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A pleasant surprise...
wildzero19 February 2002
Why did I snap up this film? Two reasons- 1) Gen X cops was a really cool flick and this movie features some of that team, 2) Jaymee Ong was awesome in Gen X (and way cute to boot!) and this is her second, and only other film (besides a cameo in Pearl Harbor). I really didn't know what to expect when I popped this in, but a few minutes in I was hooked. Much in the storytelling tradition of Pulp Fiction, Open Your Eyes, Amores Perros (you know, that out of order, different perspective style)it builds tension to an almost fever pitch. The end is a real twist.

So, why does this get an eight and not ten? Though the end was cool, I kinda saw it coming early on. Nonetheless, the acting is cool and the film looks great. Highly recommended!! PS: Jaymee Ong is da BOMB!!!
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