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A low-budget, horror-comedy made with a great deal of energy and enough quality to recommend it.
TheVid12 November 2002
This is a fine little exploitation film made on a shoestring budget (approximately $150K, according to the maker). There's enough humor and panache to keep it interesting and reviewers who've criticised it's production design and performers are somewhat out of line, when you consider the budget and amazingly short shooting schedule. The sets and performances actually tend to work, when you compare them to the insidious TV shows being lampooned. Frankly, the actors here do just as well as Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Jennifer Love-Hewitt and the rest of their ilk ever do in big-budget counterparts. I personally appreciate the enthusiasm of filmmakers like Maurice Devereaus and his crew for putting out personal little productions like SLASHERS, and look forward to what they might do with a studio-style budget.
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Satire at its finest.
Mr_Pink0522 May 2005
A true work of Genius. I found "Slashers" to be a magnificent film. It's social comment was fantastic. I loved the concept of people killing one another for money. I also liked the idea of the women having to remove their clothes to become more popular, a great satirical comment about today's "Big Brother"/Jodie Price generation. Some of the dialogue was so clever, for example lines like "those dollar bills that you worship do not bare the face of the lord" really reflect the true intellect of the writer. This film was a great piece of social satire, reminiscent of George A Romero's "Dawn Of The Dead."

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Awesome Film...Extremely Underrated!
Horror_Fan0124 February 2007
I Really hope this gets remade, with a bigger budget and a better cast and send it to theaters, or make a real TV show like this, because this movie definitely did not get the credit it deserved, the DVD is even discontinued (stop making them). This was an awesome movie and definitely worth a look, the reality show plot is awesome, i loved it, i guess it's one of those movies which you either love it or hate it. I cant really say it's being remade, but a similar movie is coming out this April 2007, entitled Wrong Turn 2, almost the same plot, i cant wait for it. But if you want some good cheap scares and fake gore and a low budget horror flick, this is definitely worth a look, so please give it a shot, you might like it as much as me!
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Under-rated, funny satire, really fun
cantthinkofname17 February 2004
This is one brave direct to video feature. The director chose to present the film as one long shot, with invisible edits like Hitchcock did in "Rope". The acting is pretty good considering all the actors were non-union amateurs, and this has a nice take on the whole reality TV show phenomenon. The characters all run around in a maze trying to avoid being sliced and diced by a bunch of masked killers. The winner of the contest gets millions of dollars. The film takes the whole disgusting "Fear Factor" thing to its logical conclusion, making some good points about the blurring line between entertainment and reality, and the danger of introducing cruelty into the mix. Deveraux obviously wanted to use Freddy, Jason and Leatherface here, as he has villains that resemble them. What he does with his limited budget is really clever and he sets himself apart from the hacks with this one. I can't wait till he has some real money to work with.
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Real Low-Budget Cheesy Slash Fest
Pet_Rock2 September 2006
6 people (Sarah Joslyn Crowder, Kieran Keller, Tony Curtis Blondell and more) have agreed to be a part of a Japanese reality show in which they are locked in a creepy house and stalked and killed by 3 sickos (a wonderful performance by Neil Napier and an alright job by Christopher Piggins). Whoever gets out alive wins millions and millions of dollars. But who will get out alive? Maurice Devereaux does a much better job at writing than directing. The script is surprisingly original and smart.

The film is filled with bad actors. However, there are a few gems in here: Kieran Keller, who has done nothing and has nothing planned was actually pretty good IMO, and Tony Curtis Blondell is up and rising. But the best, IMO, was Neil Napier, who played 2 killers very well.

