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Season 2

The White Cliffs of Dover/Life Saver
There's a new arrival in the neighborhood. A highbrow English couple, and their equally-arched cat - Reginald. / After Riff Raff saves Mungo from a bad fall, Mungo becomes Riff Raff's servant in gratitude and slowly drives Riff Raff crazy.
Nightmare in Beverly Hills/The Cat in the Iron Mask
While browsing through a magazine, Heathcliff dreams of what it would be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. He soon finds out, slipping off into dreamland. But once in Beverly Hills, Heathcliff finds out it's not the land of milk and honey he imagined. Lacking status, clothes and manners, he is soon pursued by an angry mob who feels he doesn't fit in. Heathcliff awakens to find he's safe in the Nutmeg household, which beats Beverly Hills any day. / Mungo's giant creation of a metal moving cat is ridiculed by the gang. Mungo overhears Mangle's plans to destroy the ...
The Shrink/Brushing Up
Heathcliff's really been in a mood lately - a virtual 'Heathcliff reign of terror.' He's nailed the milkman, Spike, the Fishmonger, etc.. It's gotten so bad that every time Grandpa puts down the phone, it rings again - and somebody else complains. So, the Nutmegs take Heathcliff to a "Shrink" -- the famous Dr. Hans Headfixer. After a few sessions, Heathcliff's cured all right. In fact, he's not the same cat. He's docile...serene...kind of stupid-acting actually. It doesn't take long for the Alley Cats and Spike to begin to take advantage. At last, THEY can terrorize ...
Dr. Heathcliff and Mr. Spike/Time Warped
Grandpa accidentally feeds Heathcliff some Super doggy Vitamins. Gradually, Heathcliff undergoes a startling transformation which includes barking at trucks and passing up fish in favor of bones. Worst of all, he finds himself feeling friendly toward Spike. Heathcliff eventually sets things straight by taking a massive dose of cat vitamins, with Iggy's help. / The cats put a new engine into the Catillac not realizing it is a time machine engine of Professor Craziloon. Before they know it they're back in the old West. After a few close calls with some rough and tough ...
Spike's New Home/Mungo's Big Romance
When Mugsy is bragging to the neighborhood kids about how tough Spike is, Heathcliff makes an appearance and proceeds to beat up on the hapless pooch. Mugsy's had enough. He kicks Spike out of his life. With nowhere left to go, Spike hits the streets. It's not an easy life for a dog who's known only living in a home. Spike has a hard time when he runs up against dogs who live in the alleys. He can't even get himself picked up by the dogcatcher, in hopes of finding a new master. Things take a turn in Spike's favor, however, when Heathcliff and Iggy see him. Heathcliff ...
The Cat and the Pauper/Mungo of the Jungle
Heathcliff changes places with his royal cat double - Sir Beetcliff. / Mungo becomes King of the Mungo Bungolese and does not recognize his buddies after their harrowing trip through the jungle to save Mungo from the life of a King.
In the Beginning/Catlympic Cats
Heathcliff shows up at Sonja's place to take her out for their anniversary. In turn, each of them recants the story of their first date. Heathcliff's memory is filled with gallantry and expensive restaurants. Sonja remembers it quite a different way. In the end, Heathcliff points out that what's important is that he did remember it was their anniversary. Sonja counters, telling him their anniversary isn't until tomorrow...and that's when he can take her out exactly the way he recalls that first date as having been! / If Runt can beat Mungo in just one Catlympic event,...
Rear Cat Window/Cat Days, Ninja Nights
While laid up with a broken leg, Heathcliff thinks he has witnessed the dog napping of Spike. He sends the Alley Cats on a detecting misadventure. Finally he takes the investigation into his own paws, but the Alley Cats leave him dangling. Spike returns and sends Heathcliff flying - to another broken leg. / Raiding a sushi bar, the Catillac Cats come up against the ninja cat-watcher and are soundly beaten and thrown out. Riff Raff challenges the ninja cat to a meeting in the junkyard and trains to be a ninja himself, but is again soundly beaten. After reverting to ...
