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One of my favorites from PBS
Rmaidad96921 October 2002
This was a part of a beautifully produced and moving series based on

short stories by A.E. Coppard. I cannot remember the titles of the

other films in this series but I keep hoping I will see it released on

video and am also hoping that there are other viewers out there who have

not forgotten this excellent product
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remembering it 35 years later
HuckleberryGal30 September 2007
I don't think I saw but a portion of it. I didn't own a TV in those days but would frequently drop by my parents house on Sunday evenings and catch some of Mstrpc Theatre with them. It was like torture to try to go home before the shows were over, so that I could get a good night's sleep before work on Monday morning.

What I remember so keenly about The Watercress Girl was the young woman standing in a stream. There was something so poignant about the lush foliage, the stream, the girl, and so on, that the mental image stuck with me, and even 35 years later it tugs at my heart.

If this show were released in DVD or video, I would be so pleased to see it.
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