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Season 18

24 Jan. 2012
Brothers/Toradol in the NFL/Go for It!/Barret Robbins
"Brothers" profiles Stan and Jeff Van Gundy who have both found success coaching basketball in the NBA. "Toradol in the NFL" investigates the use of the pain drug Toradol in the NBA. "Go for It!" interviews a high school football coach who refuses to punt. "Barret Robbins" talks to the Oakland Raiders center who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder who is now serving time on drug charges.
21 Feb. 2012
Russian Plane Crash/Jeb Corliss/Leigh Steinberg
"Russian Plane Crash" examines the plane crash in Russia that took the lives of one of Russia's premier hockey teams. "Jeb Corliss" profiles the professional BASE jumper, skydiver and wingsuiter. "Leigh Steinberg" talks to one of the highest profile agents in professional sport.
20 Mar. 2012
King Henrik/The Flying Wallendas/Wonder Arm/Oklahoma State Tragedies
"King Henrik" profiles Swedish New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist as he tries to lead the Rangers to their first Stanley Cup championship since 1994. "The Flying Wallendas" talks to the famous circus family to find out what drives them to risk their lives. "Wonder Arm" profiles pitcher Steve Delabar a former Minor League Player who finally has a chance to play in the big league. "Oklahoma State Tragedies" goes to Oklahoma State to examine how the college is community is handing the twin disasters that have hit their sports teams.
17 Apr. 2012
Joe Maddon/Pau Gasol/Backcountry/Alex Zanardi
"Joe Maddon" profiles the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays who has managed to lead his team to success despite its small payroll. "Pau Gasol" talks to the Spanish Los Angeles Lakers Center. "Backcountry" looks at the dangerous sport of backcountry skiing where unforeseen cliff drops and unexpected turns can easily take a skier's life. "Alex Zanardi" revisits the former race car driver who is taken up handbiking a form of Paralympic cycling.
22 May 2012
Seoul Sisters/Redemption/Heart of a Fighter/Matt Long
"Seoul Sisters" travels to South Korea to examine why it produces some of the best women golfers in the world. "Redemption" profiles the Olympic hurdler as she prepares again for a shot at the gold. "Heart of a Fighter" profiles the nephew of boxer Micky Ward who also has a love boxing despite his cerebral palsy. "Matt Long" talks to the triathlete who survived being run over by a bus.
19 Jun. 2012
Philling Time/Holley Mangold/Isle of Man/Lopez Lomong
"Philling Time" talks to former NBA head coach Phil Jackson about whether he plans to return to the game. "Holley Mangold" profiles the young weightlifter who is preparing for the London Olympic Games. "Isle of Man" goes to the small island in the Irish sea to examine the Snaefell Mountain Course the site of motorcycling's most prestigious race and its most dangerous. "Lopez Lomong" revisits the long distance runner who survived the brutal Sudanese civil war.
17 Jul. 2012
The Deadly Tradition/Separated/The Toast of Tinseltown
"The Deadly Tradition" examines dangerous hazing rituals in school bands of historically black universities. "Separated" profile's gymnast Dominique Moceanu's sister Jen Bricker who was given up for adoption after being born without legs. "The Toast of Tinseltown" profiles Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp.
21 Aug. 2012
Jon Gruden/Steve Gleason/Heart of a Champion
"Jon Gruden" talks to the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach who is now a analyst for ESPN. "Steve Gleason" talks to the former New Orleans Saint player who was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. "Heart of a Champion" talks to PGA golfer Erik Compton the only known pro athlete to undergo two heart transplants and return to competition.
18 Sep. 2012
Magic Johnson/Fan-on-Fan Violence/Five-Ring Circus/Sidelined
"Magic Johnson" interviews the former NBA player about his interest in helping to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers. "Fan-on-Fan Violence" looks at the growing problem of fans attacking other fans. "Five-Ring Circus" examines how some former Olympians join Cirque du Soleil after their athletic careers are over. "Sidelined" revisits a story on Grove City, Ohio, which has had to cut school sports programs in the wake of the financial crisis.
23 Oct. 2012
Strahan TV/Live Like Line/Gay Pride/Storytellers
"Strahan TV" talks to the former New York Giants defensive end who is now co-host of a morning talk show. "Live Like Line" profiles the Iowa City West High School girls volleyball team that managed to find success despite great adversity. "Gay Pride" examines why major professional athletes are reluctant to reveal their sexual orientation until after their playing days are over. "Storytellers" revisits a story on NFL Films and the late Steve Sabol.
20 Nov. 2012
The Son Rises/Think About Them/Blue Star Fallen
"The Son Rises" revisits the murder of Cherica Adams by former Carolina Panthers wideout Rae Carruth and talks to Cherica's surviving son Chancellor. "Think About Them" examines the concussion crisis and its effect on college football. "Blue Star Fallen" revisits a story on the 2009 collapse of the Dallas Cowboys' indoor practice facility and talks to the people injured.
18 Dec. 2012
Roundtable Review of 2012
Real Sports finishes 2012 with a special roundtable review of the shows most memorable moments of the year. Bryant Gumble and the show's correspondents discuss their favorite stories, their most interesting interviews, and the segments that had a personal impact for them.

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