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Knock Knock...F%@k Off.
thor49237 October 2006
While I respect the opinions of those who criticized the show (not surprisingly the comments rated "least useful"), it appears that their views are so concrete that they just don't get it.

This brilliant series is not intended to reflect the "reality" of trailer park life in Nova Scotia, but is instead a wonderful artistic compilation of many extreme, bizarre, and mundane experiences that are interesting on an entertaining and (feigned) voyeuristic basis. There are operas, soap operas, space operas, and now "park operas".

Consider how difficult it must be to act improv style not only on the set, but to act "in character" during all media interviews and public engagements, as is the expectation. Not many actors would have the commitment or stamina to carry this through for the benefit of the production image. Mike Smith, who plays the character Bubbles, apparently can only wear the thick glasses for 15 minutes at a time without extreme fatigue.

Let's consider the acting quality and skill. Would Deniro or Pacino make this a better series? No! The charm is in the rough edges, the improv, the humility, and the belief that these are low rung thugs. It is totally believable and a credit to the acting and direction.

How is Canada or Nova Scotia being insulted if we recognize that this series is a parody and that we should not take it so seriously. According to the on-line polls I have viewed for TPB of the episodes to date, the average rating has been 9 out of 10. Most of those voting were from Canada followed by participants from the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. We should be proud that we have had an impact on others, especially on those outside of our country.

If given a chance, you will see how the brilliance shines through the layers of carefully placed sh#@. It is meant to look amateurish!
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understated brilliance, continuing the great Canadian comedy tradition
vincent-276 August 2004
Like most people when I first saw this show I thought it was just another mindless low budget comedy series aimed at the dim-witted pot smokers among us. Then I watched it more and became mesmerized by the underlying brilliance, everything was not as it seemed, from the beautifully languid intro music, to the ingenious documentary style of filming. Much like SCTV, it uses the low budget quality of the show, and turns that into a bonus. THe shaky hand-held camera, the occasional boom mic shot all blend perfectly with the mostly improvised dialogue. There's something uniquely Canadian about this, making the best out of the fewest resources, and it demonstrates the greatness of the show that it does not need huge production values to make you laugh your ass off. And laugh you will as you watch the main characters, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles stumble their way through life. We have all met people like this, much like in the movie "Fubar", people who are completely ignorant and emotionally underdeveloped, yet very much content with their position in life. Both Fubar and TPB, the key is not to make fun of these people in a condescending way, look equally at their naive stupidity but also at their loyalty and innocence and genuineness.

The 80's had SCTV, the 90's Kids in the Hall, for Canada, the 00's belong to the Trailer Park boys.
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Best Show Ever!
Muscle-314 September 2004
You either love this show or hate it. I don't know how you could possible hate it - it's full of site gags and great one-liners! I reiterate - I don't understand how someone could hate it.

In the show Jim Lahey has some of the best lines ever! "We're about to head into a sh** typhon Randy, you better haul in the sails before they get covered in sh**" -- Jim Lahey

The only thing that is unfortunate about this show is that they only produce 8 eps per season (except for Season 5 which has 10 episodes).

This show is better than sliced bread and I can watch the episodes over and over again!

People complain about Canadian shows sucking -- TPB was picked up in the US!! It must be worthwhile!

Keep up the great work TPB!

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It grows on you
wonderland_ahead21 January 2004
When I first left a review of this show I was fairly unimpressed with it. However, since then I've forced myself to watched the entire Seasons 1-3 and I have to say it: man, was I wrong.

It grows on you. If you can get over the bad acting and the political incorrectness you'll find one hell of a show. As another reviewer said it's not an accurate reflection of life in a Nova Scotia trailer park: more like if you took the weirdest members of every trailer park in NS and put them together to dumb it up.

Some of the funnier aspects I've found have been Ricky's constant mispronunciations (there are at least then in every episode), Mr Lahey's constant sh*t analogies, and, of course, Bubbles, who makes even the bad episodes worth watching.

