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Season 1

13 Nov. 1956
Episode #1.21
Rex does some cowboy tunes with the Hi-Los in a western setting, then Rosie tries to sophisticate his image by having him put on a tux and sing in a nightclub.
30 Nov. 1956
Episode #1.22
Rosemary welcomes comedian Buster Keaton and actress-singer Gail Stone to the program. Buster is featured in a silent skit playing a policeman in hot pursuit of a burglar and gets to show off his singing skills in a duet with Rosemary.
21 Dec. 1956
Mel Torme
Rosie and Mel join the HiLos in a song set with a country fair motif. Rosie solos some Christmas songs.
7 Mar. 1957
Boris Karloff
Rosemary welcomes her guest Boris Karloff who tries his best to convince Rosemary that his fearsome reputation is pure fiction - he's just the victim of typecasting. His depiction of the Big Bad Wolf in "The Little Red Riding Hood" sketch and the mysterious disappearance of the Hi-Los after one of their numbers does little to soothe her fears, however. Boris sings a duet with Rosemary and solos on the English folk song "Children Have Quizzical Ways."

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