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Season 1

24 Sep. 2001
An Internet entrepreneur returns to live in her hometown after her new business venture suddenly collapses.
28 Sep. 2001
Walden Pond
Ellen sets to make some decisions about her future.
5 Oct. 2001
Chain Reaction
Ellen tries to rally the town against a new restaurant that features scantily clad waitresses.
12 Oct. 2001
Vanity Hair
An profile in Vanity Fair gets Ellen thinking about a new hairdo.
19 Oct. 2001
The Move
Ellen's moving causes friction at home, leading to Catherine's moving out to live with a new boyfriend.
26 Oct. 2001
Muskrat Love
As she looks to rid the yard of a pesky raccoon, Ellen is asked to help a lovesick high school student.
2 Nov. 2001
Ellen's search for the perfect cup of coffee reveals some disturbing news about Dot's new boyfriend.
9 Nov. 2001
Cathy's Taffy
Ellen launches a new business to sell her sister Catherine's delicious homemade taffy.
16 Nov. 2001
Missing the Bus
Ellen's efforts to honor a longtime district employee ends up costing the aging school bus driver her job.
10 Dec. 2001
Alive and Kicking
Ellen tries to counsel the school's troubled kicker on the eve of a championship football game.
17 Dec. 2001
Ellen's First Christmess
Ellen's plan for her Aunt Mary's surprise Christmas appearance exposes some ill will between Dot and her famous sister.
Bird in the Hand
When Dot gives Ellen an heirloom brooch, Catherine is jealous and Ellen is less than excited. Matters only get worse when she loses the brooch and has to fess up.
11 Jan. 2002
Just the Duck
Ellen discovers Catherine on a secret date with Rusty and is invited to join them; with an imminent breakup, a surprise rebound may be in the works.
Shallow Gal
When Ellen realizes she was the unpopular geek in school, she gets desperate and befriends the ex-head cheerleader. Is Ellen now the snob?
Gathering Moss
Catherine and Ellen attend a self-actualization session where they learn to "see it, want it, take it." They instead discover they can't take each other!
A Matter of Principal
After Ellen is left in charge of the school, her alternative approach leads to chaos. With a student body in complete anarchy, Ellen stumbles on a shocking secret.
Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
When Ellen lobbies for her mother Dot to receive the annual town Sunshine Prize, Ellen discovers that she's also up for the prize, and is the favorite to win.
One for the Roadshow
Ellen discovers that the board game her Aunt Mary gave her years ago that has never been opened is worth thousands of dollars, enough for Ellen to move out.

 Season 1 

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