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Directors cut so much better.
p.greenwood23 January 2005
When I heard about a directors cut to this movie I never imagined it would be so much better than the original release. Why must movie studios always feel they know better than the director. This film would have been much more successful had they left it alone, but by insisting on so many cuts and changes they shot themselves in the foot. All because they wanted a family friendly spider-man type film instead of the much more dark and violent world of daredevil. Every scene added to the film makes you wonder why they cut it in the first place. It isn't just about adding scenes though they have taken a couple out too. I can't imagine anyone who would miss the fireside love scene. I urge everyone who saw the theatrical cut to watch the directors cut. It isn't a perfect film but it's a more complete and enjoyable one. Also watch the documentary on the directors cut DVD and see one of the producers trying to defend the original release and then actually saying he thinks it is the better cut. I think he must be more blind than Matt Murdock!!!
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Forget the theatrical version, buy the director's cut DVD instead!
KryptoniteCornCob1 December 2004
This review is for the Director's cut DVD of Daredevil. In all honesty, i liked the theatrical version of this movie. But now that i have seen the true version of this movie, the director's cut, i don't have any desire to watch the theatrical cut ever again. The director's cut is an improvement in every way. Everything makes sense now, and the characters are more fleshed out, which is a very good thing.

The DC is 30 minutes longer than the original cut, of which the new footage ranges from a whole new big subplot, and little things, that actually have more impact and and make the movie more understandable and better than you might imagine. The action scenes are way better also. The DC makes the movie into what it should've been in the first place before the studio screwed with it. I can't believe how much the studio hacked this movie up for theater..it is quite ridiculous. But now with the movie restored to it's original vision, i can fully enjoy it without the thought of something missing from it. In comparison, the only thing that the original DVD release has over this new DC DVD is it has a second bonus features/behind the scenes disc.

The DC DVD is one disc, and has a few movie trailers, a making-of featurette, and an all new audio commentary. Despite it's shortcomings in form of a second disc compared to it's counterpart, i'd choose the DC over the theatrical version any day. The DC is simply so much better. Forget what you know about the theatrical cut of the movie, and give this new DC version a chance..it is superior to the other version in every way. So give it a try, and i think you might be pleasantly surprised. Even those of you who hate the original cut.

My vote, in comparison: Theatrical version- 5.5 Director's cut version- 9.5

In closing, i'd like to thank the Director, the film editors, and everyone else who made this wonderful Director's cut DVD possible. I love the new version, and it's nice to see the Director's vision restored to this movie after nearly 1 1/2 years. Two thumbs up! R.I.P. Daredevil theatrical version!!
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It's like a darker, more violent version of "Spider-Man". Grade: B
practiced_bravado7 July 2004
That's why I think most critics hated this thing. It's not lighthearted fun like "Spider-Man" was, it's more adult-themed. I actually found it a bit more effective than Sam Raimi's superhero epic. Why? Because it wasn't campy and it didn't have cartoony special effects. The CGI in "Daredevil" is more photorealistic. I also loved the "Matrix"-like martial-arts incorporated throughout the film.

In fact, as far as darker-themed comic book movies go, I think "Daredevil" is a much better film than either of the first two "Batman" pictures were. I recently watched "Spider-Man" again on DVD and I've always had mixed reactions of it. I do think it works on the level of campy fun and for that I gave it a B Minus. But I think "Daredevil" is a more solid picture and I'd grade it with a B.

I like the look of the film, the washed-out colors make the movie look very 70's in certain scenes. Like "The Crow", the movie has an MTV mentality with rock and rap songs, but also has a love story as well. The sound design is awesome, if you have a good theatre sound system, "Daredevil" will take full advantage of it. I don't think Ben Affleck got credit when it was deserved. Along with Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell and Michael Clarke Duncan, Affleck was perfect cast.

Anyhow, as much as I believe "Daredevil" is a much better film than "Spider-Man" was. I actually think "Spider-Man 2" is better than "Daredevil". The best comic book movie ever placed on film. It shows that a director can really improve on his work. I highly recommend that film to anyone. Well, the bottom line is: "Spider-Man" (B-), "Daredevil" (B) and "Spider-Man 2" (A). I hope you enjoyed my review.
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director's cut- do yourself a favor. See it
realhiphop16 January 2005
First of all, i was never a reader of the comics, and didn't know much about daredevil before venturing into the cinemas to see the original when it was released. At the time, there wasn't much action out and i like most of Ben Affleck's movies, so though i would give it a go. Although i liked the theatrical release ( but didn't love it) i still bought it when it came to DVD...and to be honest, when i watched it the 2nd time on DVD, i didn't think as much of it, as when i left the cinema.

