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1 Jul. 2002
Mother and Child Reunion: Part 1
Spike, Caitlin, Joey, Lucy, and Snake are getting ready for their reunion at Degrassi Community School. Joey's wife has died and is unsure if he wants to go to the reunion, especially after meeting Caitlin's fiancé. Meanwhile, Emma (Spike's daughter) is getting ready to enter Grade 7. She meets "Jordan" on-line. They seem perfect for each other, especially because they both care about the environment. Jordan wants to meet Emma, and after a talk with Caitlin, Emma agrees to meet him the next day.
1 Jul. 2002
Mother and Child Reunion: Part 2
The Degrassi school reunion is under way, and Caitlin and Joey bump into Allison. While Joey is getting drinks, he overhears a conversation between Caitlin's fiancé Keith (played by Don McKellar) and Allison, where Keith confesses that Caitlin is pushing the marriage on him. Joey is upset and confronts Keith while Caitlin is up on stage giving a speech. A fight breaks out and Caitlin and Joey later reconcile. Meanwhile, Emma lies to Manny and says she isn't going to meet Jordan. But Manny, fearing something is up goes to J.T. and Toby for help. They hack into Emma's ...
1 Apr. 2002
Family Politics
Toby and Ashley have just become step-siblings and moved in together, and they just don't get along. Ashley starts her campaign to be elected as school president, and Toby convinces his best friend, J.T. to run against her just to aggravate her. Emma and Manny are having problems of their own. Being in Grade 7 is tough, especially when Spinner is on a power trip.
8 Apr. 2002
Eye of the Beholder
Terri is not looking forward to the school dance. She's too fat for any boy to like her, except for Spinner, that is. Too bad Paige likes Spinner too. She convinces Terri to go to the dance, but not before getting her drunk, so she'll look like a fool in front of Spinner. There's also a new student in Mr. Simpson's class: Sean Cameron, who has fallen behind a year. Emma is intrigued, despite Sean's "bad boy" image. Meanwhile, J.T. and Toby decide to skip the dance to surf pornography on the Internet.
15 Apr. 2002
Parents' Day
It's Parents' Day at Degrassi Community School and Toby's parents do not get along. They can't even be in the same room together without fighting. Since Toby's mother is a casting agent, Ashley and Paige fight for her attention. Meanwhile, Emma is upset because the students are forced to watch News About Kids (NAK) who provide the school with new computers. She writes an article for the Grapevine and Sean's brother is not impressed.
22 Apr. 2002
The Mating Game
The Grade 8's are studying Romeo and Juliet in English class. Ashley and Jimmy are Degrassi's hottest couple, but the parts of Romeo and Juliet are assigned to Jimmy and Paige, while Ashley is stuck being the Nurse. But Ashley knows just what to do: she'll have sex with Jimmy. Meanwhile, Toby has a crush on Emma and tries to take an interest in endangered animals. They make plans to watch the video, but Emma doesn't go. She runs into Sean, instead.
29 Apr. 2002
Basketball Diaries
Jimmy is trying to make the basketball team, but with spending all that time practicing, he is behind in school. He can only do one or the other. He convinces Spinner to give him one of his Ritalin pills to boost his energy, but it has bad consequences for both Jimmy and Spinner. Meanwhile, Liberty is sick of writing Ashley's speeches for her, so she wants to take over the morning announcements for one day. Ashley knows Liberty won't be able to do it, but sets her up anyway.
6 May 2002
Secrets & Lies
Ashley's father is home from Europe, and Ashley senses something is up with her mom and her dad. They seem to get along really well. Ashley's mom tells her the truth: her dad is gay. After hearing this news, J.T. figures out an easy way to reject Liberty. He tells Liberty he's gay.
13 May 2002
Coming of Age
Ashley feels smothered by Jimmy and Emma gets her first period.
20 May 2002
Rumours and Reputations
Emma accidentally spreads a rumour about Liberty and Mr. Armstrong. Spinner finds a bug in this cafeteria lunch.
3 Jun. 2002
Friday Night
Sean asks Emma out on a date. Spinner and Jimmy vow revenge on Mrs. Kwan.
10 Jun. 2002
Manny wants to join the Spirit Squad. J.T. and Toby are convinced they have a chance to win 1 million dollars.
17 Jun. 2002
Terri, Paige, and Ashley enter Degrassi's Lunchtime Cabaret. Emma, Manny, and Toby also do a poetic dance about endangered animals.
24 Jun. 2002
Under Pressure
It's final exam time and everyone is stressed out. Especially Sean.
21 Oct. 2002
Jagged Little Pill
Ashley takes Ecstacy and ruins her relationships with Jimmy and Paige.

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