Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (Video 2001) Poster


Fred: [while riding in the "classic" Mystery Machine] Wow, this is nostalgic! I miss this old van.

Cyber Fred: In Cyber World, things never get old. It's pretty cool. There's a lot to like in Cyber World. There's stores, theaters, and parks, and lots of tasty food.

Cyber Daphne: But what about all the monsters and villains?

Cyber Shaggy: We haven't seen any. They're probably guarding the Scooby Snacks.

Velma: You mean, you guys don't know where the Scooby Snacks are?

Cyber Velma: We know where they are. There's just no reason go after them, because even if we get the Scooby Snacks, we'd just go right back to the beginning of the game.

Cyber Daphne: And we like it here.

Cyber Shaggy: Until you guys showed up with that Phantom Virus, that is.

Velma: We would gladly get rid of him for you.

Cyber Daphne: If we could.

Fred: You know, if all ten of us team up, the Phantom Virus wouldn't stand a chance!

Cyber Fred: [in agreement] Yeah!

Cyber Shaggy: [after giving this some thought] Well, I guess we gonna go after the Scooby Snax eventually.

Daphne Blake: [to the cyber gang] So you'll help?

Cyber Fred: Count us in!

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Eric Staufer: [to the Mystery Gang] I'm sorry you got stuck in cyberspace, guys.

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[the Mystery Gang meet their cyber doubles]

ShaggyCyber Shaggy: Zoinks!

Shaggy: You're me!

Cyber Shaggy: And, like, you're me!

Velma: You're the characters in Eric's video game.

Cyber Velma: And you're from the real world!

VelmaCyber Velma: Jinkies!

Daphne Blake: [after looking at Cyber Daphne's wardrobe] Did I really wear that years ago?

Cyber Daphne: [after looking at the "real" Daphne's wardrobe] That jacket with that skirt?

Daphne BlakeCyber Daphne: Hmm...

Fred: [complimenting Cyber Fred's wardrobe] Nice ascot.

Cyber Fred: [chuckles] Works for me.

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[Scooby and Shaggy see tomatoes growing in the lab and attempt to them]

Shaggy: Zoinks!

Scooby-Doo: Wow!

Bill McLemore: You don't wanna eat those.

ShaggyScooby-Doo: Huh?

Bill McLemore: Because they were grown in radioactive soil.

Shaggy: [alarmed] Zoinks!

[Scooby and Shaggy try cleaning the soil off their hands using Shaggy's shirt as a cleanser]

Bill McLemore: Everyone, this is my lab partner, Bill McLamore.

ShaggyFredVelmaDaphne Blake: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Velma: Thanks for keeping Shaggy and Scooby from glowing in the dark.

Eric Staufer: We'll go to dinner after the tour.

Shaggy: But first, can you show us your new video game? Scoob and I have been dying to play it!

Professor Robert Kaufman: No one's playing the game until we get rid of our problem.

Eric Staufer: Professor Kauffman, I'd like you to meet the Mystery Gang I based my game on.

[the Mystery Gang introduces themselves to Kauffman]

Professor Robert Kaufman: Ah, the famous Mystery, Inc.

Shaggy: And that's Scooby-Doo.

[Scooby looks through oddly shaped beakers at his own reflection laughing at them]

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Velma: [about the cyber Mystery Gang's wardrobe] I guess it's been a while since we've seen Eric. He hasn't seen our fashion changes.

Daphne Blake: [to Cyber Daphne] We'll go shopping later.

Cyber Shaggy: [carrying a mountain of french fries in a basket to the table] Like, why don't you join us for a little snack?

Shaggy: Man, I thought you'd never ask!

[the Scoobys create a diversion to swipe the basket away from the two Shaggys]

Shaggy: [throws a French fry to Scooby] Here you go, pal.

Scooby-Doo: Rhanks a rot!

Cyber ShaggyShaggy: [after noticing the fries are gone] Huh? Hey!

[Both Scooby and Cyber Scooby are scorching down the basket of fries]

Velma: [to the Scoobys] We don't have time to play around. We need to find the Scooby Snax and get outta here!

Cyber Shaggy: You guys need to relax.

Cyber Daphne: Yeah, what are you worried about?

Daphne Blake: Aren't you afraid of the Phantom Virus?

Cyber Fred: Phantom who? Never heard of him.

Daphne Blake: You're kidding!

Velma: Oh, I get it. The Virus isn't part of this game. He has no reason to be looking for our cyber doubles.

[the Phantom Virus approaches the Cyber Café]

Shaggy: You cyber guys are lucky! The Phantom Virus is creepy and has this really scary laugh.

[the Phantom Virus is heard laughing in the distance]

Shaggy: Just like that.

Phantom Virus: Come out and play!

Velma: [as she and Cyber Fred look out the window to see the Phantom Virus is actually standing outside] It's him!

Phantom Virus: Come out, come out!

Cyber Fred: Let's get outta here! The Mystery Machine is out back.

Cyber FredFred: [in unison] I'll drive.

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