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  • 24 season 1, episode 1 (12:00 A.M. - 01:00 A.M.) premiered 2 months following the events of 9/11; on November 6, 2001. Edit

  • For the most part the attacks have been personal vendettas(day 1, day 3, day 5, day 6) against Jack. So ergo where there's Jack, there is a terrorist attack.

    Los Angeles is a large populated city with airforce and military bases, major airport, and other international resources in and around the area, along with ideal "deserted" locations. According to the show, there are other CTU offices located around the United States, so we may never know what other threats there have been. And it's overall a better location production-wise.

    They have also been some attempted real life terrorist attacks planned for Los Angeles. Two examples would be the December 1999 attempted bombing of LAX and the plan to hijack an airliner and crash it into the Library Tower, as revealed in 2006. Edit

  • After sailing off at the end of season two, Max seemed to have disappeared. The truth is Max was "taken care of" in 24: the Game, which took place roughly 18 months between season 2 and season 3.

    In the Game, Max's plot included releasing Ricin into the LA Harbor, an assassination attempt on Acting President Jim Prescott, a phony Sarin gas attack on the subway, kidnapping Kate Warner and Governor James Radford before ultimately conscripting and assassinating the latter, an attack on a U.S. Military base, and smuggling weapons out of the country with the coerced help of Bob Warner.

    The Game also followed up on how Chase and Chloe came to work at CTU, as well as delved deeply into Jack's relationship with Kate Warner. The Game also featured a secondary villain from Jack's pre-CTU past named Peter Madsen who targets CTU with an EMP in order to release a prisoner and obtain an important hard drive, kidnaps Kim, and coerces Jack into stealing confidential data from a CIA building.

    Alexander Trepkos' wherabouts are unknown at this time.

    In episode 3.1 Wayne Palmer reveals it was David Palmer who, in a weakened state, authorized a manhunt for the masterminds behind Day 2's events and arrested the one in charge, meaning that since Max and Peter Kingsley were both killed, and since Trepkos appeared to work beneath Max but above Kingsley, that Trepkos was likely the one arrested. Edit

  • Wayne Palmer suffered an attempt on his life while in office as the President of the USA (Day 6). Although kept in medically induced coma due to his critical condition, he was vital enough to be be resussitated, in order to prevent vice-president Noah Daniels from assuming office and starting a nuclear war.

    However, he kept needing repeated shots of adrenaline to stay conscious, which finally caused him to collapse and slip into coma due to brain hemorrhage. His doctors mentioned that he would not be regaining consciousness any time soon and he was not seen anymore for the rest of the series.

    His fate was finally revealed in 24: Redemption, although not directly; an on-screen newspaper article on the departing President Noah Daniels makes mention of Daniels' "deceased predecessor", indicating that Wayne finally succumbed to his injuries somewhere during or after Day 6. Wayne's ultimate fate was kept ambiguous on the show due to the policy of Fox Network of not killing-off active Presidents on-screen (President John Keeler in (Day 4) survived the attack on Air Force One for the same reason) . Edit

  • The Special Agent In Charge aka Director of Operations is the person that runs a CTU Field Office. They work primarily inside the building, but is ultimately in charge of all operations and agents. The Special Agent In Charge is the highest-ranking agent in a domestic unit, but is out ranked by agents from Division and District Command.

    The Chief of Staff is the second-in-command of a Domestic unit.The Chief of Staff is in charge of all Communications and Logistics personnel in the building. If something should happen to the Special Agent In Charge, then the Chief takes over the Special Agent In Charge's responsibilities.

    The Director of Field Operations is the person in charge of all tactical teams at a particular CTU Domestic Unit. The position is below Special Agent in Charge and either equal to or lower than Chief of Staff.

    Field offices report to Division which is run by a Divisional Director. Division carries a larger amount of jurisdiction than field offices.

    Division reports to District Headquarters which is run by a District Director and handles command over an entire region of CTU field offices. However in season one, it is stated the reverse is true and District reports to Division, so either there must have some restructuring in command between season one and two or it could have been human error failing to correctly remember the complicated command structure.

    And finally CTU reports in general to the National Security Council, which the Secretary of Defense is a part of, explaining how Heller had authority over CTU on Day 4.

    It should also be noted that the Director of Field Ops position did not exist until season three, so further restructuring must have been done to lessen the responsibilities of the Special Agent in Charge. Originally in season one the chain of command in the Field Offices went Director/SAC, Second in Command, and Third in Command with an Administrative Director overriding all three. In season two, the Administrative Director position appears to have been eliminated with those responsibilities given to the SAC. Before season three CTU must have further clarified the responsibilities of the Second and Third in Commands thus creating the Chief of Staff and Director of Field Ops positions. Edit

  • In the script and during most of the rehearsals the line went: "I will hunt you down for the rest of your life." As a last minute change up in order to get an genuine look of shock from Sarah Clarke, Kiefer said this: "Sarah, I love you. Why did you marry Xander (Berkeley)." Edit

  • The movie, titled 24: Redemption, is set 44 months after the events of Day 6 and 65 days before Day 7, on Inauguration Day in the United States, beginning at 3:00pm GMT (10:00am EST) and ending two hours later at 5:00pm GMT (12:00pm EST).