If you give it a chance you won't have a single favourite episode; more like a collection of favorite moments pulled from each ep. Whether it's J-Roc's identity crisis ("I hate to admit it ... I'm white"), Bubbles' dragging a drunken Ricky home in the back of his go-cart, or the visit from the hysterically creepy Bible Pimp, there'll be at least something that makes you giggle whenever you think of it.

All that said, BBC America can look forward to a few letters of mixed reactions, and Comedy Central can start kicking themselves for not being the first to snatch it up.
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This is FRUCKING hilarious.
Nick Damian26 April 2004
I've seen this show only a few times and it is absolutely hilarious. The first time I saw it I was insulted, but after seeing it because i couldn't pick up anything else on the tv, I really enjoyed it.

I would like to see more spin offs from a show like this. This is Melrose Place or 90210 on Welfare and it freakingly hilarious.

The cast is very classic characters. The dialogue is cheesey and trite, but it all fits in perfectly.

The entire production is cheap, but made to be purposely done that way...and it comes off great. There are few comedies that are not Hollywood formula and this is one.

I can only state that for Canadian programming, this is far better than any "road To Avonlea" type programming.

Lately Canadian television series have become very edgy and have defined characters with unique definition...and it's about time.

It's time that comedy has gotten away from the "FRIENDS" and "FRASIER" type lame ass comedy writing and became creative like this show.

I look for more series episodes and possibly a feature movie too.

I've had the opportunity to live in a trailer park for several months in Florida, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and British Columbia...I can easily relate to some of the characters that I have met in this series to real life people.

Fantastic view of a very unique position of life.

Awesome job.
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Unique and hillarious.
coadymn2 April 2003
The Trailer Park Boys is a unique and funny television series from Halifax. It is filmed almost like a documentary which features the stories of two friends who are in and out of jail. While trying to keep their drug business running they have to deal with the park supervisor. Bubbles, a friend of the two main characters will have your sides splitting. I highly recommend this show if you don't mind some vulgarity with your comedy. You've never seen anything like it.
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A Riot
TheKubes17 June 2003
This show is THE funniest damn show ever produced in Canada. What a bunch of dumbasses these characters are! You must see this show. It is the funniest thing. Just a bunch of small town folks living in a trailer park trying to make it. Truly amazing!
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Sheer Brilliance
Ross Dixon19 July 2005
This mockumentary shows exactly what comedy is all about. Originality, great performances, continuously great story lines and of course the way this show is set out. Bubble's is one of the most likable characters you'll ever likely come across. Ricky is the drug dealer that for once every viewer is behind. He also has some great lines like 'Holy f**k those guys f**k up a lot' and 'Knock Knock...F**k Off.' And there also needs to be the smart one who works out all the boy's plans and you can't do any better than Julian. Jim Lahey (Trailer Park Supervisor) and his assistant Randy are the perfect duo for a show like this with the police having no respect for them and nobody in the park having little respect for them. The best thing about the character's are they're addictions. Lahey and Randy's alcohol, Julian's Rum and Coke, Ricky's cigarette's ("Lets go, smokes") and Bubble's Kitty Cats. The side-splitting climax to series 4 just recently aired on Paramount Comedy, but in the mean time I'm looking forward to series 5 getting brought to the UK. I'm trying to be patient but please hurry up and bring it out! I recommend to everyone a trip to Sunnyvale Trailer Park.
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Incredible, brilliant show
kellyheiser27 April 2007
Completely original, brilliantly written, beautifully acted, perpetually shocking and always quotable, TPB is simply one of the top 5 shows of all time. How many shows have had so, so many memorable, hilarious lines? Only the Simpsons, Larry Sanders, Sopranos quickly come to mind. The subject matter is refreshing and daring, it certainly could never escape heavy censorship in the US. Every line is funny, the dialogue is almost "clockwork orange" like. All the characters are excellent, the ensemble works so well together, I love seeing all of them, with their various looks changing season to season. Ricky may the best character overall, but they all have essential roles they have all mastered. I will admit that seasons 4 and 5 are slipping just the slightest bit from the dizzying heights of season 3, but it is still better than 99% of anything else. The Christmas Special "Prequel" from a couple of years ago was pure gold. It answered many questions, especially about Randy, and was brilliant. We finally got to see some winter scenes. Hopefully the movie will have some scenes in winter. The Alex Lifeson episode from season 3 should be in the TV Hall of Fame as one of the greatest 23 minutes ever shown. Thank you Canada!!! I am trying to spread the word down here in California.
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A comedy groundbreaker
haburashi30 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Who are the guys living in that Trailer Park in the title? Angry, skinny, drunk homosexual baldy running the town with his hairy fat Starsky-boyfriend who has a phobia of t-shirts, world's best professional weed grower taking shots in the leg every now and trying to finish elementary school for the millionth time, jug pissing old man taking support money from the government by acting disabled, poor Bubbles with two criminals as his only friends wanting to establish his own kindergarten for cats: Kittyland, a hip hop teen who never watches at the mirror because he wants to think he is black and so many other caricatured characters, that if I could continue the list and it would just get weirder and weirder.

