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A very decent, but dated pilot...
Bootterra9 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This pilot, which aired on Thanksgiving 1993 alongside the Battletoads pilot, is very decent.

The Bubsy cartoon pilot starts out with an intro that doesn't use footage found elsewhere in the episode. After the intro, we see Bubsy Bobcat wake up his unwilling sidekick, an armadillo named Arnold, who has a fear of being ran over by a truck (and was having a nightmare about it). Arnold fears Bubsy more than a truck, however. Bubsy's twin niece and nephew, Teresa and Terrence Bobcat, are visiting him for their birthday. They harass Arnold. Bubsy not noticing his friend is scared, turns on the TV to the news, when the anchor is finishing up a story of armadillos being ran over by trucks. This makes Arnold freak out, and he curls into a ball. The twins thinks he wants to play, so they use him as both a basketball and bowling ball. The news goes on to a story about an scientist and his assistant, Virgil Reality and Oblivia, who invented a helmet that can alter reality. Bubsy then says he wants to test the helmet. When asked why, Bubsy gives a speech complete with black and white live action stock footage. However, it seems a female fat cat, named Ally Cassandra, who is the show's main villain, was watching too. She quickly calls for her henchmen, Sid the Vicious Shrew and Bozwell Buzzard, who quickly comes. Ally tells the duo to steal the helmet. Bubsy meanwhile, makes it to Virgil's lab after calling to test the helmet. Oblivia answers the door, and she gets Bubsy's name wrong. Bubsy asks how the helmet works, and Virgil tells him. Bubsy goes on to wish he could fly, which causes him to fall from a great height along with the the rest of the cast. Arnold ends up with the helmet and his fear of trucks takes over. Bubsy grabs the helmet and has everyone (minus Arnold) sent back to the lab. Arnold then crashes through the roof. The twins end up with the helmet and greedily wish for birthday presents. Sid and Bozwell come flying in, only for Sid to get injured instead. Bubsy realizing that the twins must have the helmet, goes outside to look for them. Finding the twins have turned the area into a carnival, Bubsy gives another speech before getting hit and dragged by the coaster car, with Sid and Bozwell already seated in the coaster car. Both Virgil and Oblivia run away. Bozwell and Sid get sick, while Bubsy orders the twins to stop the coaster. The twins follow their uncle's orders, but the Bozwell, Sid, Bubsy, and Arnold fly off. The twins (who made themselves giant with the helmet) step on Bubsy and Arnold. Bubsy scolds the twins, who cry because its their birthday. Bozwell and Sid get the helmet and the twins. Ally now has the helmet, and Bozwell and Sid want to cook the twins. After getting upset, Bubsy cheers up and gets his motivation back. Virgil offers Bubsy a high tech device to track the helmet, but Bubsy opts to look up the villains in the phone book and call them. After out smarting Sid, Bozwell informs Ally of the situation. Ally tells Bozwell and Sid not to answer the door, but Bubsy out smarts Sid again. The helmet gets tossed back and forth, having both dreams and nightmares become reality. Bubsy gets the helmet, but it seems it is about to explode Bubsy, risking his own life as well all the other major characters in the show, he has the villains tied up by using the helmet. Oblivia gets Bubsy's name right. Bubsy gives yet another speech, and puts the helmet back on, but instead of exploding, it electrocutes Bubsy and Arnold ending the episode.

The show does rely on puns, running gags, and stock footage a lot. Also Bubsy's catch phrase is used a lot (it is even the name of the episode). 3 times in the pilot Bubsy gives a speech and with 3 different pieces of stock footage (meaning that there were 9 different pieces of stock footage in the one episode). Oblivia doesn't get Bubsy name right until the end of the episode and her name is a joke (literally). Virgil's name is also a pun. There are some other running gags like a truck gag, Bubsy abusing Arnold, and Sid being abused. The plot is silly too. The pilot is also a little dated, even for 1993. The villains weren't in the original game (the only one out at the time).

But the reason why I ranked it so high is because it is actually still fun to watch (for me at least). I can see that the show wasn't suppose to take itself real seriously. The show has all star voice talents. Also one could argue that the villains from the game (the Woolies) were meant to show up later in the series. Also, at least 1 of the villain designs and 3 of the heroes were used in Bubsy II (and at least another hero on the box art). I feel like, in terms of cartoons, Bubsy could certainly be rebooted into something much better for a wider audience, and with the new Bubsy (reboot) game coming out later this year, that might be a real possibility.
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Partially surprised this didn't get picked up, partially not
Warning: Spoilers
"Bubsy" is a 25-minute small-screen cartoon from 1993, so this one will have its 25th anniversary next year. The director is Tom (not Tim) Burton and he is also one of the writers who created this pilot episode. There was the possibility that this could be turned into a series of several episodes, maybe even several seasons, but eventually it did not get picked up and Bubsy became a more known character in the world of video games. It is a little bobcat (red lynx) who has to save the world when a powerful helmet that grants any wish you have gets in the hands of an evil lady. Luckily, he has his friends (and nephews) there to help him cope with the situation. Not that he needed them because what could possibly go wrong? I personally must say this was an interesting little movie. Yes the title character is a bit annoying and I guess that's why this film has such a low rating here on IMDb. But the supporting characters are funny, especially the bad guys. The ideas are absurd, but in animation that's often a good and not a bad thing and here I#d say so as well. There were more than just a few quotes that worked out nicely in my opinion and references to Elvis or so make this also a solid watch for grown-ups. The moments with the live action inclusions were a bit random though, but not all bad either. I am not sure if they could have kept this level up for an entire series, especially in terms of the entertainingly awkward spirit, but it should have been worth a try and maybe I'd even have watched it. The very experienced and prolific voice actors did a good job as well for the most part. Overall, I recommend Bubsy and I found it a positive surprise.
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An interesting, if failed, TV pilot
Shawn Watson24 November 2004
I love Bubsy the Bobcat. He's so cute and funny. His video game was loads of fun and I thought he had major potential to be a big star (and maybe still). Plus I loved his T-Shirt with the big red exclamation mark!