So when i heard the directors cut was out, and people who hated the first release, but liked the 2nd one, i thought wow, i didn't mind the first, perhaps i will really like the new version. and guess what? I did ! Its absolutely fantastic. After the characters were fleshed out more, the storyline was more involved and filled in the plots- you actually cared about what happened and got more into the feel of being apart of what was going on in hell's kitchen.

If you watch the "featurette" : giving the devil his dues, you will understand that Mark Johnson the director, absolutely loves this material, loved the comic, and was disappointed himself with the theatrical release. He understood why the critics & fans alike didn't support it, and really wanted to fix the problems with this DVD. When will Hollywood studios & executives learn, a 100 minute movie, does not mean a better movie - and when will they learn that audiences DO want more than just action - we can think, you morons! And can hold our attention for more than 100 minutes. Here's a simple plan for your money making schemes - and this goes to Gary Foster ( producer who still says the theatrical version of daredevil is better) If you make a GOOD MOVIE, that gets good reviews, and that fans & critics enjoy, then more people will see it, more people will see it a 2nd time, more people will recommend it to friends, and that means a bigger audience, a repeat audience and bigger dollars for your pockets ! So while the first was a quick paced movie that made quick bucks, a longer - more thought-out MOVIE, would have garnered longer life at the box office.

in a word - RECOMMENDED !
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It's True About The 'Director's Cut'
ccthemovieman-115 November 2005
First off, this was a more complete version of the DVD which came out earlier. In this edition, about a half-hour of new material was added to the disc (and what was shown at the theaters.) All reviews I read said it elevated this film from "fair at best" to "good." I agree. It made the movie much, much better.

Yeah, it's more far-fetched than the other superhero movies because here, the hero is a blind guy who, because of his blindness, has extraordinary hearing powers along with the rest of the usual Batman/Spiderman-type athletic skills.

As in most of the Batman films, this is a dark film. I think it would have been better had it lightened up a bit with a few jokes and a more wholesome female lead. Jennifer Garner is another one of these latter-day skinny chicks who is made to be tough-looking, tough-talking and tough-fighting. In other words: ridiculous. However, I will say she comes across a little more likable on the extended version. One more negative: the fight scenes go on a tad too long and are outlandish.

On the positive side, this may be the best-sounding DVD I own, at least up to ones I had heard up until this came out in January of 2005. Since the hero (Ben Affleck) has super hearing, this is emphasized in this movie and so you, if you have a 5.1 surround system, hear sounds from all speakers at almost times. It's awesome!

Affleck, meanwhile, is likable as the superhero and I liked the message he gives at the end about shunning revenge. Wow, you don't hear that much in movies. Kudos, too, to villains' Colin Farrell and Michael Clarke Duncan. They are fun to watch, especially Farrell.

So, if this superhero film interests you, make sure you get the "Director's Cut" edition. It's far better than the original, and, I believe, the same price.
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Directer's Cut made it sooooo much better
jappetta995 February 2005
As I titled this, I really enjoyed the movie since I am comic nerd, but I rated this as a 5 out of 10. I got the Directer's Cut for Christmas and OH MY GOD it made this movie so much better. The subplot with Coolio really rounds out the character's of Matt and Foggy and little scenes added back in here and there like Matt's rituals after patrol and in the morning, and the extended version of him and Elektra on the roof before the rain made part of the ending make more sense. One thing I really enjoyed was the additional time to developing the Kingpin and making him really seem like a bad guy helped a lot. All in all whoever made the call to cut all this stuff from the movie should be fired from the studio because the theatrical release was a butchery and a farce. I felt bad having to admit that I didn't like the movie too much at first, but now I can tell people how much it kicked a$$ (didn't know if curses were allowed).
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Better than Spiderman, in my opinion...
perni19 February 2003
Where Spiderman was colorful and almost cartoonish, Daredevil is gritty and merciless. Whatever you thought couldn't happen in Peter Parker's world will more than likely happen in Matt Murdock's neck of the woods. Because people die here. Sometimes they die slowly and painfully. The superheroes go home with scars on their backs, broken teeth, and more than a few gruesome images that need to be repressed. For all of these reasons I liked Daredevil, because it takes chances by offering a hero that is by no means invincible or conventional.

The origin story of the character Daredevil is pretty complicated, but, as the helpful gentleman in the theater so aptly put it, "He's blind, but he can see stuff blind." Let's just leave it at this: As a kid, Matt Murdock was blinded by radioactive material in a freak accident. This caused his other senses to become phenomenally acute, to the point where Matt can track criminals by their scent and use sound waves as a sort of radar. He uses his newfound abilities to protect those who will not be protected by the justice system, all the while hoping that one day he will find the person who killed his father.

