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Possibly my favorite drama ever
mjk2806 October 2010
I hate giving 10's because nothing is perfect, but a 9 doesn't do it justice. There have been a lot of 9's over the years but this show is even better than those.

Over 7 seasons The Shield consistently provides an incredibly diverse group of characters and more intrigue than most TV has ever provided. The web Vic and his team weaves is always winding in all sorts of directions and is often on the verge of breaking. Vic and the rest of the strike team use their authority and cunning to untangle it as best they can, almost always using tactics that are ethically questionable at best.

The whole thing really gets you sucked in and you're always torn because rooting for Vic is easy, facing what he really is is not. What's right and what's wrong? When do the lines begin to blur? It's not always clear, but it's incredibly entertaining to watch.

The other thing I really love about the show is how there's always another separate case being pursued by Dutch Waggenbach and company. It keeps each episode going in different directions and the case is always interesting or has an unexpected twist when it's resolved. I think another thing that separates this show from all the others is that you get your murder/rape case that you get everywhere else, but that only compiles about 30% of each episode and the rest is even better than that. Shows like CSI and Law & Order can't even touch the content this show brings, and I haven't even mentioned the gritty, realistic style it's shot and written in. Absolutely unique and done believably and well. The finale? It's as good as you're ever going to get.

It really is a stellar show. I would say there was perhaps one season I thought was only above average (not exactly a strike against it) but the rest was a thrill ride that was so gripping I don't know if there's more than a handful of other shows that have ever matched it in that capacity. You're always in for a surprise when you watch it and the characters grow on you, some of them whether you want them to or not. Recommended as highly as possible.
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The best series ever written
SkyFox117 November 2009
The Shield is not for everyone. My wife, for instance does not like violent TV shows. The Shield is raw, violent and full of incredible suspense and intrigue. A good friend of mine recently turned me on to the Shield and I will forever be grateful. I travel quite a lot and watched all 100+ hours of the Shield while on the road. I could not wait to get to the next episode. During a recent 2 week trip to India, I did not turn on the TV one time. I watched a episode or two of The Shield every night and a whole season each way on the plane. There is a lot of debate about the ending, which I thought was perfect. It's difficult to end such an epic saga but these guys did it about as good as you can. The Shield is life changing. Not all for the good.You should be prepared to be affected by this thing. It's gritty but in the same way that A Clockwork Orange is gritty. The difference is that this lasts for a long, delicious time.
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I thought i'd seen it all
lokutus-119 June 2009
I never wrote a review on IMDb, but after reading that many bad reviews about The Shield i felt i had to do this. In fact all that reviews kept me from seeing The Shield for a long time.

But now that i am through with all Lost and 24 Seasons, seen The Wire twice, had a good time with Oz it was time for something new, so i finally gave The Shield a chance.

And i can tell you it's one hell of a ride, i was hooked after seeing the first episode. I would even compare the series to The Wire, it is different of course and doesn't focus so much on the social aspects, it goes more for the action.

It's got all you need, corrupt cops, drugs, violence, betrayal, good detective work (homicide team) and even some hot chicks occasionally ;) So my conclusion is that if you like quality series with a persistent plot and cliffhangers like The Wire, Lost, Sopranos or Oz go for this one you won't regret it! It will keep you on the edge of your seat for a long time.

And i really can't understand where all those bad reviews are coming from... go check The Shield out for yourself!
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Very very very good 3 series finale ever
uncatw617 March 2010
The shield is one of the best cop shows of all time, only behind "The Wire." The story line is rich and the cast is just brilliant. Michael Chiklis had a career defining role as the brutal Vic Mackey. Chiklis is so good that somehow you continue to root for the guy after all of the brutal crimes he has committed. He truly played that role to perfection. The show continues to get better as the seasons progress. They build on each other perfectly which sets up the epic and heart-wrenching series finale.

As the seasons build, life truly seems to be on the line for every member of the strike team. Walton Goggins, who plays Detective Shane Vendrell, continually got better as the show progressed and gave mind blowing performance in the last two seasons.

What also makes The Shield so rich are the other characters on the show other than the Strike Team. CCH Pounder was brilliant throughout the series and Detective Dutch Waggenbach and Steve Billings both helped balance out the show.