Out of all the "Reality Show" horrors, this is one of the better ones, along side with "My Little Eye" and Kolobos.
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Cheap, yet wildly entertaining
leagueofstruggle11 February 2004
In as much as reality television makes me violently ill this little cheapie came along and pretty much collected all my feelings in one tight little ball of cinema excellence. Of course, the film is covered in trappings of morality about Reality TV going to far, I was able to push the heavy handed morality aside and just enjoy a film that takes the dazzle out of real TV shows in satires. The acting is standard B-fare nothing outstanding except for Christopher Piggins as Doctor Ripper. Piggins just seemed more fluid and natural without hamming it up in the role of a TV-made psycho killer. Sets are, well, a paintball arena and this is sometimes distracting as I was waiting to see a masked guy with a paintball gun accidentally walk into shot. A small drawback that can be overlooked none the less. Only thing that could have made this film better was possibly shooting it as an American release using the original Japansese cast possibly subtitling it. It would have gone leaps and bounds in making the film more immersive and believable, but that just my opinion. Regardless it gets an 8/10.
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cool movie
fibreoptic26 July 2004
Slashers is extremely enjoyable. It is ripped off The Running Man a bit but comes through with a little bit of nice gore and even though there is really no shocks in it it still makes for a really impressive movie that has a slight but predictable twist at the end. Megan is well annoying, does she really need to yell all the time. Surprisingly good. 9/10
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Worth watching!
DKEHouse117 March 2004
Ok, Ok, so the movie isn't going to win any Oscars, it's your average, low-budget horror movie that is, if nothing else, entertaining. It's interesting and unique storyline, may however be overlooked by the somewhat cheesy acting and lacking dialogue. It is not however lacking in the gore category. There is plenty of blood and gore to go around. The "scary" villains aren't very scary, they all have goofy voices you would expect to hear in cartoons, but their quick and unexpected entrances will keep you on your toes. The movie had tons of potential to be a great horror movie, but the low budget, and sub-par acting make it just slightly above average.

Overall rating 8 out of 10.
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Interesting And Entertaining, A Pretty Good Video Movie
Bill3579 June 2009
Despite some very bad acting, I found Slashers (or $la$herS) to be an engaging and very entertaining movie. The colorful sets and slasher characters won me over.

What I found interesting was that the slashers weren't portrayed as pure psychopaths trying to kill everyone as soon as possible but performers trying to coax good "performances" out of the contestants before killing them at a very dramatic moment and the fact that offering a good performance can make the slashers hold off on trying to kill you. I also found it quite amusing that they tried as much as possible to get the girls naked!

As far as the acting goes, I found it pretty wooden and stilted most of the time. The dialog handed them didn't help as it seemed better suited to a comic book than a movie. However, considering the content of the film, it didn't take away much.

The slashers themselves give the best performances of the picture but that's not saying much because they were supposed to overact. I found the purposely bloated stereotypes quite funny as well and loved the evil doctor's bad Boris Karloff impersonation.
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$la$her$ review
Jennifer_Gardner13 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Blair Witch project meets The Running man meets Rope. This movie is actually better than it sounds. I absolutely loved this one! From a ridiculous budget, the director manages to pull out something original an which is not looking like crap. Hell, he even managed to make it look like it's shot in one single take. Rope, from Hitchcock is a classic known for this, but here we're not talking going back and forth between 2 rooms, but running through numerous rooms, avoiding numerous obstacles and all. Purely insane. And the whole thing is filmed in a most realistic way, a bit like Blairwitch, only you don't have to suffer the major camera shaking this time.

Perhaps not as atmospheric as it could have been with a higher budget, still the suspense works very well and the characters are solid. If course it's cheesy by moments, but that's to be expected with that kind of movie, especially since the whole thing takes place on a TV set, where contestants are subject to any type of behavior and emotions, they're not supposed to look like actors. But the actors here impersonate that feeling of amateur-ness very well. You can't help but find Chainsaw Charlie (Neil Napier) sympathetic. Hear him talking about his kids and wife, "I'm just doing my job here".. Unfortunately, the villains are not all equally good, for example the preacher man (played again by Neil Napier) seemed a bit weak to me, but at least he doesn't get much air time.

The script is well done, and it contains a few interesting twists that will keep you guessing for the ending.. Some situations are pure genius. For example, during the commercial breaks, the contestants and slashers must stop what they're doing and hold still, whatever position they might be in. Which leads to some absolutely delicious twisted humorous situations.

The gore scenes are quite funny as well, though I would have expected more of them, perhaps with more participants and/or more slashers, but i guess the budgets wouldn't allow it.

Overall, it's a well done satire both of human society and other movies, well worth watching. Next time you wanna watch a horror movie, rent this instead of XYZ sequel from some famous overkilled franchise
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HEEERRRREE! Here's your victim!
Dr. Gore5 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers

I bought this video for three bucks. "Slashers" is a melding of "The Running Man" and all of those insane Japanese game shows. Six knuckleheads are let loose in the TV studio's maze and three colorful psychos chase after them. Last one standing wins the prize. Run lawyer, run.