If you're a fan of the first two Batman movies, you'll find a lot to love in Daredevil. There are still some comic book elements that require some suspension of disbelief, like the fact that Matt could construct an entire high-tech lair beneath a church while working as a pro-bono lawyer, but the movie is not fantasy-driven. The fight scenes will make you wince at their realism, the love story is not corny or forced (as opposed to a certain flick called Just Married), and the characters are complex, uncertain people who just happen to don masks and fight on rooftops.

Do you remember the parts in the old Christopher Reeve Superman movies where Clark would hear someone crying for help in the distance? He would always be having dinner with Lois Lane at the time, and had to make up some dumb excuse for ditching the scene like, "Oh! I just forgot. I have a book due at the library." Then he would dash off to save the day, leaving Lois high and dry. Well, in today's feature, Matt hears someone crying for help, but when his love interest, Elektra, asks him to stay, he actually does. With out-of-left-field scenes like this, I couldn't help but enjoy Daredevil.

Some might be surprised at how little screen time the villains get in this movie. Kingpin, a Don Giovini mobster type, and Bullseye, an Irish nut with a couple of loose screws, are important parts of our story, but they don't steal the show. Going back to the Batman comparison, many movie buffs think that Jack Nicholson's role as the joker actually become more interesting than the winged knight himself. Not so in this movie, as Daredevil is the guy whom the role shebang revolves around. By deciding to focus on the hero more than the villain, the audience can get into his head and root for him to the last battle. Matt is a cool guy because he's not a wealthy playboy or Kryptonian who can smash through walls. Other than his heightened senses and combat skills, he's just a regular guy who happens to like read leather.

After X-Men and Spiderman became huge hits, it was expected that Hollywood would start churning out more superhero flicks as fast as they could make them. Thankfully, Daredevil doesn't seem recycled or rushed and actually brings something new to the table.
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Director's cut is a good superhero movie
sserafimescu-541-91473115 February 2014
I have recently seen the Daredevil Director's Cut, and was surprised - the movie is pretty entertaining and well played. It even has some memorable poetic scenes. I believe Ben Affleck lends more depth and plausibility to Daredevil than Christian Bale did to his monosyllabic Batman. Collin Farrell delivers an intriguing and funny superhero movie villain (a rare treat, that was later brought to perfection by his friend Heath). Michael Clarke Duncan and Jennifer Garner are, each in their own way, beautiful to behold, and perform well in their archetypal roles. Overall, if you enjoy superhero movies and skipped this one, see it - just make sure to get the Director's Cut.
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Very underrated, I also agree that the Director's Cut is infinitely superior to the theatrical release
TheLittleSongbird25 January 2012
I have to admit when I saw Daredevil in its theatrical release, I found myself underwhelmed by it. I loved the visuals, but I found the love story soppy and couldn't always make sense of the story. However, hearing so much about the Director's Cut being superior I got the DVD off my brother, and actually I really liked it. Daredevil is not what I call a perfect movie, I still did find the love story soppy and becoming dangerously close to flagging down the film and the soundtrack is rather dated and heavy for my liking. On the other hand, I loved the stylish visuals, the fresh, funny dialogue, that I could make much more sense of the story and could be more entertained by it and the characterisation of the titular character with him being vulnerable and flawed I found him very interesting. The other characters are not as well developed, but are enthusiastically performed. Colin Farrell especially is lots of fun, Jennifer Garner is decent and Michael Clarke Duncan is great as is Joe Pantoliano. The editing is good if occasionally rushed, and the action sequences are clear if not always very subtle. Overall, a good movie that fared much better on re-watch. 7.5/10 Bethany Cox
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Not as bad as they say. Not bad at all..!!
grarunkumar199416 September 2018
Over a decade of listening to reviewers and audiences criticizing Ben Affleck as poor casting, and very bad reviews, I decided to watch to see for myself how bad a movie can be.

Surprisingly, this movie has a brilliant cast. From the main characters to even characters ij subplot. Story, Screenplay were good. Action scenes were great in the beginning of movie but, it became CGI cartoon by the end of movie..That was the only negative in this movie.

A perfect comic book movie in all sense.

The visualization of Daredevil's 'sonar vision' is something that would've given me goosebumps if I had watched it way back in 2003. There are somethings that should be seen,and somethings to be done while you are still a kid. The resulting awe and chills you experience is something beyond explanation, something you won't get when you are an adult. Thanks to the poor reviews, I missed this movie.Could've been another of my childhood favourite after Spiderman and Batman.