Season long guest stints from stars Forrest Whitaker and Glenn Close helped make this show a top 10 drama of the decade.

If you like "The Wire" or "The Sopranos" then you need to check this show out...It will be worth your time
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One of a kind - a TV Series that actually gets better as it progresses
da_gopsta11 April 2012
I only heard of The Shield a few weeks ago. I had only just finished watching a previous TV show from start to finish, and was after a new one to pass the time. I typed in "The Best TV Shows Ever", or something similar, on Google, and I noticed that this was on a few lists. I'd never heard of it, but after checking to see that it was given a very respectable 8.7 rating on IMDb, I decided to check it out.

When I started, I was not unimpressed, but at the same time, I didn't really get the immediately-hooked feeling like I did at the start of other TV shows like Prison Break, Dexter and Breaking Bad, amongst others.

However, unlike most TV dramas, The Shield got progressively better throughout its series. The characters were very complex and I can't think of a single main character who I had both rooted for at times, yet wanted to see their downfall in others.

As I said, the series got progressively better, but in no way was I expecting the finale to be as good as it was. I've seen a fair few TV series in my time, but no series finale that I've seen has even come close to matching this one. An absolutely incredible finale of a quality that any series would have been proud of.

I'd definitely recommend this show. For me personally, it was a steady 7/10 for the first couple seasons, 8//10 and 9/10 for the next few, but 10/10 for its final season. To give the actual finale a rating out of ten would do it injustice as I'm sceptical that I'll ever see one as good as that.
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The Wire Meets Boys In The Hood
jfcthejock20 May 2010
The Shield in my opinion as it is in most people's view, is probably regarded as second to The Wire as one of the greatest shows on television. The Shield is not just a cop show either, just like The Wire. With The Shield, you see politics, family issues, sexuality, and many other hard hitting topics that The Wire covers also but in two separate environments; Baltimore and Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to have bought the entire season 1 - 7 of The Shield on DVD at a good price, and slowly made my way through the vice and darkness that surrounds the show and its characters.

All I can really say is The Wire has only barely just topped The Shield in my opinion as a hard hitting gritty show. Both are almost fully fair in greatness, if not for The Wire beating the other by an inch. Through The Shield, you are tagging along on a journey with Vic Mackey and his Strike Team, through some harrowing and disturbing stories to the finale of this amazing show. Just as the The Wire is considered to be an analysis of society, I believe The Shield is too more so through the police but you still see both sides of the same argument from the political and criminal side too.

No one is innocent, and no one can pretend to be either as they all hide secrets. Through The shield you will see some harrowing scenes, some gritty cliffhangers to the seasons and some life-changing decisions being made in the show by its cast. Its harrowing, disturbing, gritty, hard hitting, and so down in the dirt realistic you know this happens almost everywhere. If not to watch for the crime side to it, watch The Shield to see an analysis of family life, ones own battle with their sexuality, the ever-running struggle against the corrupt institutions. Its a study of policing in an urban environment torn by strife, violence, racism and definitely the class system.

As each season passes and new ones open, we are left with many questions, awaiting answers. We await retribution, vengeance, and just deserves but we keep watching as it it so addictive. The Shield barely scrapes the top of the world of policing, especially in a city like Los Angeles, but it does a good job and comes close to the scale The Wire takes on. Tear jerking acting, top-notch plots and directing. The Shield to me and many others is right up there next to The Wire.
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Amazing! Regardless of what anyone says this is a top tier show
WalterSoprano10 November 2014
As far as cop dramas go this is definitely the best. One I first started the series and I finished season 1, I was already really enjoying the show and someone told me to just wait til seasons 5 and 7. So I kept that in mind. And before I reached those seasons I noticed the show ramps up its quality in each season. It kept on upping its amp all the way until the gut punch of a series finale that leaves anyone speechless and breathless.

This may not be my #1 favorite show of all time but it's damn close. I haven't seen the six feet under series finale yet but as of right how the shields series finale is the best I've ever seen. Heck not even just the last episode was great the entire last half of the final season is amazing. I won't spoil a single word and I have to say you should be cautious of this page so you don't get spoiled.

