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Sex & Nudity

  • Characters of both genders are seen in various states of undress (no explicit content). Naked characters are sometimes seen in bed, with lots of skin but no sensitive areas shown.
  • Several characters have sex off-screen. There are brief men/women and women/women make-out scenes.
  • The term "screw" is used sexually, and there is lots of mention of people sleeping together, having affairs, etc.
  • In the first season, two characters are shown having sex. However, the shot only lasts for a few seconds and the characters are mostly covered with bedsheets. A second sex scene later on in the season lasts several minutes. Mostly passionate kissing shown.
  • Elisha Cuthbert wears a top through which her nipples can be identified. This happens at least twice across seasons. In one of the scenes, she is shown wearing panties and a top.
  • A man and woman can be seen in the mirror having sex in season 8, but no sensitive areas can be seen.
  • In the first season, Jack's wife Teri is raped off-screen, but we see her offering herself to be assaulted as an alternative to her daughter being raped.
  • In season 5, we see a 13-year-old girl who has been kept as a sex slave by a much older man. She has many bruises and marks on her body.

Violence & Gore

  • Given that there is almost 200 hours of footage, it would be near impossible to describe every scene of violence that occurs in the show. That being said, scenes of shooting, stabbing, explosions, and/or torture are a given in almost every episode.
  • The main character Jack Bauer has a recorded 233 kills across the seasons with 4/5 kills as a result of gunshots and nine kills from season two onwards as a result of neck breaking. The shooting scenes usually do not show blood explicitly and usually has the person just fall to the ground.
  • 24 has received controversy for its use of torture. For a brief overview suspect are interrogated usually are injected with a type of chemical that induces pain. Jack Bauer breaks a man fingers one by one, cuts man's finger off by one, shoots a man in the kneecap but they are all justified in the sense that these are terrorists withholding information.
  • Some of the more "extreme" episodes feature viral outbreaks, plane crashes, toxic gases, hostage takings, and nuclear detonations.
  • We see several bloody bullet holes in various parts of peoples' bodies.
  • A man digs into another man's stomach with his bare hands to retrieve a computer chip.
  • A man slides a knife into another man's kneecap.
  • A man is graphically shot in the head with a sniper rifle.
  • A man's arm in amputated off-screen.
  • In season 8, we see many graphic images of men who have been tortured and killed by Jack Bauer, including some graphic torture scenes.


  • Pretty mild. The word "damn it" "hell" or the phrase "son of a bitch" is used in most episodes.
  • Very brief uses of strong language: "Asshole", "Goddamn", and "Dick" are all said once throughout the series.
  • "Fuck" is only said one single time, in the season 4 prequel.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • With the exception of season three, 24 contains only small, infrequent incidences of drinking, smoking, and drugs.
  • The story-line of season 3 revolves around drugs. There are several graphic scenes of characters shooting up heroin. Nevertheless, the pain and torment characters experience from using drugs puts substance abuse in a very negative light.
  • A major sub-plot is Jack Bauer's addiction to heroin.
  • When a woman's arm is broken, another character shoots her up with an IV using narcotics as a painkiller.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The torture scenes could be described as "intense".
  • In one series Jack Bauer must decide whether to force the only doctor to save a dying terrorist with crucial informationor someone that was shot saving his life. The man dies after Bauer forces the doctor to save the terrorist. It is very sad and upsetting.
  • Several characters have intensely emotional death scenes. The majority of the show is based off of major characters being harmed or being in peril, and it is very rough to watch when main characters are killed graphically.
  • The entire series is very intense due to its non stop nature.
  • Many (most) characters have met an untimely death.
  • In season 8 there is a scene where a man is tortured and gutted and there is a lot of blood involved.


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Violence & Gore

  • We see a woman with cut wrists lying dead in a chair, and we see tons of blood all over her and the surrounding furniture.

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