The Director's Cut shouldve been released without any change. Maybe this is when Marvel decided not to put their hands into editing and screenplay. Something Warners Bros haven't learnt yet.
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One of the best Marvel movies to date
yodaschoda25 January 2005
Despite the low ratings this movie has gotten from the masses, I honestly can say that this is probably the best Marvel movie to come out in the recent barrage of comic based movies to hit the big screen. I'm guessing the reason for the lack of high ratings is that most people were looking for a super hero along the lines of Spiderman who saves people and is always doing "the right thing". Well this obviously isn't the case here, as one can clearly see from how Daredevil does away with the baddies. I personally think that the concept of an avenging lawyer who serves up street justice to those that manipulate the system is a great concept. I also think that everybody did a great job of playing their characters as they should be played, yes… I know, even Ben. The only person I thought did a mediocre job was Colin, who only helped to make the already stupid looking Bullseye look even dumber then the character deserves. As you can no doubt guess from reading this, I'm a huge fan of the series. What you probably wouldn't guess is that choosing Michael Clarke Duncan to play the Kingpin is by far the best "improvisational" casting choice I've ever seen. For those of you who don't know, the Kingpin is "supposed" to be a big white guy… we're talking sumo style big. While Michael isn't quite that big, his size and look are by far better then anybody else they could have ever gotten to play this role. So, in conclusion, if you like your hero's on the darker side, a la Batman, then this should be a good choice for you. The effects and story line are great; I can only hope that the only "acceptable" attendance at the theaters won't stop them from making a sequel to this movie… I know, don't hate me… but with Ben playing Daredevil again as well… don't worry, I hate myself too!!! And P.S. Elektra isn't a sequel… it's a separate plot line all together, although they try to link the two at some point in the movie, but that's another comment for another movie.
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A Great and Underrated Action Movie
claudio_carvalho12 October 2003
The story of the Daredevil, since when he was a boy, is the storyline of this movie. The plot presents how he became the lawyer Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) during the day and the blind hero in the night. The movie shows his accident with toxic waste, the incident with his father, his crush with the gorgeous Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner) and this fight against crime, mainly against Bullseye (Colin Farrell) and Kingpin (Michael Clark Duncan). This excellent movie is completely underrated: the story of this Gothic and dark hero is very well presented, even for those viewers like me, who is not familiarized this character. The effects, showing how Daredevil 'sees' being blind are great. The heavy soundtrack is marvelous. The storyline and the characters are very well developed. I am a great fan of Ben Affleck, but I have never paid attention to this wonderful actress Jennifer Garner in other movies. Colin Farrell is great like the caricatural villain and Michael Clark Duncan is 'great', as usual. I have loved this movie, and recommend it for those who like action and fantasy movie. An excellent entertainment. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "O Demolidor" ("The Demolisher")
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Upgrade to the Director's Cut and you've got yourself a solid Superhero flick
squirrel_burst12 April 2015
This might date this review a bit, but let me begin by saying that I am watching this film well before "Batman vs. Superman" is being released, and I don't know what all of the Ben Affleck hate is about. I know there's a new "Daredevil" show out on Netflix as well and it's sure to gather a lot of people dismissing that "old movie" as trash, but hey, just wait a moment. I've just finished the director's cut (which ads a full 30 minutes to the running time), and it does have some flaws but otherwise this is a solid 2000's superhero movie. I like it a lot and putting it in the same category as "Ghost Rider" or "Fantastic Four" is a grave mistake. I can't remember what the theatrical cut was like, but this version runs about 2hrs and 15 minutes so there are some significant changes.

When Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) was a boy, he was blinded by a chemical spill. It wasn't a total loss though because his remaining senses where enhanced to superhuman level. As an adult, he uses his sonar-like hearing to walk around as if he could really see, but he pretends to be just a regular blind guy. It's the perfect disguise for his superhero alter ego, Daredevil. When Matt and his legal partner "Foggy" (Jon Favreau, who like Chris Evans also went on to star in some of the best Marvel films) take on a case, it all seems to point towards the ever-elusive, legendary, Kingpin of Crime (Michael Clarke Duncan). Daredevil works his way up the ladder, encountering the crackshot assassin Bullseye (Collin Farrell) and a lovely lady named Elektra (Jennifer Garner).

