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  • All 9 seasons are available to watch instantly on Netflix for those with an instant streaming subscription. Alternately, all 9 seasons are available to buy on's instant video service. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Each episode page for the show at IMDb has a soundtrack listing specific to that episode. Go to the episode page and click on 'Soundtrack listing' on the left.

    A Scrubs soundtrack, including scene descriptions, can be found on TuneFind. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The abandoned hospital used for the show is in Los Angeles, and all the studio and external shoots are done there.

    It is generally agreed that the show is set in California, and it has been claimed that it is in a composite town named San Difrangeles or San Frangelego, comprised of Los Angeles, San Fransisco and San Diego. When JD participates in the triathlon in My Day at the Races, it is mentioned that he is swimming in the Pacific Ocean. The license plates seen in the show are also from California. In season 3, Elliot's boyfriend Sean works at Seaworld, which is in San Diego. From the episode My Journey we see that it only takes her a short train ride to get there from the hospital.

    Turk's cell phone number is area code 916, which is in the Sacramento, CA area.

    In the fourth season it is confirmed that it is indeed somewhere on the West Coast. In My Lips are Sealed JD admits to setting the clock back three hours to see what the time is like in Honolulu.

    In Eugene, Oregon there is a Multi-Care hospital complete with mental health facilities, pediatrics, a top notch ER, and other things consistent with Sacred Heart in the show, whereas in California there is not such a close match. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the season 4 episode My Office, JD rides his scooter to work on his first day of being chief resident and hits a moving van. The mover forces him to help move furniture. The next scene JD is sitting with one of the movers talking. The mover then says "Gee, you have wanted to be chief resident since you were a little kid growing up in Trotwood, Ohio!" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No! Jack Cox is, in fact, played by Andrew Miller, and while he shares Christa's last name, they are not related in any way. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • No one knows yet! Some have claimed that they've heard the name "Tom" or "Ryan", such as in the "My Buddy's Booty" episode, where a co-worker of the Janitor applauds him for a "zinger" towards Dr. Cox, but these have not been confirmed. Some say that because of the episode where the Janitor was seen in "The Fugitive" that his name is, of course, Neil Flynn. Neil himself has stated in an interview that the Janitor's name is NOT Neil Flynn, nor is the Janitor's name Jan Itor. Bill Lawrence said in a recent interview that in the 7th and final season Janitor will get what Neil Flynn has asked for for years: a girlfriend and a name. In the 7th Season, the Janitor hinted that his real name was Josh, when referring to the many things (sometimes insults) that people have called him by. In an interview, Neil jokingly said the Janitor's name was "Zanzibar Buck-Buck McFake". Bill Lawrence has also stated the Janitor's name is that of the Janitor character on his short-lived animated series, "Clone High". On this show the Janitor is clearly referred to as "Glen" in at least one episode. Coincidentally , Neil Flynn was the voice of Glen the Janitor, among other characters, on "Clone High."

    On the finale, JD asks Janitor his name, and he claims it is Glen Matthews. However, when JD walks away, another person walks by and says "Hey Tommy", to which the janitor responds. So, it is now up to the viewer to decide if they believe he was telling JD the truth or not, but going by the "Clone High" clue, it is entirely possible that that is his name.

    According to Bill Lawrence on the bonus disc of the complete series the Janitor's name IS Glen Matthews Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Laverne died after she got in a car accident. To view this story, watch the episodes My No Good Reason and My Long Goodbye. Luckily, the actress who played Laverne came back the 7th season as Shirley (or as J.D. called her 'Laverne-again') Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The episode was originally positioned between My Manhood and My Dumb Luck. Due to the writers strike, the season was cut short and the NBC executives probably chose this episode for a decent finale.

    In My Manhood: Turk loses a testicle.

    In My Princess: Kelso's still chief and comment made about Turk having only one testicle.

    In My Dumb Luck: Kelso quits. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In real-life Laverne's actress, Aloma Wright had asked to be written out of the show at the end of Season 6, as she did not think she would be available for the following season, resulting in Laverne dying in a car accident near the end of that season. When it turned out that Wright was available for Season 7 after all, the show's writers simply created a new character for her to play called Shirley, who was essentially the same character just with a different name (and hairstyle), which JD even pokes fun at in "My Identity Crisis."

    The show never exactly explains who Shirley is, although multiple characters see her at once, meaning that she isn't just some kind of hallucination. Bill Lawrence has said that had Season 7 not been cut short by the Writer's Strike, chances are she'd have been revealed to be either a relative of Laverne, or a nurse who just looked vaguely similar to her and who the regular characters had been wishfully thinking looked exactly the same. In the end however, Shirley was not seen again after the end of Season 7, with Wright's appearances in Season 8 all being flashbacks to when Laverne was still alive. Edit (Coming Soon)

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