In conclusion this definitely in my top 5 of all time. I recommend this show to anybody who shows any slit interest in starting this show. Start at any time you can. Enjoy. Thanks for reading my review.
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helluva good show....
faithnomore7016 July 2009
it's been a long time, since I've been posting on IMDb.. but this show is absolutely worth watching.

There were some slow yawn-full moments and episodes and a couple of overacting moments through-out the latest episodes, but some of the best parts are done in between moments, when CCH Pounder and Michael Chicklis are meeting on, face to face. It gives a real intense character-play and dispute amongst these two qualified actors and critical claims when it comes to corrupt environmental-issues. The guest-appearances were a big plus for this show also. Whitaker played his part with an emotional yet troubled authority-figure, craving to do whatever he could with his part of that show. I never expected Glenn Close to pull off a role, in the shield..that was really unexpected, but well done, after all.

This show portrays that, intensity doesn't always need gigantic action sequences or unrealistic special tries to deliver some sort of street value or real aspects of what it feels like, if the viewer were actually present, during busts and interrogations. The shaky cam, is shaky for that reason alone, makes you feel a part of the show. 10/10 nice song at the end credit suits the small memorable montage ;)
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Don't Mess with Vic !!
tangerinechrome30 September 2015
Awesome show. I really loved this.

The turn of the camera, the live "feel", and the acting and writing - top notch all the way.

It was a street war. The Cowboys vs The Indians. The Police vs The Bad guys. Good vs Evil.

Right? Wrong! The writing is terrific, and you'll have to decide where the good, the bad, and the ugly is. In a way, it mirrors (or creates?) "real" life ! Most TV shows are bland, because they will serve up the sludge of lowest common denominator. NOT THE SHIELD!

~The characters are great, just superb. The way the camera action brings to life the docu-drama feel really seems to give The Shield a tough and mean edge. The viewer is right there with the acting, and raw acting!, all the way. So, top draw, well done to the creator! And all involved.
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The Perfect TV Show?
Eumenides_07 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't watched many TV shows ever since The Shield ended, and never again with the same devotion and lack of critical attitude. After The Shield, I just couldn't go back to watching problem-of-the-week type of shows, whether it be super-duper, morally perfect policemen solving a crime every episode (CSI, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, et cetera), or some young reluctant hero killing monsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, et cetera). I became used to long-term plotting, dynamic characters constantly changing, complex narratives developing organically, and incisive critiques of society, race, sexuality, power, politics, family relationships, and more, much more. Yes, I even became used to bleakness, a lot of pessimism and a refusal to offer viewers simple solutions to complex problems. In this sense, The Shield is less a conventional TV show and more a novel in visual form, a long story, carefully plotted, full of meditations and insights into human nature, and a mirror to our times.

The story revolves around Vic Mackey and the other members of the Strike Team, a special LAPD unit that deals with street crime by bending the law as much as possible without snapping it. But then David Aceveda, the new captain, arrives at their precinct, demanding better crime stats. Aceveda is a cop with political ambitions and his cleaning up crime is just the first step on the road to become the mayor. This pushes the Strike Team to start using illicit methods to control the crime in their area, which ironically prompts Aceveda to start investigating them, by planting a spy in their group. When they get wind of this, they execute their team-mate and cover it up. This action reverberates throughout the series for all its 89 episodes. The Strike Team starts planning their early retirement by stealing from Armenian criminals, deal with betrayals, frequently try to redeem themselves, skirmish with Internal Affairs, all the while uncovering corruption, forging allies with criminals and federal agencies and simply trying to sort out their messy personal lives.

