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Arjun Rampal shines on his debut!!!
sweetrupturedlight8 November 2001
I have not been an avid Indian cinema movie goer, but upon seeing this movie, i seriously consider seeing more. Indian movies carry the stigma of all being the same and that is pretty much true, but this movie is one that you have to see and i guarantee that you will love it as much as i did.

The plot is basic, the love triangle and the quest for your soulmate. the acting is decent and the beautiful male specimen that Arjun Rampal is adds a definite sparkle!!! The soundtrack is excellent as well, so all in all, this is a must see for any indian movie buff.
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Arjun's confident debut
silvan-desouza17 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Rajiv Rai the maker of great action and suspense films like MOHRA, TRIDEV, GUPT returned with a disaster love story Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat which reminds us of THERE's Something About Mary(1998) strangely it's a serious film unlike the original(the same film was remade 4 years later with DHP) The film starts with Sunil Shetty falling in love with Kirti Reddy but when she refuses he pays Arjun to fall for her and cheat her and then enters Aftab Shivdasani sadly the film hardly excites the viewer, The film seems overburdened with several characters, some few scenes are well handled like Arjun-Kirti scenes but there are few The climax for instance is handled so poorly and filmy

Direction by Rajiv Rai is weak Music by his regular Viju Shah is decent, Apni Yaadon ko, Jab Tujhe Maine and Main Bewafa are superb

Arjun Rampal made his debut with this film(as MOKSHA released later) and he stole the show, rarely it happens that newcomers steal the thunder from senior actors, Arjun handles his role very well and his voice too won him great adulation Sadly his career took long time to take off Kirti Reddy was a non actress Aftab Shivdasani is decent in his role while Suneil reprises his Dhadkan act but this one lacks the touch Amongst rest Dalip Tahil is good while Raza Murad, Monica Bedi(yes she is there) and Isha Koppikar are average
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Love ! Love ! Love !
jmathur_swayamprabha9 August 2012
Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat (2001) is a flop movie which I had seen in theatre with my wife (in the Aakash cinema of Kota) on 05.08.2001. It is by no means any great movie but I liked it. This movie struck a chord in my heart with its romantic and emotional appeal and despite flaws, I found it quite entertaining.

Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat are the three words containing the same meaning, i.e., love. It's a love story of a different nature in which a girl is loved by three different males. That girl is Isha (Kirti Reddy) who gets scholarship to go to Scotland for higher education in the line of medicine but the businessman sponsoring that scholarship is smitten by her charms and gets willing to marry her. He is Yash Sabbarwal (Sunil Shetty). Isha refuses his proposal. However she accepts the scholarship and moves to Scotland to live with her father's friend – Lord Inder Bhardwaaj (Dalip Tahil), his wife (Priya Tendulkar) and their son – Taaj (Aftaab Shivdaasaani) who is a bank officer. There she happens to meet Dr. Aalam (Raza Muraad) and his daughter – Rubeena (Isha Koppikar) becomes her friend. Taaj also becomes Isha's good friend and starts loving her in his heart.

Here in India, Yash stumbles upon a smart and ambitious youth – Gaurav Saxena (Arjun Raampaal) who is a part time model. Yash makes him agree to work for him for a generous fees with the assignment being to make a path from Isha's heart to Yash's heart. Gaurav also moves to Scotland paying no attention to the advice of his sincere friend and well-wisher – Maaya (Monica Bedi). Gaurav wins Isha's heart very shortly (and quite smoothly) and then for the sake of Yash, breaks it as well. However in between, he is also won over by the innocent love of Isha. With the chain of events moving swiftly, Maaya also happens to be there when after coming to know of the real game-plan of Yash and Gaurav, Isha gets ready to marry Taaj. Coming to know of Gaurav's love for Isha, she alongwith Rubeena, sets everything right for Gaurav and Isha. And the director of this movie rewards her in the form of her marriage with Taaj.

