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Season 6

27 Aug. 2001
All Aboard
Rat-in-a-Hat makes a railway station on Cuddles Avenue. The Bananas decide to make him some carriages so that he can carry passengers and they take the wheels from Lulu and Amy's scooters without asking.
7 Sep. 2001
Busy Day
Rat-in-a-Hat has a lot to do, but cannot do anything until he finds his "to do" list. The Bananas help Rat look for his list and then end up doing all of his chores.
12 Sep. 2001
Big Cheese
Elton Rat is due to perform a concert at the park, but he can't make it. Rat-in-a-Hat and the Bananas decide to stand in for him so as not to disappoint the Teddies.
18 Sep. 2001
Morgan's Mail
Morgan is upset about never getting any mail so he writes to his friends the Bananas, but he doesn't get a letter back so thinks they don't want to be friends any more. Luckily, Tolstoy finds the missing letter and delivers it to Morgan.
25 Sep. 2001
News Flash
Rat-in-a-Hat has set up a radio station in his shop. But when he can't find any news stories, he decides to make some up.
2 Oct. 2001
Rat World
Rat-in-a-Hat opens his own theme park.
8 Oct. 2001
Garden Gnomes
Lulu buys two gnomes from Rat-in-a-Hat's shop and asks the Bananas to deliver them. On the way, the gnomes get broken and the Bananas cannot repair them.
10 Oct. 2001
Drip Splosh
Rat-in-a-Hat is called out by B1 to fix a leaky tap in the middle of the night. Can they fix it without waking up B2?
12 Oct. 2001
Ticklish Problem
The Bananas vow to finish dusting before they play, but they get distracted by the Teddies who lose their feather dusters.
15 Oct. 2001
Guessing Game
Everyone tries to guess the number of jelly-beans in a jar when Rat-in-the-Hat holds a competition. However, Rat-in-the-Hat wants the jelly-beans himself and decides to cheat.
17 Oct. 2001
Horse and Cart
Rat-in-a-Hat devises a special horse and cart ride around Cuddles Avenue for Lulu and Amy.
24 Oct. 2001
Rescue Rumba
The Bananas think the Teddies are calling and waving for help, but they are just dancing to their new CD.
29 Oct. 2001
Too Many Tomatoes
When Rat-in-a-Hat has a tomato plant sale, the Bananas buy the lot believing that you can never have too many tomatoes. Needless to say, B1 and B2 are relieved when the crop finally stops.
9 Nov. 2001
Farm Fresh
When the shop runs out of breakfast things, the Bananas go to the farm to collect some fresh supplies.
30 Nov. 2001
Mooving Cow
Lulu is trying to move Camembert the cow into the barn before it rains, but she will not budge.
4 Dec. 2001
Bed Rest
The Bananas aren't well so the Dr. Teddies advise them to stay in bed for the day.

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