Every character is missed dearly, for no matter how corrupt, evil or Machiavellian, they were clearly loved by the writers. Instead of stock characters, we have human beings with distinct personalities, dreams, motivations, fears, different worldviews, ways of operating and different levels of morality. It was always fascinating to see the outspoken, bullying Vic Mackey share scenes with the subtle, scheming Aceveda; or to compare Detective Claudette's by-the-book approach to morals with Vic's the ends-justify-the-means philosophy; or to compare Captain Monica Rawling's progressive but unpopular methods with Aceveda's media-friendly ones; or Vic's attempts at redemption with his good friend Shane's downward spiral into corruption. Or you can just be enthralled by the characters' personal struggles: Officer Julien's battle with his repressed homosexuality; Detective Dutch's social awkwardness and inability to become popular in spite of being a damn good cop, arguably better than Vic; or I.A. Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh's own battle to remain a good policeman while allowing his obsession to nail Vic turn him into the criminal he despises. I could write an entire page just listing the fascinating characters in the show. And I haven't even mentioned the villains: Antwon Mitchell, whose attempt to grab power in LA dominated one of the best seasons of the series; or the final villain of the series, the businessman Pezuela and his blackmail network. Still the best villains in the show tend to be the cops: Vic, Kavanaugh, Aceveda, Shane, et cetera. Through them we get a sweeping vista of contemporary society as well as penetrating studies of morality. Season 3, which is undeservedly considered one of the series' weakest parts, is arguably the best study of greed ever written for TV, on par with The Treasure of Sierra Madre. And the fast-paced season 7, after dozens upon dozens of speeches on loyalty, ends with one of the most devastating betrayals ever. I wouldn't say The Shield is a difficult series to watch; in fact it's immensely watchable and entertaining; but unless you're prepared to accept that people are basically corrupt and selfish, you probably won't appreciate it a lot. Like many good novels, it provides an unglamorous, bleak portrayal of people that is a far cry from the soothing pabulum TV offers.

The Shield mixes delicate drama with fast-paced action: it's fascinating to watch not only because of the violence, the sex, the cool and badass moments, but also because of the deep inner lives of each character, so well delineated and laid bare that we almost think we know them better than ourselves or our friends and relatives. Every action and decision exists organically; no character does anything that seems out of character or just to service the plot. Frequently they do stupid things, like we all do in our lives, but always for motives resulting from their own psychologies. The characters make the story, which is a nice change from typical TV storytelling, where often it seems characters are made to fit, by hook or by crook, into predetermined plots and conclusions. In opposition, The Shield's seasons build on each previous one, just like in a novel. When the series ends on episode 89, we know it was the only possible conclusion for every character. So it demands an investment of time and patience. In the 21st century, television finally learned that Twin Peak's formula was the way to go, namely long-term storytelling. Many mediocre TV shows were quick to bank on it, like Lost, with its ridiculous twists that screamed lack of planning, and Prison Break that started rehashing the same plot every season. But there were also a few good TV shows that learned the lesson well: The Wire, for instance. The Shield, however, for me is the apex of this new way of making TV shows. Even if it's not perfect, for nothing is, anything less than a 10 would be farce.
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One of the most underrated shows on TV.
spam_a_lot-124 June 2006
I have all the seasons in DVD box sets and they're worth every penny. Few TV shows are able to maintain an excellent level of writing, acting and direction. ABC's Once & Again did that successfully for 3 years and The Shield has done it for 5 years and is still going. New shows come and go but, few live up to a series like this. No cliché lines. No over explaining every thing to you like you're an idiot (i.e. C.S.I.). No clear good guy / bad guy. Everyone is human. The action is there, the suspense is there, they shoot it as if you are there. Vic Mackey and his strike team are a force for the gangs of Farmington to contend with. But, sometimes the cops find themselves on the wrong side of a gun.
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The Shield is superb
ronald-burford131 May 2006
I think the Shield is excellent and has a huge fan base in the UK. In my opinion it's up there with the Sopranos as the best thing on TV certainly in the UK. Obviously I can't comment on US television. I love the documentary style of filming and can't get enough of the whole thing. It's just a shame that we have to wait so long to see the new series here as we are well behind you in the US. I usually buy them on DVD to save waiting. I really can't believe anyone being critical of this show. You should see some of the stuff that's broadcast in England if you want to see rubbish. The Shield really is top class and long may it continue.
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Hands down, the best show on television...
dubyasmith5 January 2007
If you read the first couple of pages of reviews for "The Shield," you'll think that it's a poorly-crafted ratings loser that shouldn't be on television.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I'll admit, I was hesitant to start watching "The Shield," but that was only because of Michael Chiklis. I absolutely hated "The Commish" and I figured this show would be a total dog.