Generally everyone and everything is so absurd I can't watch the show for one minute without bursting to laughter. Where normal people would go to the work in the morning, Trailer Park Boys spend the time camouflaging 200 pounds of hash into a driveway. There's gunshots in "my neighbor just parked at my spot"-situations and people eating drugs instead of bacon in the morning. Their lives are so upside down it's hilarious.

Very rarely a new comedy that does something original instead of just copying an earlier success appears, I dare to say for myself that Trailer Park Boys is definitely the best comedy show ever to air. I could go on about actors being fantastic or characters being perfectly written, but it ain't the point in the series. The point is more like a world that you see when you go asleep and have a dream where the craziest and funniest and stupidest people live in one small trailer park and make you laugh for the whole show.
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Thumbs WAY up down south
d_alvarez1 October 2006
Now, for a comment from a yank. This is THE funniest, THE biggest-hearted show I've ever had the good fortune to stumble across! On behalf of all of us poor, misbegotten souls that live due south of you Canadian's lower border (a.k.a the tree line) (sorry, I just couldn't resist), thank you, thank you, thank you! TPB isn't distributed in the U.S. as far as I can tell, so if you're a yank and unless you happen to live near the border and can watch CBC you won't know about this show other than by freak accident (it was a Netflix experiment for me). I see from the last couple of pages that there really are a few trifling slobs (on both sides of the Canadian/U.S. DMZ) that just don't get it. Well , I'm truly sorry for those poor miserable souls, probably something to do with the amount of fiber in their diet, but down here in Alabama WE sure get it! I've made it a (minor) mission to spread TPB around to everyone I can find with a pulse and I have yet to find anyone who (after a few episodes) hasn't been won over heart and soul (I make my friends send off for the DVD's after the first I give them, kind of like the neighborhood pusher). I won't say they don't exist in 'Bama (a land that may not have invented trailer parks, but has certainly perfected them) just that they're rare. Maybe that's why I like this part of the planet so much. I'm sorry for those who just don't get it, but I'm hard pressed to understand them either. After all, anyone who has ever had a family should recognize Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, et. al., with all their schemes, their plots, all their massively dysfunctional and f***ed up ways (to quote Ricky), and all their grace and generosity (where it REALLY matters) immediately. I know I certainly do, those guys are everyone I'm related to and everyone I ever grew up with boiled down and condensed. Apparently a lot of others do as well, which says many good things about the human race (even that part of it living in the desert south of you Canadian's border). This is a magnificent show, it makes me laugh so hard I have to pace myself so I won't end up at the doctor's office. I'm waiting on pins and needles for the movie (which should be out this month according to the net) and for the next season, and I really do mean pins and needles, what in the world will Ricky do next?! If you've somehow managed to read this far along in the comments and haven't seen TPB, do yourself a favor and get it! If you still don't like it eat a bran muffin or something, you're obviously in need it.
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Funny yet Realistic and the same time, Awesome!!!
fagan7710 July 2007
I never heard of these guys or the show. I seen this and had to get it. I like stupid and sick humor.

The characters are all real if you think about it, or ever been or knew someone in a trailer park. As funny as that may seem.