What I like about this movie is that it spends ample time showing you that Matt Murdock is a tortured man, the kind of guy you can believe would wear a costume and spend his nights beating the living snot out of criminals. He's emotionally distant, has a lot of guilt about what he does, second guesses himself and is very angry on the inside. He's a lawyer that encounters the worst people imaginable every day and he's fed up with seeing the ones who have the right connections or enough muscle to intimidate witnesses worm their way out of an appropriate sentence. What I liked even more was that you can also see that there are moments where he is a nice guy and he isn't always moping around complaining about that one person he couldn't save. He tells jokes, he flirts with women and has friends. You get to see him as a regular guy that takes advantage of his powers but also feels the burden of them. One of my favorite scenes happens just as he's about to call it a night after getting into a vicious fight with a dozen thugs. He is about to lie down when he hears the screams of a woman being murdered. He perks up a bit, then looks discouraged. He knows there's nothing he can do, and if he went out in the exhausted state that he is, he would only get himself killed. It's a difficult thing to do, but he must go to bed and try to let it slide, for now. That scene, with the clever detail that the man sleeps in a sense deprivation tank in order to get some peace and quiet really impressed me. That single moment speaks volumes about the character and that's a sign that this is a legitimately good movie, one that's been unjustly dismissed.

When it comes to the supporting characters there's a lot to like. First up our main villain, Bullseye. What I like about this guy is that they make him delightfully evil. He's a sociopath that kills people in increasingly difficult ways... because it's a way for him to get his jollies. He doesn't use guns. Those are for your run-of-the-mill assassins. This guy's weapons of choice will make you look at pencils, toothpicks and office supplies in a totally different way. I also enjoyed the fact that he's given a real character. He's full of himself and very proud of his skills, to a fault. He also appears to suffer from some sort of OCD because he's always being overly theatrical and boastful, but in a way that's believable (unlike say, Two-Face from "Batman Forever"). I liked seeing Jennifer Garner as Elektra. There's real chemistry between her and Murdock and she's not just some damsel in distress that needs to be rescued during the climax. She's got a lot of different facets to her personality. The last guy I want to talk about is Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin. I know traditionally he's a really fat white guy but I actually like him better here than anywhere else. This Wilson Fisk is a powerful presence. He's scary, but not in an obvious way that would have every single person in New York screaming "that's the bad guy! Right there!" Only two things really bother about this movie. There isn't enough action because there are so many moments where the characters and their relationships are explored and like most of the 2000's superhero films, many scenes contain dated CGI that makes you wish they were using practical effects, or just had more realistic battles that could actually have been done with the actors. The other is that the film is just a tad too long. I can forgive both because it really is an entertaining film filled with interesting characters and complex relationships, but it's worth noting.

If you think that "Daredevil" is a bad movie, you just need to revisit it by watching the Director's Cut. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the drama and how well developed all of the characters are. It captures the spirit of the dark Marvel comic books that made this guy a favorite in the first place. (On Blu-ray, March 26, 2015)
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One of the worst Marvel films ever created!
DHWaldron11 October 2017
Cliché followed by cliché, Daredevil has fallen short of the line currently necessary to belong in the film industry. The film is tedious and much too long, with too many false-endings and self-realisations for all characters. Furthermore, the characters are completely frustrating and annoying! So annoying that you manage to develop hate for basically all of them. As mentioned, false-endings are evident, with over-the-top fight sequences and terrible choreography. It is absolutely cringe-worthy. The acting is atrocious (especially for the antagonists of the film). Stay away from the film; a suggestion: go watch paint dry on a wall instead!
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ThatsGoodInnit12 July 2005
I'm not sure, why at all this movie has such negative reviews, i think it was much better than X-men 1, Hellboy, and Equally as good as Spider-man, the action scenes are awesome, Jennifer Garner is Off the Hook, she looks amazing the fiery Red head, i found Colin Farrel's Character a bit poor, but Ben Affleck plays the part really well, this movie might also make the toughest of people Fill Up, with 1 particular scene, i was surprised it happened, and disliked Farrel for a moment, But it was very Enjoyable, and i'd advise this movie for everybody to watch.

Also the Soundtrack is awesome. Possibly 1 of the best soundtracks to date.