A co-worker challenged me to watch the pilot and, if I didn't like it, I could return the discs to him and he'd never hound me about it again. I took his challenge and watched the pilot---and I didn't stop until the season finale. Chiklis won me over. The writing won me over. The cinematography won me over.

Is the camera-work shaky? Sure. But it's *supposed* to be. It's shot almost documentary style and I think that adds to the grit of the show. Some people claim that "The Shield" failed Movie 101. Well, you know what? It's NOT a movie. It's an episodic television series and there are no other scripted dramas on television that compare.

Is it a ratings loser? Absolutely not. Folks, it's on cable. It's not going to be ranked in the Nielsen Top 10...ever! "The Shield" has helped FX firmly establish itself on Tuesday nights and was the first of a series of outstanding and cutting-edge dramas. "The Shield" is better described as a cable success story, proving that quality, original scripted television isn't the exclusive domain of the broadcast networks in the United States.

If you haven't ever watched "The Shield" and are considering it, I'll pose the same challenge my co-worker did. Watch one episode and only one episode: Pilot. If you don't like it, turn it off.

I'm willing to bet, however, that you'll wind up doing what I did.

"The Shield" is top-shelf. There's no doubt about it.
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Antagonisten14 March 2005
I began watching "The Shield" mostly because of a coincidence. The Swedish movie channel "Canal+" usually rerun their shows 2-3 episodes at a time on Sundays. And it was one of those times, a Sunday with heavy snowfall and nothing to do, that i sat down and watched three episodes in a row. And instantly i was hooked.

The thing that surprised me most about "The Shield" is the way that it's hugely exaggerated while at the same time feeling very realistic. The documentary style in which the series is filmed, as well as the solid acting of course contributes to this feeling. And to me it feels like a series that manages to seem realistic, no matter how unrealistic the events in the plot, is truly great TV. That it doesn't shun away from harsh themes or sensitive and sometimes even grotesque subjects only increases my respect for the script-writers and makers of this show.

The characters are also mostly very interesting. I have already mentioned the actors, and i must stress again how well the casting is done here. This also adds to the characters that are portrayed admirably throughout.

And one thing i know for certain. Watching Vic Mackey and the other more or less corrupt cops in "The Barn" balancing on the border (and sometimes slipping across it) has made shows like NYPD Blue feeling forever redundant. This is THE cop show to watch.
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An over the top Cartoon
greatwar15 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
After a lot of hype I was disappointed in the premier episode of the Shield. I could not help but get the feeling that the show was "trying too hard" to be a hard hitting gritty cop show. What it is, is a show with over the top characters and a host of unrealistic dialog. For example ( and trying to avoid spoilers). One character spouts off with GROSS insubordination to the officer in charge, in front of the whole department. Hokey. Nobody in real life grandstands like that and stays employed for long. Also making such a scene doesn't make sense to do in real life, no matter how much you hate the boss' guts. This is especially true if your goal is to undermine him. I could go on with other examples of needless smart mouthing and overt stuff etc but bottomline: A better written show with good actors, can convey the fact that the one cop hates the other and build on that tension without resorting to such silliness. I was really hoping for a good show. One that was complex and realistically presented. Not this show. This is an over the top cartoon. Sadly, most viewers probably like and NEED this over the top stuff, just to get the point and understand what is going on. A more subtle show requires viewers to pay attention and even think once and a while.
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Why all the badmouthing...
thehalfhead22 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching the Season 5 finale. Once again an excellent show and an overall great season. Forest Whitaker made you absolutely hate him, meaning that he had done his job well. I read through the comments on this board and I must say how surprised I am at how many people are "simply appalled". If you don't like it turn the channel. I am a Detective in a medium sized (400 sworn) agency. Aside from the dirty cop antics the show has some very real aspects to it. Someone mentioned that cops don't play pranks on each other, thats a bunch of BS. Get a group of guys working a 12 hour shift and when it gets slow they will think of something to lighten the mood. The show was outstanding once again and I look forward to adding it to Season 1-4 on my DVD shelf. I look forward to next season to see how it all unfolds. My only negative comment will be that i wish this show had more episodes per season and that they were quicker to start the next season. Love it love it love it.
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Another Cop on an Ego Trip. ( Yawn )
movieguy-5218 March 2002
Watch the previews FX is throwing in your faces and you'll see what this show is about....The same OLD tired formula....Another dirty cop on an Ego Trip, this character is no different from the "Steven Segal" characters of the 90's. Well, this one is just weighs a couple hundred pounds more than Segal.