Well, the first thing that strikes me about this one is how unbelievably annoying the law student was. She had a permanent scowl on her face. She kept getting her shirt ripped off but decided to hide her breasts. She exposes them to the viewers once in a fit of pure rage. "HEEEEERREEE!! Here they are!!!" Believe me when I tell you that her breasts weren't worth getting that emotional about. HEEEEERREEE!! Here's your shirt back! I was also very sad that the "actress" of the group never got topless and she was walking around in her bra through most of the show.

So the contestants work their way through the maze and are picked off by the psychos. "Slashers" has a cool concept that is almost sunk by its ultra low budget. "Slashers" is shot on video and looks super cheap. However, they do manage to stage some interesting kills and aren't shy with the blood and guts. I also enjoyed the beginning montage segment with the host singing the "Slashers" song. Overall, "Slashers" is worth a look for B-movie fans.
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Surprisingly entertaining!
Snake-66627 November 2003
Six contestants compete for a prize of anything between twelve and eighteen million dollars on an American edition of a bizarre Japanese game show. The contestants must attempt to stay alive as they are placed in an arena against three psychotic killers.

This Canadian-made parody of those infamous extreme Japanese game shows is humorous, strangely entertaining and even slightly inventive. Continuing the reality theme that featured in movies such as ‘The Last Broadcast' (1998) and ‘The Blair Witch Project' (1999), ‘Slashers' is presented to the viewer solely through the eyes (or lens) of the cameraman of this weird and warped game show. However, unlike the aforementioned films, ‘Slashers' is not a film that is meant to be taken all that seriously. The movie possesses an inherent comic atmosphere throughout and features a whole array of weird and wonderful characters. The killers consist of a supposedly inbred, chainsaw wielding redneck, a demonic looking priest (both played by Neil Napier) and a more than slightly deranged `doctor' known as Dr. Ripper (Christopher Piggins). The killers are portrayed in the movie as highly theatrical whereas their actions are horrid and brutal reality. These characters all provide at least some degree of humour, one especially when he announces to the terrified (and one very angry) contestants during a commercial break that he is only doing his job.

The contestants are unfortunately less interesting. They range from a terrified law student who wishes to become a political martyr before realising what a big mistake she had made to the somewhat dangerously odd. One very humorous aspect was added in Tony Curtis Blondell in the role of Devon as one has to ask just how many times has he seen Romero's ‘Night of the Living Dead'? Of course, similarities between his character and that of Ben are more than likely down to the writers rather than the actor. The acting performances from the entire cast were all fairly lousy. While some of the performers put far too much energy into their performance and came across as extremely hammy, others seemed to be more than happy just to spout a few lines in order to get a small paycheque. However, despite the generally dreadful performances the movie was still fairly enjoyable and remained watchable from beginning till end. ‘Slashers' was also surprisingly gory (or perhaps `bloody' is more the correct word?) although many of the more advanced effects echoed the obvious low-budget of the movie. It was quite refreshing though that the makers chose to attempt manual effects rather than opting for poor CGI which I have seen a number of recent low-budget movies resort to despite the distinctly poor end result.

‘Slashers' is undoubtedly a vastly cheesy movie with a rather basic storyline and no real scares. Unlike other similar films, ‘Slashers' does not portray any sort of darkly sinister atmosphere that works as an addition to the pseudo-snuff style. Instead, it is quite simply a light-hearted, bizarre and somewhat unique horror comedy. The film is fairly predictable and the plot-twist is not really effective as any viewer who has taken notice of the rules will realise what has happened. In addition, attempts at character development are pretty laughable. Is ‘Slashers' great? No. Is ‘Slashers' good? Well that's a matter of opinion. Many people will probably dislike this but fans of non-serious parody-style horror may find this one to be worth one watch. Despite it's low budget there is an incredible attention to detail in the actual arena and, if not for the poor acting and occasionally lacking special effects, one could actually believe that this were a real game show! In fact, I would venture to say that the makers actually put more thought into this movie than first meets the eye. Horror fans may enjoy spotting the horror villain in a particular scene. With a higher budget it would most likely have been much better. My rating for ‘Slashers' – 6.5/10.
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Good show!
Bezenby9 September 2015
I'd passed this one over several times on the shelves of Poundland, but then picked it up for 50p at a car boot sale. I didn't quite like the look of it, but am pleased to say this is a fine b-movie with plenty of energy and gore, and it's fun to watch too.