    There was also a feature film of 24 in the works, but that was eventually scrapped in May 2013 after the announcement of Season 9. The idea would have been to make a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day, with only one hour in real time. Edit

  • Yes, yes it does. Known cities in the 24verse to have a CTU include San Francisco, Seattle, New York (Day 8 takes place there), Washington D.C., Miami, New Orleans, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Diego, Boston, Las Vegas, Detroit, St. Louis, and Austin. It was also mentioned that Bill Buchanan and Michelle Dessler worked together at CTU Seattle. Edit

  • No one really knows. But, it appears to be the regional oversight section(think Internal Affairs) of CTU that carries a large amount of jurisdiction and seems to mainly focus on crime scene investigation type work. Division is run by the Regional Director.

    The term "division" can be taken as a double entendre; on the surface, it is the administrative headquarters of CTU (and maybe some other agencies as well). But it is also possible to understand it as the source of excess bureaucracy that creates a rift, or "division," between the people who make decisions from a comfortable office and those who get their hands dirty in the field. Edit

  • It's not directly based on any one agency.

    But it does share similarities with the Joint Terrorism Task Force, which initially was a partnership between the FBI New York Field Office and the NYPD, which has since grown to over 100 task forces with at least one in every FBI field office.

    Ultimately it does share similarities to the newly created National Counterterrorism Center in Washington DC, which as of now is the only office for the NCTC. It's been said NCTC was inspired by CTU. Edit

  • Well there are different answers for this but showrunner and Executive Producer Howard Gordon in an interview with E!Online said Season 7 should take place in 2017 once you take all the Presidential Elections between the seasons into account. You could roll everything back four years and everything would work out the same.

    March 2004: Day 1 (Primary Day of the 2004 election, Super Tuesday)

    18 Months

    September/October 2005: Day 2

    3 Years

    September/October 2008: Day 3 (the tail end of Palmer's administration)

    15 Months (should be 18 months, was referenced twice is season four, at the beginning of the season Ronnie, CTU agent was opposed to Jack going "into the field", says Jack hadn't been in the field in over a year and a half, then at the end of the season Secret service agent Pierce shows video of Mandy's attempted assassination 4 and a half years ago, which was in day 2)

    March/April 2010: Day 4 (the second year of Keeler's administration)

    18 Months

    September/October 2011: Day 5 (Third year of the Keeler/Logan administration, right before the reelection cycle starts in Jan)

    20 Months

    May/June 2013: Day 6

    3 1/2 Years

    January 20th 2017 (Inauguration Day): Redemption

    65 Days

    March 26th 2017: Day 7

    18 Months

    September 2018: Day 8

    4 Years

    September 2022: Live Another Day (Day 9) Edit

  • 24: Debriefing marks Jack's birthday as February 18th, 1966.

    So, if you take the above timeline as accurate Jack was 38 in Day One

    39 in Day Two.

    42 in Day Three.

    44 in Day Four.

    45 in Day Five.

    47 in Day Six.

    50 in Redemption (TV film - Day 7 Prequel).

    51 in Day Seven.

    52 in Day Eight.

    56 in Live Another Day (Day Nine).

    This also implies that Jack met Teri at age 22 and had Kim at 23. Edit

  • 24 Debrief is a series of five mini-episodes covering events taking place after season six.

    Set 15 hours after the end of Day Six, these 'webisodes' were originally made available to American Express cardholders, via www.fox.com/24/amex, and were updated every Monday.

    With the release of the season six DVD boxset, these were included on the bonus disc. Edit

  • Day Zero is an flash-animated webisode series of 24, sponsored by DegreeMen deodorant.

    This covers events taking place prior to the first season of 24. Edit

  • There are two non-canon answers to this question, as featured in the deleted scenes on the season four DVD:

    a) After he was traded for Jack, Marwan instructed two of his men to kill him. Curtis arrived, killed the terrorists and rescued him.

    b) Marwan locked him in a shipping crate, and he was found at the end of the day.