And surprise, surprise, he doesn't follow the rules and loves to punish bad guys behind closed doors. And FX has the nerve to call this the newest "Original" series ?

How many more "Cops on Ego Trips" type shows/movies can hollywood possibly produce. There are enough cops like that on the road, must we produce an exaggerated TV show to fuel their mindless powertrip exploits as well ? We've already got more than enough law enforcement TV shows like "Cops", "America's Most Wanted" "Worlds Scariest Police Chases", etc, etc. All the hosts for these shows are gung-ho get the bad guys, as if they've never done anything wrong in their own lives. It's hippocritical television at it's best.

The message "The Shield" is sending to the American Public is not a good one in my opinion. Leading it's audience to believe that a badge and a gun gives an otherwise everyday civilian in uniform the right to abuse another's consitutional rights. I suggest Hollywood produce more Cop shows where the dirty cops actually get busted and sent off to prison where they too can feel what it's like to be vicitimized by the system.

A better title for "The Shield" would be, "Cops out of control" or "Dirty Cops at their best" or "Police abuse exploited but nothing done about it"
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TV for grown-ups, and great TV at that
jwskiman12 March 2007
I don't know if I can add much more to the conversation or sway someone's opinion, and this will start of as a bit of a rant, but here goes: The thing that irritates me the most about so much of today's entertainment is the "Disney Ending" - the boy gets the girl, the underdog wins, what was lost is found, the hero defeats the enemy, etc. I'm tired of predicting the ending of every movie or TV show I see, with everything tied up nicely so you don't have to really think about what you just watched.

The fact is, life is a challenge and can be as cruel as it is joyous. We all experience highs and lows. There is beauty in life as well as that which is ugly. There is tolerance and intolerance. Sometimes the good guys win, sometimes the bad guys win, sometimes nobody wins.

And that is why I absolutely love this show. I'm not a masochist or anything like that - I'm a very upbeat, glass-is-always-half-full type of person. But this show draws me in by being real and true to the world that we live in. It's not set in our safe little suburban or rural community; it's in a very real inner city overrun with gangs, drug use, racism, and all the naughty things we wish didn't exist and make us squirm uncomfortably when the topics are brought up at our safe backyard barbecues.

People who complain about this type of show are the reason why there is so much Lowest Common Denomonator garbage out there. This show breaks free and challenges me and my wife to think about the complexities of morality, racism, law-enforcement, and so many other issues. This isn't TV for children, and I don't let mine watch it. This is TV for grown-ups who want something other than spoon-fed drivel that clutters most of TV these days. If you want the safe, happy ending that will put you to sleep with a content smile on your face, wishing that your world was as simple as that on TV, you know where you can find it. If you want to watch TV as an art-form (art imitating life) with great acting, character complexities, and a show that forces you to ask "would I do the same thing?" then feel free to join the rest of the grown-ups at The Shield table.
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Totally over-hyped, but fails to deliver. Any wonder audiences are so slim?
catherinecrawford25 March 2005
With nausea-inducing camera work, The Shield has to be the most over-hyped show of recent memory.

FX keeps spending huge amounts of money to relaunch this show every year, and yet it fails to catch with the audience every year. The reason? The thing is unwatchable!! note to the producers: making a TV show look like a homevideo doesn't make it look "real", it makes it look like something most people don't want to watch.

It's too bad for the cast, which admittedly does a good job, but apart from a few award FX campaigns hard for every year, their work doesn't pay off in the important way, that is to be seen and appreciated by a big audience.

What a waste of a budget by FX!!
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Is The Shield that bad? Yes!
Salma-Montgomery13 September 2006
Indeed, you'd think with all the hype and all the accolades, The Shield would be a must-see show.