This unusual and intricate love story which actually is a cluster of many love stories has been made by Rajeev Rai who was then better known for his action-thrillers like Tridev, Vishwaatma and Mohra. He could not make a memorable movie but this movie is not bad either. Perhaps the public was expecting something else (and much better) from him and due to the letting down of the public, it flopped on the box office. Else, the movie is quite interesting and there is little boredom except in the ending reels.

The thing that I liked most is the romance exasperated in the movie between the characters of Gaurav and Isha. This romance alongwith the tricks and mannerisms of Gaurav to woo Isha is pretty impressive. The scene in which Gaurav poses as a flower-seller and explains to her as to which particular rose is to be given to whom and for what purpose, is one of the best scenes. Different twists in the narrative are aptly placed though most of them are hackneyed. Still I feel that the script-writers deserves a pat on their back because they have really taxed their minds especially for the events taking place in the first half.

The dialogues are one more plus point of this movie. 'Zyaada Change Rakhne Se Aadmi Change Ho Jaata Hai' (a person may change if he keeps excessive change, i.e., coins) is an example. In a very impressive scene of Gaurav and Taaj in Taaj's bank where Gaurav comes to open an account and deposit the cheque given by Yash, Taaj asks Gaurav what he has sold to get this much money and Gaurav replies – 'Aatma' (the soul). This is another example.

Cinematography is brilliant and production value is quite high, proportionate to the repute of the banner of Rajeev Rai's father – Gulshan Rai. The scenes of Scotland are a treat to watch. The length of the movie is on the higher side.

Performances are good. However Kirti Reddy is no Helen of Troy to evoke rivalries in males for the sake of her beauty. Hence she appears to be miscast. The best performer is undoubtedly debutante Arjun Raampaal. This model-turned-actor has done exceedingly well and he is the USP of this movie. He is able to leave his mark in his entry scene itself which contains the song – Apni Yaadon Ko Chhod Na Jaana. And thereafter his character only remains the heart and soul of the movie with himself giving his best shot in every frame of it. This is the first released movie of Isha Koppikar also and she has also done admirably as the naughty and talkative Rubeena. Sunil Shetty, Aftaab Shivdaasaani, Dalip Tahil, Priya Tendulkar, Raza Muraad and Harish Patel (as Hansu Bhai, the Gujju P.A. of Yash Sabbarwal) are perfect in their respective roles.

Viju Shah's music has two good songs – the title track and Apni Yaadon Ko Chhod Na Jaana. However the absence of chartbuster songs is one thing that seems to have gone against this movie.

Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat badly flopped on the box office. However I recommend it because it appealed to me. May be because I am highly romantic. All the same, I feel that if watched with low expectation, this movie won't disappoint a first time watcher and will entertain him for two and a half hours.
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Arjun Rampal's almost perfect first film!
Sherazade22 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay before I begin let me share with you as few stereotypes that you will see within the film: 1. The NRI rich dude living in an unbelievable castle abroad with tons of White servants at his every beck and call. 2. The pretty girl whom all the boys love 3. The premise of marrying within your caste, race and whatever else. 4. The cutest guy always wins 5. passing off other countries as India, just to mention a few. I hated the forced ending which is usually the case in most badly made Bollywood flicks. Nevertheless, Arjun Rampal shines here in his film debut as a model/con artist who is hired by Suniel Shetty's character to help him win over the girl (played by Kirty Reddy) he loves. Shetty's character hired Rampal based on a performance he sees of Rampal at a wedding, where Rampal pretended to be the lover of a woman getting married to cause a scandal at the wedding. It worked because the groom's family fled from the wedding and the bride was free to marry the man she truly loved. Aftab Shivdasani plays the son of a NRI tycoon living in Scotland, who becomes host to Reddy's character when she wins a scholarship to go study abroad. Shetty's character fell in love with her, when he saw her while representing his company (the sponsors of the scholarship) at her school. That's the premise, now go watch the film, and don't miss Rampal's wedding crasher bit. :-D
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