This TV pilot however was far too-dated for 1993 and didn't think ahead. The animation, music and characters were very late-80s in design and story line was too whacked-out with no internal logic. And while I love Bubsy's trademark 'What Can Possibly Go Wrong?' line it is used far too many times in this 30-minute episode.

It would have been nice to see at least one or two seasons of Bubsy but all we're stuck with for now is this ancient pilot that's practically impossible to track down.
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Not All That Bad
jimmydragtron25 May 2016
When I started playing those Bubsy games, I already liked the character in an embracing way. And since then, I been having interests into just about any media that centers on the character.

I wonder why a number of viewers find this cartoon unfavorable? I wonder if all that disdain to Bubsy is based on the negative reception received by the character's first and only 3D video game? Whatever the reason, people should treat each media individually.

Some viewers say the rhythm of the show is loud or too upbeat. Well I have no problem with that. In fact that rhythm was something popularize in cartoons from the 1940s and 1950s.

As to what I appreciate in this one, the action and gags are adequate, and pretty standard for its time. Those action include aggressive excitement and exaggerated passion which is best suited for younger audiences.

The only flaw perhaps is the way Bubsy says his catchphrase maybe a bit to repetitive. Viewers don't need to be annoyed because one the characters in the show feels the same way.
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Oh brother, if this was a show...
monsunotk22 April 2018
I get it. This show comes from hell, just like TTG does. But this show IS TTG. THIS. And why are there fart jokes and cat puns in the show anyway? It just makes no sense. At least it isn't, but it's somewhat inspired from this creature of a show. Not really surprised.
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We've got something interesting, but it's making me pull my brains out!!
alexmpw27 February 2018
I know that pilots are often unpolished and not quite what the series may be like on average, but could this get any more infuriating? I mean, I don't hate Bubsy by a long stretch, and this pilot does genuinely have some good things going for it. For what I've seen, it looks like it could have been a mixture of Heathcliff and The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, both really surreal yet entertaining shows.

But this. This. THIS. Gah. Rob Paulsen and the cast give it their all, but the plotting's atrocious, the animation's just plain ugly (look at Bubsy on the thumbnail, just look at him!!) and the humour is just not there (outside of idiotic and unfunny jokes). What really grinds my gears is that they had the opportunity to give the disliked character a personality overhaul that might have made him more marketable, but they chose to make him even more unlikable.

If someone were to remake this into a serviceable pilot, I wouldn't complain, provided that they fix these problems and mix some originality into it.
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This cartoon failed so hard it got cancelled after one episode
SynthHarmony6920 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Words cannot describe how atrocious is Bubsy. His cartoon failed so hard that it got cancelled after one episode. The series was so bad that JonTron did a review of the game. Bubsy 3D was so bad that the AVGN reviewed it and the Bubsy series completely ended because of this.

There is no single good thing about Bubsy, everything about his series and himself sucks.

Bubsy is a stupid preteen bobcat who goes on stupid adventures.

There wasn't any good thing about this show and its only episode. It was terrible from beginning to end.

Bubsy's voice is so annoying that it can kill your brain cells.

Bubsy's cartoon is one heck of an awful show, without any single redeeming value.

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Cartoon crimes # 4 bubsy pilot (AKA everything could go possibly wrong)
gugsybear7 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
this pilot IS ABHORENT so we start with a theme song probably written by someone with ADHD who drank to much coffee spat it all over the reel and spilled sugar on it yes that bad it makes fanboy and chum chum look like meditation also the what could possibly go wrong counters on 2 times oh and the title of the episode is that stupid saying that adds 1 more what could possibly go wrong so inside his house which is drawn like the theme by the way oh and he has a sidekick Arnold armadillo who is afraid of trucks and gets tortured by bubsy woo boy this is a looooooooooong day you know that also bubsy has an ego a big big ego so more Arnold torture and some more bubsy ego and the two single most annoying twins come along and make me go bonkers so bubsy rats out Arnold and the twins grab him from under the couch and torture home some more and bubsy watches TV which tortures Arnold even more as it plays to his fear of trucks and the twins use Arnold as a ball filler filler this filler filler that and we finally get the plot in gear so some guys invented an imagination helmet and is very annoying also I think they predicted VR also more Arnold torture 4 what could possibly go wrongs so stereotypical villain with two dumb henchmen make the scene so we get bubsy doing dumb crap with helmet what could possibly go wrong has been said 5 times the truck returns and Arnold gets tortured and the annoying kids steal the helmet also they stole this from the adventures of sonic the hedgehog the sound mixing is awful I want rip my ears off also what could possibly go right so the annoying twins mess with the henchmen so at this point oop six what could possibly go wrongs they have turned the lab into a coaster and ran over Arnold so more stupid black and white gags seven what could possibly go wrongs so they hit bubsy which is so satisfying so they make more roller coaster things and drive us nuts so they act like brats so 8 more what could possibly go wrongs sigh I give up I am done
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