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7 Jan. 2003
The Quick Fix
As Captain Aceveda tries to fend off a city council investigation, Vic looks to stop a pair of brutal drug lords from moving into Farmington.
14 Jan. 2003
Dead Soldiers
An arson attack on a local drug dealer threatens to expose Vic's protection racket.
21 Jan. 2003
An amputated arm sends Dutch in search of a sadomasochistic killer; Vic sets out to help his old mentor on the force get revenge against the thug whose complaint forced him into retirement.
29 Jan. 2003
Carte Blanche
A murder investigation leads Vic to a massive money-laundering scheme.
4 Feb. 2003
Elementary school drug dealing prompts Vic to redouble his efforts to bring down a ruthless new supplier.
11 Feb. 2003
The Barn mobilizes to investigate a murderous rampage at a battered women's shelter.
18 Feb. 2003
As a new murder investigation exposes Dutch's crisis of confidence, Vic sets out to stop the abuse of a neighbor by her violent boyfriend.
25 Feb. 2003
Scar Tissue
Vic and the Strike team set their sights on taking Armadillo off the streets for good.
4 Mar. 2003
In a look back at the Barn's early days, Vic struggles to secure his hold on the Strike Team command, while Dutch is faced with choosing between a veteran detective and Claudette.
11 Mar. 2003
The leak of the auditor's report jeopardizes the futures of everyone at the Farm.
18 Mar. 2003
Vic mobilizes the Strike Team to help Aceveda's election campaign; Dutch and Claudette suspect a teenaged girl is lying about the rape accusation she's made against her employer.
25 Mar. 2003
As his own life starts crumbling around him, Vic pitches in to help Dutch in the search for a deadly pedophile.
1 Apr. 2003
Dominoes Falling
As he struggles to keep his job, Vic pushes ahead with a new plan to hijack a mob money shipment.

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