You got your pot head, your thief, you nut case yet kind of nice guy, your trailer park whore, you pretty much got it all.

I have to say after never hearing of them and after seeing this movie i am watching all there TV shows now. They are awesome.

They are almost so good at what they do, you would think its a reality show and there not acting!!!
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Great Show, Eh
bobwal2-11 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
With all the crap on American T.V. today, you would think that a show such as The Trailer Park Boys would somehow make it over here. It is a shame to think that there are millions of people in this country who don't even know who Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are. I found this show by accident on Netflix, and my wife and I have spent countless hours laughing hysterically at these crazy people from Canada. My all time favorite one is when Ricky tries to "go straight" as a shopping mall security guard. Anyone who has seen that one knows what I'm talking about.

I'll never understand the mentality of the American censors. It is perfectly fine for shows that depict child rape (The Shield) or torture (24) to be aired in prime time, but a hilarious show like TPB was deemed too offensive to be on BBC America. When you get past all the swearing, it is really just a show about people caring about each other. Despite the continuing downward trend of these guys in every season, they still stick together no matter what. Look at when Ray, "the man in the chair" has his trailer burn down. Everyone chips in to buy him the sleeper cab from his old 18 wheeler. How can you not love this show?
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Trailer PARK BOYS!!
scott sullivan23 October 2006
The definition of Canadian comedy with a strong sense of a reality mockumentary. At first you may laugh at the show's odd characters, semi skilled acting, and the amount of swearing and outrages endings. The main group is Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, all putting their own twist on the trio. Set in a trailer park the group simply solves their financial problems through robberies, cultivation, guns and scams everyone more extreme then the next. The group has there highs and their very lows, living in the shitmobile and constantly fighting the trailer park supervisor. I love this show and cant get enough of it, everyone should give it a try and watch the emotional roller-coaster of The Trailer Park BOys.
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Lucky find
lauradanan17 June 2006
My roommate found the season 1&2 DVD in a bin for $5 somewhere, and since then we have all been hooked. Totally random but fortunate find. This show is brilliant - the characters are all so perfect. No one ever does anything out of character - everything Ricky does, even the dumbest thing most people could never conceive of doing, makes perfect sense for him. Mr. Lahey is always drunk though sometimes you can just barely tell. Seeing why Randy calls Mr. Lahey "Mr. Lahey" all the time in the Christmas special was perfect. And Bubbles - the smartest, most with it character in the park is also the guy who has almost made me cry from laughing too hard and from listening to his sad life stories. He just loves those kitties. A truly hilarious show.
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evanac12 May 2006
I got the first two seasons on DVD as a gift just recently...I had sadly never heard of the show before that. That being said, I sat down and started watching and I ended up watching the first two seasons right in a row practically without stopping....that's how good it is. A lot of the comedy is subtle, background stuff that continues to surface even after multiple viewings. This show is definitely geared towards people with a slightly twisted sense of humor that don't require a laugh track or a punch line to clue them into the humor. All hilarity aside, this crew does a good job in getting you to believe in the characters and to generally want to know what happens with them -- even when you know most of what they WILL do will make you cringe one way or another. Now I have to see about getting other seasons on DVD...
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k_grant4 July 2002
All hail TRAILER PARK BOYS, the funniest show on television. This show is an absolute must-watch. The plot of the show has already been summed-up by the other comments on the board, so I'll only say: WATCH THIS SHOW! It's hysterical. EVERYONE MUST WATCH 'TRAILER PARK BOYS'!!!
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The noblest form of comedy i've ever enjoyed.
zaforius21 April 2014
At first, it seems like the trailer park boys is a typical cult comedy you should watch if you want to watch something while high, but as the show keeps going you realize that this show is a masterpiece of classical comedy. Made to satirize the everyday life of the lowest of the classes and the problems that run with them, manages to make you laugh, tell the truth and promote human feelings in the most genuine way. Take a look at every character at the show and you realize just how funny everyday life really is. Jules, the responsible guy who never lets his glass of liquor off his hand, Bubbles, the benevolent little cat guy that everyone loves, and lives by fixing stolen carts and Ricky, the full-mouthed little a-hole friend that everyone has, never stops smoking even with nicotine patches on him.