It's the first all American episode of the Japanese reality game Slashers and after an upbeat intro, complete with a song, we get right into the swing of things. Six contestants have to stay alive long enough to reach the end running time of the programme, while three psycho killers (one a preacher, another a chainsaw redneck and the other guy a weird Doctor) chase them round the set.

The sets are nicely weird too and add to the atmosphere - I'd go into detail about the characters but I've forgotten all their names already but there's a chick there for political reasons, a hunky guy, a less hunky guy, a weird guy who enjoys things a bit too much, and two other chicks. As mentioned elsewhere the acting is a bit ropey but the gore and novelty levels are high and it's a nice take on the slasher genre.

That's about it really.
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$urpri$ingly fun.
BA_Harrison22 April 2014
For the first time in its history, extreme Japanese game show $la$her$ hosts an All-American special, throwing open the doors of its gore-drenched arena to six plucky U.S. contestants who must fight for survival against a trio of blood-thirsty killers for the chance to win a fortune in prize money.

Going by the terrible UK DVD cover that simply screamed 'worthless garbage', my expectations for this low budget horror were set extremely low, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that that I actually enjoyed the film on more than one level...

On one hand, $la$her$ is an enjoyably silly splatter flick—an over the top parody of extreme game shows that delivers a significant level of tension, genuinely well-executed jump scares, cheap and cheerful decapitations and dismemberment aplenty, and just a smidge of female nudity—all of which makes it a fun film to down a few beers to.

However, for those looking for something a little more cerebral, the film also offers some wry satire that takes swipes at such subjects as today's celebrity culture, the depths to which people will sink to make a buck, and the hypocrisy of religion. Much of this humour is derived from the film's superb villains: Preacherman (Neil Napier), who kills in the name of God; Dr. Ripper (Christopher Piggins), who encourages the female contestants to get topless to boost their popularity; and Chainsaw Charlie (Napier again, in a dual role), an inbred redneck who is 'just doing his job'.

Although production values are very low, the whole movie being shot on digital video on a flimsy set constructed from hardboard and plastic sheeting, the cheap look and feel actually works in the film's favour, effectively capturing the poor quality and style of many a tacky Japanese game-show.
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Excellently AMUSING!!
kri_tei2 August 2012
I loved this movie! It's really not particularly scary, but even though I'm a real horror fan I have not a single bad thing to say about this movie! It even made me jump in my couch a couple of times.

When it started I was wondering if it was a comedy/horror, but it's not.. It's just VERY amusing and entertaining. The actors are really good, even though none of the are well known actors. There are the stereo type characters we seen in bad quality horror movies, but in this setting it works perfectly. I must also say that the ending was somehow a surprise, even though I kinda expected something like that to happen. More than that I will not say.

I'm must also add that I love all horror film involving game shows, and I love Asian horror movies, so this was the perfect match!

Highly recommended!
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The Worst Film You'll Ever Love!
PatrickDice9 May 2012
OK, I'll admit it, I actually loved this film! I couldn't stop watching it, perhaps partly because of how poor the production was, or maybe because of the simplistically wonderful concept.

The acting is TERRIBLE, the direction is out of a third rate Mexican soap opera, the sound, lighting and editing are ridiculously bad and the plot is as thin as the chance anyone other than serious horror fans will like this movie.

I think it is so funny that this is a movie about a Japanese reality TV show set in America, but cast with Canadian actors with accents as thick as Canadian bacon.

Do yourself a favor and watch the film, just don't expect much out of it.
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Bloody Disgusting (in a good way)
videa5523 January 2012
If your not a fan of horror or gore leave this page now, in fact forget that it exists because your not going to like this movie one little bit. For those of you who are still reading prepare for a bloody treat of over the top horror executed (pun intended)with style and to such high quality, which is surprising as to look at the budget must have been minuscule.

First of all don't expect an award winning masterpiece here just by the title of the movie you should be able to surmise that its going to be a seedy affair. Exploitation is the name of the game plenty of female nudity and gore on display just the way we like it, also it doesn't take itself seriously which I think helps this movie immensely. By keeping it light hearted the filmmakers have made it easier to look past the flaws of the movie and just enjoy it for what it is. But not to say that its shallow, with underlying satire on reality TV show's and a look into the vicarious and indifferent society in which we now live it adds depth.

