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Not surprised at all!
Sylviastel3 May 2006
It seems that America and Britain and everybody else knew that the Japanese were up to something long before that infamous day in history. Could it have been prevented? Why didn't they listen? Who knows now? Much like the events of September 11, 2001, people in power appeared to have ignored or misplaced their suspicions about any such attack. Why don't people in power listen? Why didn't we? We will never know the truth. Maybe American politicians thought it wouldn't happen but I disagree. They rather it happened then not at all. It was the middle of the great depression and America wasn't involved in World War II. Had America got involved sooner? How many lives would have been saved? We will never know the truth. This BBC documentary offers the interviews and depicts the FDR administration as having some knowledge of a possible attack. Why am I not surprised at all? Maybe it's because the same thing happened on September 11, 2001. Of course thousands died needlessly and tragically. Many others suffered the loss of their relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Unless we learn from attacks on Pearl Harbor and September 11, 2001, we will never prevent another attack. It's sad and tragic. Maybe that's why this documentary shows another side beside the loss and that's that it could have prevented in the first place.
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Its a common ploy
keithondebique24 March 2019
Spanish American, Vietnam, the Bush Gulf wars, Libya 2011, Syria. America 2019 bombs 8 countries who do not attack it.

Watched the vid on YouTube as buttress watched other documentaries and Wikipedia. American GI's were just pawns for the rich and powerful masters. Since WW2 presidents have lied their way into every war. Recall they swear to uphold American values on a bible...
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