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Sex & Nudity

  • A 10-minute sequence set in a gay S&M club with several brief instances of explicit homosexual sex acts (full frontal male nudity shown in flashes, including erected penises). Some references to 'fisting' are heard in this scene.
  • While a man's skull is caved in, a man can be seen rapidly masturbating to the act in the background for a few seconds.
  • A transgender prostitute is threatened to the point where she briefly reveals her male genitalia.
  • A violent rape that clocks in at about 9 minutes. No actual penetration is visible, but thrusting from the man is shown at all times. Both are clothed however one of the woman is wearing a dress with no bra, and her nipples can be seen poking out. Later, her is brought out of her dress and the man squeezes it several times. The woman tries to escape and her bare buttocks is briefly seen in the process. We see the man's erect penis for a split-second after he finishes the rape.
  • A brief, real scene of oral sex at the end.
  • Three people discuss sex and orgasms for a few minutes. Lengthy, but nothing extremely crude.
  • A scene of a naked couple after sex which lasts 14 minutes, female breasts and buttocks are shown, the man is shown kissing the woman's breasts. However, no actual sex is shown in this scene. The man genitalia is visible for a minute or two.

Violence & Gore

  • A man breaks a bottle on another man's head. The two then engage in a brief scuffle.
  • A man pushes and roughs up another man to make him give out the location of someone else. Some grunts are heard, no details are visible.
  • A man is shoved face-first to the ground, then sat on by his assailant. The man then puts his knee on his victim's right elbow and bends it slightly backwards, snapping it. The victim briefly yells in pain. The assailant then attempts to rape the other man, but is stopped immediately by having his face bashed with a fire extinguisher.
  • The assailant is then hit on the back of the head with a fire extinguisher by a man who proceeds to hit his face 20 times with it. The former assailant begs him to stop a few times and moans as his face starts to squish, cave in, and flatten into a pulpy mess, though details aren't clear due to the faded cinematography (like in Taxi Driver).
  • A taxi driver is pepper-sprayed, he yells in pain briefly.
  • A sequence that begins with a 9-minute rape. After the sexual violence, the victim is kicked in the face twice, briefly spraying blood. The rapist then punches her 5 times and grabs her head and beats it on the pavement twice. He then lifts up her face, briefly revealing blood and bits of peeled-off skin.


  • (Close to) official subtitles: about 54 uses of 'fuck', 39 of 'fag' (often used in an angry/aggressive way), several angry uses of 'queer', and from the rapist: 9 instances of 'ass', 8 of 'b-tch', 6 of 'whore', 4 of 'cunt', and 3 of 'slut' (all used aggressively). 'Whore' is said a few times by other characters, mainly in anger. 1 instance of 'p-ssies'. A few aggressive uses of 'hooker'. And infrequent dialogue about 'coming'. Frequent sexual and homophobic language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man sniffs poppers and offers it to his friend, who obliges, he sniffs again and offers it to another person, who knocks it out of his hand.
  • The rapist uses poppers to enhance his pleasure in the rape scene.
  • A man snorts cocaine in a party.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some scenes in the "Violence" section might be hard to watch for many viewers. The film has an intense atmosphere, lots of angry/aggressive yelling and threats.
  • The 10-minute sequence in the "Rectum" at the beginning is very fast paced, the camera moves around in unnatural positions and is very shaky, the song that is playing was intentionally added to cause potential vertigo.
  • In the first half of the film, inaudible noises play that are impossible for humans to hear. The sounds are designed to cause nausea and the above-mentioned vertigo in humans.

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