The story is quite basic, think The Running man meets Friday the 13th. Our introduction to the movie is the start of an episode of the no.1 extreme TV show in japan Slashers, we are quickly introduced to our six contestants who will battle it out with the insanely demonic serial killers to win a grand prize of $12 million. We have a selection of odd ball characters to route for a politically motivated college girl to an ex soldier to a fame hungry actress all out to take fame and fortune. The slashers have a comic strip feel to them played tongue in cheek and extremely over the top especially doctor Ripper (Christopher Piggins) who steals the show here, chainsaw Charlie and preacherman (both played by Neil Napier) are also deliciously disgusting character's always ready with one liners and jumping out of the scenery to keep things interesting.

Some of the acting leaves a lot to be desired though, I think the performance of Claudine Shiraishi as Miho the host of the show was shockingly bad and made me want to turn it off in the first few minutes also Jerry Sprio puts in a surprisingly bad performance at some points as a Mexican bouncer. Thankfully the characters that bring down the movie are only on screen for a limited amount of time and the other characters do enough to make you look past this.

The production is very cheap but on a shoe string budget what the hey, the gore effects are decent enough and there is more than plenty of the red stuff splattering from start to finish.I've seen the sets for this movie compared to a paintball arena and i will fully agree with that analysis, plywood galore comes to mind. But I think its kind of fitting to the whole feel of the movie and helps it. Also the costumes are like cheap Halloween rubbish they sell at the discount store.

All in all this is a enjoyable movie which although has its flaws provides plenty of incentive to look past them and see the bigger picture. If you like gore horror then I recommend this to you highly with lashings of thick red blood, a tongue in cheek attitude and some campy over the top acting help to make this more than worth your time and a cult classic. If it wasen't for some very bad acting mainly the part of Miho i would have rated it higher, but she just brings down the quality of the first 10 minutes.
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Are You Game?
clomez2409 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Many people watch this movie and see it as being a bold piece of satirical art that is commenting on modern society; but I like to take this movie at face value. Slashers is probably the best-worst horror movie I have ever seen.

Don't get me wrong I completely love this movie and watching all of these terrible actors 'run' around in the paint ball facility they called a set. And every time I watch it, I always wish they would kill off "Megan Lowry" in the first five minutes when they had a chance. But this movie is so low quality, I find it next to impossible to even appreciate the 'sarcasm' that is supposedly being portrayed.

Despite the incredibly believable slow motion running and state of the art set, the audience can actually get into the action, thanks to the background music which is probably from the paint ball facility itself. The only thing better than the music is the extremely realistic prop dead bodies and the memorable one-liners.

Slashers is definitely Canada's best contribution to the world since Celine Dion and maple syrup.
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A fun Low-budget Horror film that is very underrated!
horrorfan828 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of people don't like Fangoria's "Slashers", but I do! This movie, based on a Extreme Japenese game show follows a bunch of teens and young adults who must go through a bunch of mazes to survive, and whoever survives wins millions of dollars. I thought this movie had so much potential if it had a higher budget and more filming time and more recognizable actors. I rented this movie back in July of 2007 at Hollywood Video and thought "Oh, a low-budget looking horror film", but I rented it anyway. When I began watching it, I knew it would be corny and cheesy and new right away it had a low budget. However, I was surprised it could pull off all the blood and gore. The sets built for this movie are really fun too. It is mostly contained of sand and little cabin-like boarded rooms for shelter...only for a little bit! And eventually gets false brick rooms and multi-colored clown rooms. This movie is a lot of fun to watch if you like the low-budget, cheesy storyline and acting films. It's a great watch. I recommend it about a 7/10.
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almost there...
andypowell-227 October 2007
i couldn't help but think of behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon (a massively more amazing film) when watching this because of the realistic feel to it as well as the great innovative idea. this could have been a GREAT film. the acting is...from some of the actors alright. from's downright horrible.

that aside the idea is great and the format is great. the story is pretty good as well, though suffering often from big blows to the logical mind.

nevermind that though right? it IS a horror movie after all.

i really want to see this remade...i really want it to be the fantastic film that it wants to be.

however (and you can't really fault the minds behind the movie for this) this is obviously built upon a shoe string budget. and the fx really hurt the film overall.

great movie. ...if you were to swap out for some better acting and slightly better fx.

whoever wrote it should keep going though, great idea here.
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Running Man meets Saw
KHayes66620 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Oh dear.....on one hand you have a blatant rip off of the concept of The Running Man but done so with such monstrosity that you probably could look bast the shoddy acting just to see the fun in it all.