8/10, one of the best Marvel Productions.
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very underrated
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises15 October 2005
I personally thought this film portrayed the darkness of the comic books very, very well. Ben Affleck's performance as the Daredevil Matt Murdock is believable, but he does get too dramatic in scenes where it really isn't required. As much as people don't want to believe it, this movie works with the pretty boys Affleck and Colin Farrell as the secondary villain, a sharpshooting hit-man named Bullseye. They really hate each other (laughs). Jennifer Garner as the very sexy heiress Elektra Nachios saves this movie from being a 5/10 instead of an 8/10. She is such a likable character and does an excellent job of playing the powerful yet vulnerable Elektra. She is great at being a woman who wants to be with her man, yet has her priorities. The main villain is the very evil Kingpin, headed by a great Michael Clarke Duncan. Duncan shows his brute force near the end of the movie. All throughout, these 4 A and B list actors are flanked by a great supporting cast including Joe Pantoliano as an investigative reporter who later becomes of aid to the Daredevil, Leland Orser as the Kingpin's right hand man Wesley, and Jon Favreau as Murdock's best friend and colleague. Favreau is mostly comic relief, but the first two characters played by Pantoliano and Orser are serious characters. All in all this is a good movie, not great, good. The cast does a much better job than most people believed they would, and Jennifer Garner owns the film. It's a shame no sequel has been announced, because it would be a great film as well. The darkness of this movie can be felt all throughout, with the great villainous work of Duncan and Farrell, and the mood of Affleck and Garner. 7/10
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Excellent cast makes this a terrific story
jb_campo20 April 2014
I give DareDevil high grades, 8/10, strongly due to the excellent casting. Affleck is a terrific DareDevil who seems to exude confidence as a lawyer, but then exudes pain as a tortured soul. Look for his father, the boxer, who I remember from Officer and a Gentlemen. Jennifer Garner is another good casting as the sexy Elektra. But the stars really are Colin Farrell who plays the totally lunatic assassin BullsEye to the T. And Paul Michael Duncan steals the show as Kingpin.

Every time DD goes back out to fight the bad guys, you feel for his pain, like his father who fought against the mob way, and had the courage to stand up for what really mattered to him. DD does the same, in a similar high stakes game of cat and mouse with Kingpin and BullsEye.

The mood is dark and somber. The "sight" of DD is artfully depicted. The story evolves so in the end, you are rooting for the good guys to take down the bad guys, and you are not sure if that's possible.

I'm surprised there was never a sequel because this movie delivered. An interesting story, excellent casting, and solid acting make this the movie you should watch if you are in the mood to see one of those good ole good vs. bad guy films, a la Death Wish or other vigilante shows like The Equalizer. Hence, my 8/10. Enjoy.
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Daring to Be Excellent.
tfrizzell27 April 2003
A disturbingly dark and heavy superhero flick that becomes one of the better (if not the very best) films of one of the cinema's newer sub-genres by its finale. "Daredevil" is one of the best surprises of recent memory (I was expecting something similar to "The Shadow" or "The Phantom"). A young boy (Scott Terra) thinks his ex-boxer father (David Keith) is the greatest person on Earth. Terra is shocked though when he discovers that his father is little more than a thug, an enforcer in a rough neighborhood that preys on those who owe money to underworld syndicates. A freak accident soon follows that leaves the youth blind. Keith is grief-stricken and promises his son that he will change his colors. A bond that is stronger than ever then comes together, but evil forces lurk when Keith makes a comeback in the boxing ring and refuses to take a dive for those same criminals he once worked for. Tragedy does strike once again for the youth and he is forced to grow up quicker than most other children. The blindness leads to a strange type of radar sense which causes the character to know all that is going on around him. He then becomes versed in acrobatic martial arts and vows to take revenge on all those wrong-doers in New York City as he grows up to become a lawyer (in the form of Ben Affleck). Only Catholic priest Derrick O'Connor knows the real truth about Affleck and proves to be the father figure that the character desperately needs. Affleck learns that there is a new crime boss in town (a much heavier Michael Clarke Duncan of "The Green Mile" fame) as he falls in love with the ridiculously athletic Jennifer Garner. Garner's shady father though (Erick Avari) becomes Duncan's newest target. Thus more drama begins to take place as Duncan calls in super-villain Bull's Eye (a scene-stealing performance by Colin Farrell) in Ireland to cause more havoc in the city and kill the titled character for good. The thing that separates "Daredevil" from most every other film of its type is the fact that the film is as serious as a heart attack throughout. The "Batman" series became ridiculous because of its over-the-top comedy and most other superhero films lack believability and substance. "Daredevil" is amazingly realistic and its tone makes it a strikingly dramatic experience that has very few equals. All the performances are outstanding and the film's direction lifts an admittedly flawed screenplay (the screenplay does not work as well as it should due to the possibility of more installments). A smashing soundtrack and gloomy cinematography complete the impressive production. A daring film that ends up being an overwhelming success. 4 stars out of 5.
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"If it looks like The Phantom, and smells like The Phantom... "
bonnynklyd17 October 2003
Daredevil is a hero movie. Unfortunately, the hero happens to be James Acheson. I looked his name up on the credits and he is the costume designer. When the makers of the film paid him to make a very camp Daredevil suit he did as they asked. Everyone else involved should be ashamed of this sorry mess of a film. I could go on, and I will.

In your average blockbuster you'll see action, follow a storyline, perhaps witness a little love interest. This will build up to a grand finale, a showdown. And would just a small amount of good acting be too much to ask? Apparently so, because on all counts this movie fails.