    No canonical answer has been given, however... Edit

  • According to 24.wikia.com/wiki/On-screen_kills_by_Jack_Bauer, the total count (as of the end of Day 9: Live Another Day), including 24 (2008): Redemption), is 309. Edit

  • Harry Barnes: Republican (unconfirmed; pre-season 1; most likely incumbent President that Palmer faced in election)

    David Palmer: Democrat (confirmed by Sherry during season 1)

    John Keeler: Republican (He was the opposition during season 3)

    Charles Logan: Republican, as he was vice president under John Keeler (unconfirmed)

    Hal Gardner: Republican (unconfirmed)

    Wayne Palmer: Democrat (unconfirmed)

    Noah Daniels: Democrat (unconfirmed)

    Allison Taylor: Most likely Republican or possibly Libertarian (unconfirmed)

    Mitchell Hayworth: Most likely Republican or possibly Libertarian (unconfirmed)

    James Heller: Republican (unconfirmed) Edit

  • The nuclear explosion in season six claims the lives of about 12,000 people, and this constitutes the bulk of the show's total death toll. See 24.wikia.com/wiki/Deaths_on_24 for an attempt at a comprehensive count. Edit

  • At the beginning of season 5 President David Palmer was assassinated along with Michelle Dessler because they were the only ones who knew of Jack Bauer's pseudocide (faked death). Tony Almeida was also supposed to die but was injured and put into a coma. During season 5, Tony comes out of his coma only to find that Michelle had been killed. Tony later discovered that Christopher Henderson, a conspirator in the day's events, was in the CTU hospital being tortured. Tony knocks out the CTU torturer and goes at Henderson with a leathal dose of interrogation medication, however, Henderson gets a hold of it and stabs Tony with it, supposedly killing him.

    In season 7, Tony Almeida is revealed to be alive and involved with a terrorist group that are trying to disrupt President Taylor's invasion of Sangala by blackmailing her with terrorist attacks.FBI and Jack Bauer apprehend Tony and Jack interrogates him. Tony reveals to Jack that he was working with Chloe O'Brain and Bill Buchanan to expose the corrupt dealings of US officials involved with General Juma (the African dictator responsible for Sangala's mass genocide. Jack breaks Tony out of FBI custody and proceeds to work with Chloe and Bill to takedown General Juma and expose the corrupt officials within the US government. During his attack on the White House, General Juma and his men are killed by Jack Bauer. Jack and Tony later rush to secure a bioweapon obtained by Jonas Hodges, the president of Starkwood PMC (Private Military Corp.) Jack and Tony succeed in destroying the bioweapon however Jack is infected. Tony later betrays Jack and kills FBI agent Larry Moss and steals the last canister of the bioweapon. Tony later meets up with Cara Bowden, one of Jonas Hodges' representatives. Tony and Cara plan to use the weapon on a subway and use a fall-guy to plant the weapon. FBI work with Jack to once again, capture Tony and stop the attack. Jack is forced to betray FBI and break Tony out again in exchange for Kim's safety. FBI locate and rescue Kim but Tony and Cara escape with Jack as their hostage and he eventually plans to use Jack's infected blood to re-create the bioweapon. Cara arranges a meeting with Alan Wilson, Jonas Hodges' partner and plans to have Tony officially brought into the group. Tony reveals to Jack that he plans to kill Alan Wilson and Cara using Jack as a suicide bomber to do it. Tony meets Alan Wilson just as Jack frees himself and FBI arrive to takedown everyone. Jack's bomb is taken off and he helps FBI kill Alan Wilson's guards. Tony kills Cara and proceeds to go after Wilson, cornering him and revealing that he was responsible for Michelle's death and their unborn son's, by ordering the attack on their lives. Jack shoots and wounds Tony, and Alan Wilson and Tony are both taken into FBI custody. Wilson is later vigorously questioned by Renée Walker for information, almost dying in the interrogation. It is unknown what more information he revealed, but it may have been enough to disband his entire network, as this group no longer plays a part in the final season. Edit

  • Day 5's conspiracy revolved mainly President Charles Logan and his Chief of Staff Walt Cummings, who were involved with defense contractor Christopher Henderson and his associate James Nathanson, all of whom were part of a large conspiracy headed by a group of mysterious men controlling President Logan.

    It turns out that Nathanson, Henderson, and Logan were trying to smuggle a bioweapon onto Russian soil and detonate it on a terrorist base in order to form an excuse for the US government to invoke the military clauses of Logan's anti-terrorism treaty, allowing the US government to secure oil interests in Central Asia.

    Christopher Henderson is captured by CTU but escapes; Nathanson and Walt Cummings are both killed, and Charles Logan is exposed at the end of season 5 as the top conspirator and is arrested for treason.

    In season 6, Jack Bauer's estranged father, Phillip and his brother Graem are revealed to be part of the Abu Fayed terrorist plot as well as the Charles Logan conspiracy. Graem Bauer is also the man who was controlling Charles Logan in season 5. Phillip Bauer ends up killing his son Graem because he was a liability. Later in the season it is revealed that Phillip was also involved with the Chinese government and Cheng, the man responsible for Jack's torture and imprisonment in China. CTU eventually learns that Phillip is planning on selling a piece of Russian war technology to the Cheng in order to start a war between China, Russia, and USA. CTU tracks Phillip and Cheng to an oil rig that they bomb in order to prevent the device from being found. The bombing seals Phillip Bauer's fate.

