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  • Cube 2: Hypercube is the second movie in the Cube series, originally conceived and scripted by screenwriters André Bijelic, Graeme Manson, and Vincenzo Natali (who directed the first movie, Cube (1997) (1997)). Hypercube was written by American screenwriter Sean Hood and subsequently rewritten by producer Ernie Barbarash. It was followed by Cube Zero (2004) (2004), which is actually a prequel to the first movie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Hypercube is a sequel, although the situations are similar. In both movies, a group of individuals are trapped in a maze of cubes, not knowing why or how they got there. In trying to escape, they move from cube to cube, encountering deadly traps along the way. Hypercube differs from Cube in that there are not traps like in Cube and Cube Zero; rather the cubes in the hypercube exist in quantum (parallel) reality, thus possessing warps in space, gravity, and time. For example, when you leave one cube from a side door, you can find yourself hanging from the ceiling of the next cube. Time in one cube can move much faster (or slower) than in an adjacent cube, and the fragility of the quantum reality means that the warps are constantly shifting. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ten altogether. They consist of (1) detective Simon Grady (Geraint Wyn Davies), (2) psychotherapist Kate Filmore (Kari Matchett), (3) a blind girl named Sasha (Grace Lynn Kung), (4) engineer Jerry Whitehall (Neil Crone), (5) computer game designer Max Reisler (Matthew Ferguson), (6) senile Mrs. Paley, (Barbara Gordon). (7) Colonel Thomas H. Maguire (Bruce Gray), (8) attorney Julia Sewell (Lindsey Connell) plus the body of (9) theoretical physicist Dr Phil Rosenzweig (Andrew Scorer). Near the end of the movie, Simon runs into (10) Becky Young (Greer Kent). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Alex Trusk is a computer hacker extraordinaire. He programmed a virus that crashed the Tokyo stock exchange two years ago. He broke into the air traffic control grid and crashed two air force jets to protest military spending. He is reputed to be the first genetically-engineered superhuman bred in a test tube. He is also the one who designed the Hypercube for IZON. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It was developed by IZON as an experiment into quantum teleportation. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • IZON (or iZon / "eyes on") is a powerful weapons manufacturer. As the people trapped in the Hypercube compare notes, they discover that they're all connected to IZON in some way. For example, Mrs Paley is a retired mathematician who used to work for IZON. Dr Rosenzweig is a former colleague of Mrs Paley. Jerry designed the touch panels of the Hypercube doors. Julia is IZON's defense lawyer. Simon was hired to find Becky Young, a missing IZON employee. Max admits to designing a computer game in 3-D reality with variable time signatures that was subsequently stolen by Cyber Thrill, a subsidiary of IZON. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Kate notices that the Cubes are beginning to collapse into each other, uniting the parallel realities. Sasha confesses that she is Alex Trusk, and when she found out what IZON's plans were for the Cube, she protested. She came to the Cube to escape IZON, because the Cube is the last place they would look for her. Sasha/Alex confirms that the Cube is imploding and warns that the Hypercube will eventually implode. Still looking for the way out, Kate opens every door in the Cube only to encounter previous scenarios. Simon appears in one Cube and tries to pull her into his Cube, but Kate stabs him in the eye with his own knife. Suddenly, Simon is in her Cube with Sasha/Alex's neck in an armlock. Sasha/Alex assures him that they're soon to die, and Simon snaps her neck then goes after Kate with his knife. Kate ends up stabbing Simon with the knife then notices that the watches on his wrist read 6:06:02. She realizes that it's only a few seconds until 6:06:59, the time that the Hypercube is set to implode. As the Cubes begin to collapse around her, Kate suddenly realizes her reason for being there and grabs Sasha/Alex's necklace. She opens the last remaining door and stares into a black void. At precisely 6:06:59, she jumps through it, and the Hypercube disintegrates. Kate ends up in the arms of two IZON employees. She is welcomed back by the IZON General (Philip Akin), who asks whether she was able to get "the device." Kate drops Alex's necklace in a container, after which she is shot in the head. A telephone rings, and the General answers it. "Phase 2 is terminated," he says. Edit (Coming Soon)


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