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Season 3

25 Jan. 2003
When a couple discover a 19th-century skeleton in the garden of their new home, the woman becomes sure the house is haunted and investigates the circumstances of the death.
2 Feb. 2003
An escaped convict with a new life and family is tempted by an old friend who offers him enough money to clear his debts if he'll kill a man suspected of having an affair with the friend's wife.
15 Feb. 2003
A woman finds herself drawn into a terrifying and vulnerable situation which calls for desperate measures when she gently rebuffs the attentions of a man.
22 Feb. 2003
A woman is found dead in her bed by police who believe she committed suicide - until the pathologist's report proves otherwise and her next-door neighbor confirms things have been moved in her house.
3 Apr. 2003
Three city slickers enlist a hit-man to help them dispose of their boss, who knows they have committed an elaborate fraud set to rake in millions of pounds.
11 May 2003
A landlord panics when he finds a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty boiler in one of his flats.
19 Jun. 2003
A man is afraid that his wife's paramour is instigating a conspiracy against him.
29 Jun. 2003
A mild-mannered Indian shopkeeper is being increasingly harassed and threatened by racist thugs. One night, in a surprising show of strength, he kills the chief troublemaker.

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