    In season 7, it is revealed that Alan Wilson, the leader of a mysterious group known only as "Red Dots" is the one who was really behind David Palmer's assassination, Michelle Dessler's death, and Charles Logan's treason. Wilson is apprehended by FBI at the end of season 7.

    Because we know that Charles Logan was being controlled by Graem Bauer and his group, we can only assume that Alan Wilson's group (Red Dots) are the same group that Graem Bauer was involved with because in season 7 it is revealed that Wilson was behind Charles Logan, so this is the only possible explaination as to how Alan Wilson could be behind Logan's conspiracy. Edit

  • This is explained in the season 5 prequel, a bonus feature on the season 4 boxset. It is set over a year after Day 4. Jack has remained in hiding in Chicago, living a vagrant life, when he gets a visit from Chloe. She warns him that someone was able to hack into her computer and find out that she falsified Jack's autopsy report, thereby concluding that Jack is not dead. This assumption is confirmed by a sudden attack on Jack by a black vehicle, but Jack is able to lure the attacker and crash the car. Jack then leaves Chicago for his new cover, presumably the Mojave desert where he resides at the start of Day 5. Presumably because the conspirators could not find Jack anymore, they framed him for killing President Palmer, so he would be forced to come out of hiding. Edit

  • Logan's fate is set up during season 6 to look as though he died from the stab wound that he received to the shoulder by Martha, but in Season 7, it is mentioned that up until recently he was still under house arrest and therefore, survived his injuries. By the time Season 8 arrives, Logan is alive and well. He is free from house arrest as well, since Noah Daniels gave his a full presidential pardon for his crimes during the time that Daniels was finishing up Wayne Palmer's term as President. Edit

  • It was never officially explained on the show, but the simplest explanation is that the dose of toxin given to him by Mandy was not high enough to kill him. It probably was some kind of liquid nerve agent that is absorbed through the skin. This kind of absorption will go a lot slower than, e.g., inhaling, swallowing, or injecting. The rate of absorption is also depending of the condition of the skin, e.g., wet or dry, healthy or damaged. The skin on the hand usually contains a thicker layer of callus, which may also slow the toxin uptake. Combined with the fact that president Palmer is a tall man (who needs more toxin to achieve the same effect as compared to a short man) and health professionals may have been quick in countering the toxin's effect (limiting the exposure), the total amount of toxin that his body absorbed may have been below the lethal threshold. The first episodes of season 3 indicated that the attempt damaged his hand and put him in a life-threatening situation with a long recovery, but he survived nonetheless. Edit

  • Seven episodes of Season 8 were released as Extended Versions on DVD and Blu-ray. All feature prolonged plot elements that were cut out for the TV-Versions. In general these episodes are now one to two and a half minutes longer. Edit

  • The series has a total of 47 main cast members spread across 9 seasons (and 1 film).

    Kiefer Sutherland - Jack Bauer

    Leslie Hope - Teri Bauer

    Sarah Clarke - Nina Myers

    Elisha Cuthbert - Kim Bauer

    Dennis Haysbert - David Palmer

    Sarah Wynter - Kate Warner

    Xander Berkeley - George Mason

    Penny Johnson Jerald - Sherry Palmer

    Carlos Bernard - Tony Almeida

    Reiko Aylesworth - Michelle Dessler

    James Badge Dale - Chase Edmunds

    Kim Raver - Audrey Raines

    Alberta Watson - Erin Driscoll

    Lana Parrilla - Sarah Gavin

    Roger Cross - Curtis Manning

    William Devane - James Heller

    Mary Lynn Rajskub - Chloe O'Brian

    Gregory Itzin - Charles Logan

    James Morrison - Bill Buchanan

    Louis Lombardi - Edgar Stiles

    Jean Smart - Martha Logan

    DB Woodside - Wayne Palmer

    Peter MacNicol - Tom Lennox

    Jayne Atkinson - Karen Hayes

    Carlo Rota - Morris O'Brian

    Eric Balfour - Milo Pressman

    Marisol Nichols - Nadia Yassir

    Regina King - Sandra Palmer

    Cherry Jones - Allison Taylor

    Annie Wersching - Renee Walker

    Colm Feore - Henry Taylor

    Bob Gunton - Ethan Kanin

    Jeffrey Nordling - Larry Moss

    Rhys Coiro - Sean Hillinger

    Janeane Garofalo - Janis Gold

    Anil Kapoor - Omar Hassan

    Mykelti Williamson - Brian Hastings

    Katee Sackhoff - Dana Walsh

    Chris Diamantopoulos - Rob Weiss

    John Boyd - