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Where'd it go?
rdatsun15 July 2004
I too also saw this little cartoon from Universal during its run and I have to say I really wish it was shown in syndication more. Heck even a little cheap DVD would be nice (they did it for Mummies Alive!). Seriously where this forgotten gem of a cartoon go?

Premise: A group of high tech teenagers fight off against classic Universal monsters and spiritual things that threaten humanity. Some of the crew with personal vendetta s(one has the curse of the Wolfman thats been handed down through generations. Another a family member was taken away from her by Dracula, etc).

The animation of course was a little slow and probably hasn't aged well now but the stories and action more then made up for it. Its a shame it didn't last long (as mention only thirteen episodes) but even worse that it hasn't resurfaced. If Universal is reading this PLEASE just give out a little DVD for it. It would mean much to me and any old school monster/animation lover just to see it again.
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great cartoon!
Tabitha Lenox5 November 2001
Great cartoon from universal studios. Features characters such as Dracula, the mummy, the Frankenstein monster and bride, a wolfman.

Downside- totally drawn un-universal. Dracula has yellow skin and blue hair(for example) Only 13 episodes. Unaired since 94, as far as I know. If you have them as I do, my recommendation is to hold onto them.
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