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Season 2

28 Sep. 2002
French Kiss
Quinn organizes a team led by A.B. Stiles, whose first assignment is to find the terrorist who killed Matt.
5 Oct. 2002
Air Lex
Stiles and Lex are on a plane. Lex sees someone whom he thinks looks suspicious and he notices that they're not on the right course. And when they learn that the pilot is not answering when he is called, they call in to say that they may have been hijacked. So when word gets to Gage, he has Haisely find out what is going on. Have they been taken over by someone who plans to use the plane as a weapon? If so do they shoot it down? Meanwhile Stiles and Lex try to see if they can regain control of the plane.
12 Oct. 2002
The Great Game
Terri, Stiles and Lex oversee the formation of a new Afghan Ministry of Intelligence in Kabul, while Gage deals with a new Afghan Intelligence Minister.
19 Oct. 2002
C.S. Lie
Stiles, Terri and Haisley go to China to find a crashed CIA spy plane, but when they discover the pilot is missing, Stiles thinks he was captures by Chinese soldiers.
26 Oct. 2002
The Prisoner
The Agency discovers that a rogue agent kept an Iraqi man locked in a house for six years, believing he was a double agent, so Gage decides to return the man to his homeland, only to put Stiles' life in danger.
2 Nov. 2002
Home Grown
The Agency finds that a suicide bomber who killed 14 people at an amusement park is an American with a terrorist ring.
9 Nov. 2002
A senate hearing is called to investigate a botched CIA mission that led to the deaths of a Colombian terrorist and three American doctors.
16 Nov. 2002
First Born
While the president prepares to meet with Russian negotiator Dimitri Allovich to sign a nuclear-arms treaty, Allovich's daughter rides with the president's brother when she dies in a motorcycle accident.
23 Nov. 2002
The agents have to put their Thanksgiving plans on hold when they learn that Stiles has been missing for four days in Kiev, where he was sent to shut down an arms dealer.
6 Dec. 2002
The agents think Gage is being investigated by the FBI, but he's actually involved in a secret operation to catch a mole.
14 Dec. 2002
Elite Meat to Eat
The Incident Response Team travels to Ireland to stop an illegal-arms operation and Haisley finds himself trapped in a deadly situation involving the arms dealers and another group.
18 Jan. 2003
An Isolated Incident
Stiles and Terri head to the Gaza Strip to find a Palestinian-born U.S. citizen who went on a killing spree at a travel agency and fled America.
1 Feb. 2003
Debbie Does Djakarta
A former U.S. president objects to the Agency's plan to fabricate a porn film starring a terrorist sympathizer to keep him from becoming the next leader of Indonesia.
8 Feb. 2003
Lex discovers a possible bomb attack in Australia, but Gage doesn't want to tip off the terrorists, who are planning a bigger attack in the U.S.
15 Feb. 2003
Absolute Bastard
Stiles comes face-to-face with a woman he once loved while he's on a mission to retrieve former CIA informants in West Africa.
22 Feb. 2003
Unholy Alliances
Reese and Haisley accompany Gage to Isreal to mediate peace talks with Palestine when a bomb goes off under their car and wounds them.
15 Mar. 2003
Soft Kills
When the wives of several American servicemen who are overseas are being attacked, the Agency tries to help the FBI find out who is doing this. When they find him, he is unable to talk so with evidence they found on him, they learn that someone in the Spanish government gave him the info. So Stiles, Lex and Teri go to Spain to find out who it is. During their investigation, they encounter a Spanish security officer who is also doing the same thing. And he has narrowed the leak to the Minister of Defense. At the same time Gage is being told to back off.
12 Apr. 2003
Spy Finance
Stiles attempts to infiltrate an organized-crime ring led by a drug dealer who's unknowingly buying heroin from terrorists using the money to fund their activities.
26 Apr. 2003
War, Inc.
When members of the Saudi Royal Family are being killed, they accuse the Americans. The Agency investigates and discovers circumstantial evidence that the killings are being done by private contractors. Who were hired by a billionaire whose family was killed in the World Trade Center. They try to get evidence against them but they prove to be too formidable.
3 May 2003
Mi Cena con Andrei
Stiles is torn when he's ordered to assassinate a scientist Haisley is sure created a super-virus, but who seems innocent after Stiles spends time with him and his family.
10 May 2003
Our Man in Korea
A CIA double agent is hindering the Agency's efforts to track down a missile-guidance system en route to North Korea that could start a war between the North and South.
17 May 2003
Our Man in Washington
Terri is held captive by the Koreans as a guilty Joshua tries to beg his contact not to hurt her. In the meantime, Haisley and the team are close to discovering Joshua's treason.

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