luther, Idris Elba is stepping on the other side of the law for his next movie role, in this fall’s thriller No Good Deed (not to be confused with the plainly awful 2003 Samuel L. Jackson/Milla Jovovich crime thriller of the same name). Elba stars as a dangerous killer who, after staging a jailbreak, invades the home of a young mother (Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson) and threatens both her and her children. The mother, a District Attorney, is forced to pick up arms to defend herself against the intimidating intruder.

We’ve got the first trailer for the film today, and though it looks quite predictable, Elba’s presence may be enough to get me into the theater. He rarely goes for psycho roles, opting instead to play charismatic heroes (in films like Pacific Rim and
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Best of 2013: Unreleased Films

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Best of 2013: Unreleased Films
A few days ago we offered up our best horror films of 2013 -- although truth be told the list was written by me and I'm not the only horror freak at FEARnet -- but we thought it would be helpful to highlight some interesting horror movies on their way in 2014. Plus it's a great way to get some new readers on reviews we published months ago. (What? It's true!) We'll start with the ones I've actually seen, logically, and finish up with an exceedingly long listing of currently scheduled titles. We're thorough about horror films here at FEARnet. Happy New Year!


Note: whereas the previous Top 12 was "ranked," this one is what's called "alphabetical." You'll simply have to read the review to see what we think. Isn't that sneaky?

Afflicted -- (CBS Films, date tba) -- No amount of creative camerawork or nifty special effects will matter if you don't
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'White Collar' fall finale, 'No Good Deed': Peter's moral compromise might be the last straw

"White Collar" ended its fall run Thursday (Dec. 19) with "No Good Deed," which saw Agent Burke recover one of the Welsh gold coins that Neal stole for Curtis Hagan. It set off an interesting chain reaction of events.

The gold coin came from Andrew Dawson, the U.S. Attorney who dropped the charges against Peter for killing Pratt. He was bribed with the Welsh gold and had to fence it through Decker, a flower shop owner who uses his shop as a front to run guns and other stolen goods.

The agents trace the coin back to Decker, who only just evades capture because Mozzie tips him off -- Decker can identify Neal as the gold thief.

But Burke is highly suspicious of Neal having been the thief (he has been since Neal was alone in the firehouse after the robbery) and pretends they got Decker, which forces a confession out of Neal.
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'White Collar' fall finale: Rebecca wants to be part of Neal's criminal life

Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) always has one woman or another in his life and for "White Collar" Season 5, it's been Rebecca (Bridget Regan), the museum curator whose firing was Neal's fault. Now Rebecca and Neal are involved and she seems to be interested in more than just being his girlfriend who is kept in the dark.

In this exclusive clip of fall finale "No Good Deed," Rebecca tells Neal of the Mosconi Codex, "That book brought us together. Things are getting ... exciting. I want to be part of it. I want to be part of this part of your life."

She is referring to Neal and Mozzie's heist of the stained glass window Mosconi made. They don't yet know what answers it will yield about Chapter 13 of the Codex, but they know it's important.

"You're not a criminal, I don't want to turn you into one," says Neal. "I wanted
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'White Collar' 'No Good Deed': Peter and Neal's friendship is put to the test

"White Collar" is bringing its fall season to a close Thursday, Dec. 19 with "No Good Deed," which is going to bring the on-going Curtis Hagan problem to a head. Here are a few spoilery tidbits to tide you over until Thursday.

"I didn't like you because you were an FBI agent. I liked you because you were smart. And marginally easy on the eyes." -- Rebecca, in the understatement of the year re: Matt Bomer.Rebecca is also highly interested in what Neal and Mozzie are up to with the Mosconi codex. Is there more than meets the eye regarding this brainy art expert?"30 Rock" fans will be excited, as Tracy Jordan's entourage member Dot Com is guest-starring in this episode.One of the Welsh gold coins sets a series of dominoes in motion that leads to a big bust for the FBI -- with Agent Burke being a
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Warner Bros. Schedules This Is Where I Leave You For Sept. 12

Veteran director Shawn Levy pushed his storytelling skills and tackled a more series genre of comedy with This Is Where I Leave You, an adaptation of Jonathan Tropper’s novel about a non-observing Jewish family forced to come together for the first time in ten years and sit Shivah together as part of the recently deceased father’s dying wish. Variety reported that Warner Bros. scheduled This Is Where I Leave You for Sept. 12, 2014 in competition with the Screen Gems release No Good Deed and the Universal comedy Search Party.
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Grey's Anatomy Recap: Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Papa Was a Rolling Stone
For most of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Alex dodges Jo so completely and totally that she becomes all but convinced that he’s dumping her. (Seeing as she passes her intern exam without even a “Way to go!” from her boyfriend, I can’t say I blame her!) But by the end of the hour, she probably wishes he had just dumped her, because… well, keep reading. I’ll fill in the blanks.

Related | Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers — Alex’s Dad Returns

Papa Don’T Preach | Fueling Jo’s paranoia is the fact that Alex is going
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Dean Devlin Picks Up "Critical," "Deed"

Dean Devlin is set to direct the action chase thriller "Critical Hour" for his Electric Entertainment label.

Eric Tipton penned the script about a wounded hitman/whistleblower and two paramedics on the run from a cartel.

Electric Entertainment has also picked up Brandon Boyce's thriller script "No Good Deed".

The story revolves around a pair of young valets who moonlight as burglars. During one house break-in, they come upon a woman being held captive.

Devlin, Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan are producing both projects.

Source: Deadline
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True Blood Recap: The Long Kiss Goodnight

True Blood Recap: The Long Kiss Goodnight
In Sunday’s episode of True Blood, Eric turns to just about the last person you’d expect – and certainly the last person he wants to – in hopes of canceling Nora’s date with the Grim Reaper. But can even Billith’s “divine” blood cure her of hep V? Read on to find out (as if you haven’t already watched “In the Evening”).

Video | True Blood Cast Teases Game-Changing Finale, Shares Details of “Lost” Alcide Plot

Grave Matters | After Eric sneaks Nora out of Vamp Camp and we’re “treated” to a bewigged flashback in which we see his
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