When a comic-book action movie contains only a handful of minutes of said action, you know there's a problem. That isn't even the bad news regarding action in this film. As if by accident Daredevil battles Bullseye for a second time. At this point the CGI characters (yes, i think Colin and Ben were in a bar drinking when this scene was made) move in. Did I mention that they move in like drunken idiots, unconvincingly lurching up and down, all over the screen. Didn't the CGI guys see The Matrix (original or :Reloaded), or Blade?

As for the storyline, don't get me started. Because I won't know where to. Was there a story? I saw this film an hour ago and I can't tell you what happened apart from people fighting, crying, kissing and dying. the scriptwriters should never be allowed out of the unemployment line again.

A big deal was made of Jennifer Garner taking on the part of Elektra. I think she read the script and thought she was playing Carmen Electra, because that's how much of an acting range she shows in this film (and I'm a big fan of Carmen.) Garner and Ben had no chemistry at all. A stink bomb has more chemistry, and would have done the job (i.e stunk to high heaven) better than this film for a lot less money. Ben has no excuse, as I'm fairly sure J-Lo made him sit down and watch all her movies. Did he watch Out Of Sight? (Imagine J-Lo being better than you at acting...)

And on the subject of acting the usually dependable Colin Farrell manages to play a very unconvincing Irishman, which is no mean feat for an actual Irishman. Yet another illustration of just how poor this film is.

You've still managed to make it to the end of the movie instead of a) destroying your TV, or b) plain old falling asleep? I won't spoil the ending but you are rewarded (and I use the word 'rewarded' loosely) by a total lack of a spectacular showdown. Instead Daredevil gets really angry to all the naughty men who've stayed up past their bedtimes. You can almost hear Daredevil say "Hey, don't make me come up there!" as he wanders into the night one last time (hopefully, anyway.)

This film gets 0 out of 10, with perhaps an extra 1 for costume design.
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The best superhero movie ever made?
lee-anthony16 January 2005
This is without a doubt the best superhero movie out there. Forget Spider-man with its colorful character swinging through the streets of new york. Forget Batman with it's dark brooding character and over the top comic to film transition. In half of the batman movies I half expected Wham Kasplat or kazump to show up in the middle of a fight scene. But this isn't about Batman, or spider-man for that matter. This is about Dare devil. A super hero that most people have never even heard of. Which is one of the reason's why it didn't do as good at the box office as it should have done. Which in hindsight this is a shame as some people out there are missing a great film. Right from the start we are drawn into the story by meeting a beaten up Ben Afflick in the title role. We then hear him say the immortal line "they say that when you are about to die you see your whole life flash before your eye's. That is also true of a blind man" And then of course we are taken to back to when the hero of the film was a normal boy growing up in a part of new york called hells kitchen. An origin story that to my mind hasn't been implemented as well in any other movie. The film doesn't let up from that moment either, and if superhero's existed they would exist in the form of dare devil. The scene where Mat Murdock return's home after dispensing of a really nasty rapist is masterful. Beaten and bruised he steps in the shower, and as the water trickles over his battered body you can see the blood trickling down the drain, then cut to his face as he pinches a single tooth that comes away from his jaw then clunks to the bottom of the shower with a ching. Then after stepping out we see him go straight to the medicine cabinet and pop some painkillers into his mouth. Then after stepping into his sound proof coffin so that he will not go mad from the high intensity sounds he is constantly hearing, he passes into something slightly less pleasurable than sleep. You know at this point that this is a super hero. There is no Aunt May or butler Alfred at home to cook him a nice cup of tea. He is completely alone. Doing what he does not to get thanks. But because he has the ability to do it. I don't even class this movie as a movie. This move is pure Art. Made and written by people that love the whole daredevil mythos. The man without fear. And to all those people that hated the movie I am sorry. I am sorry that the film hasn't got the recognition that it deserve's and i am sorry that everyone who hated the film so much hasn't really watched the film. Just remember as daredevil said in his own words. "I'm not the bad guy"
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Another GREAT Marvel Comics Movie!!
zach__anderson23 February 2003
As the release date of Daredevil approached, I became more and more skeptical of Ben Affleck's ability to actually pull-off a super-hero movie. After seeing it last night though, I no longer doubt this ability, nor do I doubt anybody else's abilities in the all-star cast.

The fighting scenes were excellently done. The presentation of Daredevil's superhuman senses was even better than I imagined. Jennifer Garner is one of the hottest actresses who can kick anyone's ass. Michael Clarke Duncan's gave a great performance as the Kingpin. Collin Farrell is one of my new favorite villain's in Bullseye. Everything about this movie is just as dark as it is truly beautiful.