Something Fishy/Christmas Memories
When Heathcliff's fish thievery gets too carried away, Grandpa takes him to aversion therapy. / The Cats throw a birthday party for Leroy and they reminisce about how they all first met.
Heathcliffe's Mom/Hockey Pucks
Heathcliff's thrilled to learn his mom is coming to visit, but terrified she'll discover he's been fibbing about living with a wealthy family. / Riff Raff and the Catastrophe Cats compete in a hockey game.
Cat Day Afternoon/Hector Protector
Heathcliff watches Grandpa as he trims the rose bushes, cutting them back way too much. Our hero jumps to wild conclusions when he learns the city plans on trimming the trees on city streets. Heathcliff spreads the news to the neighborhood pets and kids that the trees are going to be chopped down. Soon the kids and pets have mobilized into protest, blocking the path of the city workers. Things quickly escalate out of hand with riot police and helicopters being called in. The mayor finally negotiates an agreement to allow Heathcliff to personally supervise the trimming...
Feline Good/Off-Road Racer
Out-of-weight, out-of-shape HEATHCLIFF is coerced into a crash course at the local cat health emporium - Feline Good. / Cleo is "Miss Off Road" and will present the trophy and kiss the winner of the Big Race.
Spike's Coach/The Trojan Catillac
After seeing Spike beat up by Heathcliff, a small canine newcomer to the neighborhood tells Spike he should be ashamed to call himself a dog. He tells him no dog should get beat up by a cat. Spike agrees, but tells the mutt that Heathcliff is no ordinary cat. The new pooch tells Spike that between the two of them they'll be able to lick Heathcliff. Spike's coach helps him set up an elaborate series of traps to catch Heathcliff, all of which backfire and cause more damage to Spike. Finally having had enough, Spike turns on the pooch and gets him caught in one of his ...
Heathcliff Gets Framed/Repo Cat
A new cat tries to move in on Heathcliff's 'operation.' / While Riff Raff is away, the Catillac Cats are distracted by some beautiful felines and the former owner of the Catillac reclaims it from the junkyard.
Missing in Action/Bag Cats Sing the Blues
Heathcliff is romping through the fish market, the fish monger in pursuit, when he comes face to face with the skeleton of the jaws of a shark. The shock creates a state of amnesia for Heathcliff. He wanders aimlessly about town, trying to remember who he is. The alley cats and Spike take full advantage of the situation, telling Heathcliff he's their butler. Eventually, Heathcliff wanders to a mission for down and out pets. Iggy, broken-hearted, puts up reward posters for Heathcliff's return. Grandpa and Grandma come across Heathcliff at the mission as they're making ...
It's a Terrible Life/Leroy Gets Canned
Heathcliff is getting heat from everyone at home. / The Cats play one trick too many on Leroy and get him fired.
Hair of the Cat/Tenting Tonight
Iggy is intent on inventing a revolutionary plant food. / While the junkyard is supposedly being fumigated, the Cats head for the hills for a camping trip and get more than they bargained for.
The Fortune Teller/Cottontails, Chickens, & Colored Eggs
A pair of con artist cats decide to burglarize the Nutmeg home, but they have to get Heathcliff out of the way first. / The Easter Bunny tells the Cats how eggs became colored for Easter.
Break an Egg/A Letter to Granny
A trip to the museum with Iggy and Marcy to see the ancient Catenkoman exhibit provides Heathcliff with the perfect party place to celebrate Sonja's birthday later that night. / Hector fools Mungo into believing he has laid an egg and must keep it warm until it hatches.
The New York City Sewer System/High Goon
Heathcliff and the Nutmegs go to an air show where Iggy wins a raffle for a ride in a supersonic jet. / Cleo is not invited to a high society cat party, so she, Riff Raff and the Catillac Cats go in disguise.
North Pole Cat/He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
When the postman mentions that Iggy's letter to Santa is being returned, Heathcliff is concerned that Santa may be retiring. / Mungo's kid brother, Mingo, is running with a bad crowd so Granny sends him to Mungo to straighten him out.

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