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This is OK until the interval, gets worse and worse until the end
superindrajit25 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
1997 was a horrible year for Akshay Kumar, he gave 7 flops in a row. This was his second flop after Insaaf. The movie is nothing new, same typical bollywood story. Here we have 3 villains(dons), all brothers with some minor villains. Here, we have a police officer Akshay Kumar who will do anything to stop crime, his entry was pretty good but then he gets boring complaining to his head that law only asks for proof but the culprit always wins. Naseer was really good( much better than Akshay). He was the only one who wasn't helpless like Akshay. He freely broke the law and killed the villains who killed their brother. Here, we also have a small time robber Raveena Tandon who falls for Akshay after a few misunderstandings. And, finally after all the intro's of characters and problems and conflicts, we have a solution. We all know that the solution is revenge, killing of all villains at their own territory. But, the ending was just dragged with more action. Coming to the rest of the movie,

Music: Horrible, not even as good as Main Khiladi Tu Anari. Acting: Pretty Good. Action/Stuns: Average, worst stunt was the Tinnu Anand killing one Lyrics/ Photography/ Direction: Average/ notthing great Akshay was considered a bad actor those days but he recovered in 1999 Naseer was an okay actor Overalll: Average 5/10
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Awesome action film
paula198020 August 2008
I am surprised why so many people voted so poorly for this film as I personally felt this was a great action adventure film starring Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon. Naseeruddin Shah, as always, had a commanding role throughout the film. Overall a fantastic film and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Akshay Kumar films as well as a pretty good filmy kick-ass storyline.

Film is about 3 brothers and how one brother being murdered by a group of underworld gangsters results in the remaining 2 brothers taking revenge. The background music is very good and atmospheric. I can think of Sunil Shetty being another actor who would have played an excellent role in such a film. Highly recommended film. A++
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