The show is full of many other interesting characters that have their own brand attitude that makes this show so funny and well made. The exaggeration is the main protagonist here, abuse, swearing, dope, gunfights all in a perfect mix of comedy exaggeration. The show wins you by making you love the characters and their exaggerating attitude the outlaw lifestyle and their constants attempts to make a living.

If you love honest comedy, you are going to f-kin love this show. Thumbs up for Canada.
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One of the funniest
pcadry-577-91996131 March 2014
Watched the first episode and wasn't really impressed. My son-in-law talked me into giving the show another try. Some of the best comedy, EVER, from any country. Went to see the stage show with Tremblay,Wells and Smith in Dearborn in 2012. True to form these guys were just hilarious. Smith is also a good singer and accomplished guitarist.

Many "back" stories about these characters, "Bubbles" actually showed up on the set to apply for a sound mixing job and someone asked him to try on the goofy glasses........a star was born, so to speak."Ricky's" dad "Ray" is actually one of the executive producers and Sarah in real life is Jim Lahey's daughter.
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A gem that needs to be more recognised
nicsey816 February 2014
This is my first review on this site.

This is probably the funniest show I have ever seen.

At first, I was a bit put off from it due to the way they film it. But once I grew on it by watching more episodes, it's actually a brilliant masterpiece.

The characters are very interesting, in a ludicrous way. It's amazing how they continuously make such addictive story lines for such a small environment to work on.

This is very cheaply made but with that in play, a lot of creativity put into such little to play with. That's what mostly makes it brilliant.
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One of the funniest & addictive shows ever...
rderrick21 January 2011
Let me start by saying this: I lived in a trailer park for 5 years in the 70's as a teen with my mom. TPB has definitely captured the essence of everyday life in a trailer park.

There's so much to like about this show; the characters, their get rich quick schemes, the way they interact with each other, the sayings (know what I'm sayin?)... This show has got me hooked, can't stop watching it.

I'm midway into season 5 on Netflix and I'm already looking forward to getting my hands on the next seasons. Not since The Soprano's have I looked forward to some free time to catch the next episode. I love Canada, my fu&#*ed up family and the Trailer Park Boys!
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Funniest show on TV
Luke Hill22 May 2006
My favourite thing about trailer park boys has to be the characters, they are CRAZY, from ricky trying to get his 4th grade to Lahey trying to get the boys thrown in jail.

There is nothing else like it on TV .

Its so surreal and absurd at some points you cant help but wet yourself with laughter. every season is as good as the last including season 6, even though most people say it sucks, COME ON PEOPLE, THE FILM IS OUT IN THE SUMMER! I just hope they keep making this show whether the movie is a success or not.

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Great show
Haaans13 May 2006
When I first saw this show, I just zapped through the channels. The episode was probably half-way through, and first I thought it was a sort of documentary. My first impression was that it is horrible with these "reality" programs, just trying to obtain viewers by presenting ordinary people as idiots. The "sheriff" (can't remember his name) appearance, was the only reason I realized it was just a comedy. Brilliant entertainment. The atmosphere makes it very realistic and credible. Thankfully it is still being shown on Danish national television, I sure hope it continues. I have not seen many Canadian shows, but if this is the standard - bring them on!
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Trailer Park Boys is a show of understated brilliance
yooeeytoo18 March 2006
From the moment I saw a promotional preview of this show I hoped it would be good, of course I was wrong... it is brilliant. I'm hooked and now looking for videos or DVD's of the show. I've been telling everyone about it, but of course it is hard to explain just how good the show is, some of the subtleties cannot be explained, they have to be seen. One of the best scenes I have come across so far is when Ricky is defending himself in court after the bust of the boys' petrol stealing racket and he requests the judge to allow him to smoke and swear in court... this is a totally original and ground-breaking moment in comedy. On another note I must say I found Randy strangely attractive, and I wished I was in Mr Lahey's shoes!!!! I can't wait for more of this series... keep it coming.
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