There were two major elements about the movie that made me give it a score of 8 instead of 10 though. First, when Daredevil kills that rapist in the subway, the problem is that in the comic books, Daredevil has never maintained a "criminals must die" mentality. He has actually gotten into fights with other superheroes over this belief, so when this happened in the movie, I was a little miffed. Somebody has brought it to my attention that Daredevil actually killed his first criminal on his first outing in his hero persona, but my only response to that would be the fact that the incident in the subway station was presented as not being Daredevil's "first time".

Second, the god-awful soundtrack is touted around scene after scene in the movie. The main problems with this is that: a.) The music really, REALLY sucks; and b.) The music dates the movie. Watching the movie 10 years from now when our culture's preferences in music have changed will make us more critical of this movie in the long run. Nobody is going to remember these songs or the people who sang them in ten years, and I wish that they were not there to begin with.

Other than that, I can't understand why there are so many people who didn't like this movie. If you liked Spider-man, you'll like this movie even better because, simply put, Daredevil is a better movie. The plot is well-written, the characters are as likeable as they are believable, and the special-effects/fight scenes are top-notch. It really is great that the Marvel superheroes are getting treated so well in the film industry.
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Great Movie
toz45113 October 2020
One of my favorite comic book movies! Intelligent and well acted. One of the best bad guys in recent memory (Colin Farrell). So good.
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I gave this a 10 for the Director's Cut DVD
gaijin100-131-53206714 December 2014
"Daredevil - Director's Cut" deserves a rating of 10.

I won't give any details or spoilers but suffice it to say that "Daredevil - Director's Cut" (available on DVD and Blu-Ray) actually makes sense and has much-better developed plot and characters than the "Studio Cut" (the one you saw in theaters).

"Daredevil - Director's Cut" actually makes you crave for a sequel.

In the Special Features, director Mark Steven Johnson discusses how the studio butchered his original vision for the film, resulting in the incomprehensible version that ended up in theaters.

The theater version unfairly got director Johnson, lead actor Ben Affleck, and the rest of the cast so much undeserved hate.

I hope the studio atones for its hideous crime by showing the Director's Cut on the big screen.
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Great Film!
soulstrong31 December 2004
I just bought the Director's Cut on DVD, and the movie is still a good movie even a year or so after it came out. The design of the movie is artistically done, the acting is great, it's a great credit to Marvel Comics and the films, and it's an honor and well made adaption of the comic. I honestly don't understand why people want to say that this movie isn't good, yes there are bad points but there are many good points as well. If you look at this film without any bias, and if you are a fan of the comic, you'll understand this movie is a great movie as a movie, and a great piece of art. Overall, I give this movie a 10 out of 10, because it definitely deserves it.
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Daredevil - The best Super-Hero Movie?
area013 September 2004
Daredevil is the movie that Burton's 1989 Batman should have been. I know Special Effects have moved on since then, but Daredevil has the pacing, storytelling, character development, direction and overall style that Batman lacked. The director obviously has a lot of fondness for the character, and drops a shed-load of comic book references into the film, like creators names and situations, making it a labour of love - but with the technical ability to make an accessible film for all audiences.

From the opening shot of Daredevil grasping the cross atop the church, the excellent origin structure and the character interaction between Daredevil and Electra, Bullseye and the Kingpin - this movie bridges the gap between the original Comic Book sources and the end film magnificently.

There are a few sections of the film that did not come up to par - the opening titles are a nice idea (braille to letters) but it looks a little cheap and computer-generated, and Daredevil being entombed in the water filled coffin (to block out all outside noise?) seemed surplus to requirements. The end piece with the Kingpin is a little rushed, but I suppose we had all the Super-Hero Slug-Fest we could ask for with the Bullseye church section? I would have preferred a standard music score throughout, and not the "alternative rock track" that got dropped in occasionally. But these little gripes aside - the movie really does hit the spot throughout.

Daredevil also marks the first mainstream venture into a mature audience market for a "kids" super-hero character. The comic character was always a darker version of Spider-Man, with mature storylines supplied by the likes of Frank Miller. But it's still a gent in spandex underwear leaping around New York after hours, brawling with other costumed nut-cases, and leading the customary double-life (Lawyer by Day, Hero by Night) of your regular Super-Hero. The 1989 Batman film, and even Spider-Man, moved Comic Character movies away from the younger audience - but Daredevil really pushed it further without an all-out on-screen blood and sex agenda. A brave move as the potential audience must be reduced by this approach, and it has to be a harder sell to the studio and money-backers.

I am sure there are a legion of Spider-Man and X-Men fans out there that would wave the flag for these to be crowned "best super-hero movie", but my vote would go to this horned devil. Bring on Daredevil 2, by the same team…..
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