For those who have not seen the movie, the plot is 6 people vollunteer to enter a show with 3 killers and if ya survive ya win big bucks. I won't spoil the ending but you got 6 people running from paid killers with a cameraman following them around the whole way.

If you're going to rip off a movie, least have some creativity and this movie has it I'll have to admit. Even though the ending was LAMMMEEEEEEE the rest of the movie was OK if you're a fan of the genre. If you're looking for a serious horror movie like Saw then you won't find it, but if you want to relax and have some fun, this is worth a look.

The highlight of the movie is where the big Mexican dude has one of the killers scared sh*tless and the killer tries to plead with the network to get him the hell out of there.

6 out of 10
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Never a Dull Moment
s_osovick30 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Even though $LA$HER$ is now over 6 years old, it's premise was fresh enough that it would be possible to believe the film had just been made. We live in times when TV shows are no longer truly scripted, hand-held camera work is the norm, and everyday people are made into prime-time stars.

I don't see much difference between Simon Cowell and Dr. Ripper. Both tear into innocent victims for ratings and pull no punches when it comes to verbal abuse.

$LA$HER$ could have benefited from more experienced actors, but it's clear that director Maurice Devereaux knows what he's doing and knows how to work with a low budget.

There's not much need to suspend disbelief because everything looks and as it should, a TV set with full on colored lighting and blaring techno music by Martin Gauthier, who clearly took his cue from the TV shows and action films of the 80s and 90's.

Regardless of the acting of the contestants/victims, the slashers themselves make the most of the films's tight script and seem to have a great time doing so. Christopher Piggins' manic Dr. Ripper should have his own franchise, and Neil Napier's Chainsaw Charlie was as much fun to watch as Bill Moseley's Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Preacher man, also played by Napier, was the less interesting of the three slashers, but the character's makeup was the most elaborate of the bunch. The rest of the makeup effects were very impressive for a low budget film, and in some cases rivalled those of current goremeisters such as KNB.

A friend of mine said the film was sort of a ripoff of The Running Man, but I disagree. The only reason I bring up his troll-ish comment here is to make a point. $LA$HER$ is more entertaining, better scripted and more believable as a real TV show than the Running Man, and that's without the benefit of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen King or game show icon Richard Dawson! $LA$HER$ is not perfect, but it has made Maurice Devereaux one to watch in my book. If you're looking for a fun horror film with a lot of heart (and guts!), do yourself a favor and rent it.
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Killing as light entertainment
Kronks22 November 2006
I absolutely LOVE this movie. It is my all-time favorite horror comedy. The reason we don't have more great horror comedy is this: Scary Movie 1 has 31,000 votes, and though it wasn't bad, it was just a parody and highly conventional. Slashers, far more amusing and memorable, at this time has 339. Duh.

The core idea here, that society itself becomes light-heartedly sociopathic, goes over most people's heads I guess. It's sexy, perverted, sick, funny -- what more could you ask for?

Here are some *low* budget horror comedies for comparison that do not touch Slashers:

Terrorvision Re-Animator Natural Selection House of 1000 corpses (comes close but gets less funny)

All of these are considerable *higher* budget than Slashers.

That's all I can think of, but that just proves the point. Slashers rules.
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The Running Man comes to Japan
MeinLeben17 September 2006
This is an excellent flick. It's low budget, the acting is cheesy, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and that's part of its charm. The special effects are done very well, the idea (although done before) puts a different spin on things, and the set is genius (done at some paint ball place, I believe). I think if you like horror you'll definitely appreciate this film. I've watched it a million times and shown it to almost every one of my friends and the reaction to it never gets old. They all love it. It takes the reality television obsession to the next level. Once you watch it, you can't help it -- you'll toy with the idea of doing it. If it was real would you? Would you be game? And by game I mean meat.
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