Instead, it's a must-avoid show! Defenders of The Shield pretend that the only way to avoid "static shots" and "pretty" sets is to make a show like the Shield. This is of course not true.

Shaking the camera is not the only way to move the camera. Rather, it's a lazy way to avoid having to think about visual storytelling.

Cutting away from reaction shots is not a way to avoid "mugging" by the actors. rather it's a lazy way to try (and fail) to instill excitement in a badly shot show.

It's too bad, because the idea behind The Shield (a fictionalized version of the Rampart Division in L.A.) is a good one.

sadly, the makers of The Shield opted for hype over substance.
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Badly Made and therefore Poorly Rated
alanbebawi21 March 2007
Only the producers of The Shield or the most rabid fans of the stars would deny that The Shield is a poorly made show.

It is shot on video and affects a fake documentary-style (no offense to documentaries which often look better than The Shield) that makes one quickly reach for the remote.

The editing is also abysmal, again by a fake concern to appear "real" and achieving the exact opposite effect.

And that is what causes The Shield to be low-rated. Now why does that fact not mean that PBS documentaries are also bad because they get low ratings? Because The Shield has been the beneficiary of millions upon millions of dollars of advertising, PR and other hype. FX has bought this show several awards to show "ignoramuses" such as myself that this show is "good quality". All that expense did is show that award "academies" are easily swayed by a few hundreds of thousands worth out outdoors advertising and trade publication PR. It hasn't made The Shield any better.

Nor has it made it any more successful with the public, who couldn't care less about critics views (they almost always like bad shows) or awards (the more often than not go to bad shows).
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This show uses filthy language and situations dangerous to young or unstable viewers.
bushbird216 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
It is time for the entertainment industry to recognize its responsibility to the mental health of the United States citizens. If our young people are subjected to a continuous stream of invective and gross sexual perspectives which sanction gross behavior, the result is necessarily a society without wholesome, moral, and lasting values. Worst of all, " Shield " utilizes actors of exceptional quality. Great acting does not compensate for smut. On the contrary, these actors make me suspect that they are no longer capable of good roles. It is time for the entertainment industry to stop portraying filth as normal behavior. Good people exist and contribute to the decency of our country. Tell their stories.
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No Justification for How Badly made it is
ronitedelman8 May 2007
The filmmakers of The Shield keep on harping about how the "only way" they could film their show is badly, because of how "real" they want it to be.

But I am asking you: how is shaking the camera at nothing in particular making anything look more "real"? It doesn't. Shaking the camera constantly just makes The Shield look like their directors don't know what they're doing and so just shake the camera in hopes people will be fooled. They're not.

This show has survived only because FX has decided that, even against all evidence to the contrary, this show would be hyped as a "hit". In reality, it's ranked in the low 300s!!! Shame on FX for wasting its money this way.
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A Bad Show By Any Other Name
marktwilight8 September 2008
As The Shield wraps its run with yet another hyped-up campaign, it may be fitting to reflect on its storied career.

Sadly, The Shield will be remembered more for the depth and intensity of its ad campaigns than for any real quality of the actual show.

While many promises were made by the people behind the scenes of great quality, they never delivered.

The photography, even when the producers apparently decided to finally shoot film, still looked like a home movie, and this is just not something that works on a consistent basis.

The stories, while promising, never really managed to climb up from the mundane and the good cast was left with precious little to work with (PR releases don't make good scripts).

Overall, a big missed opportunity to produce a special show.
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chubbsub23 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am not a right-wing prude. There are episodes of this show that are absolutely appalling. The content should not be on a TV show. I saw scenes of a main character fondling himself while watching a graphic video of a woman being violently raped, the same character having graphic sex with a prostitute pretending to rape her, disgusting dislodge that I couldn't repeat here or it would be against the rules of this website. I can't believe Glenn Close is in it. "Oh look Mommy, it's Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations!" Something is horribly wrong with a society that puts this on television. I am starting to think that most things that say "Mature Audience" really mean "Immature Audience." People think they can fill their minds with this junk and not be affected by it. Forget the adults who don't think it affects them. Yippee for freedom of speech when it really means freedom to expose our children to TV shows that could seriously scar them.
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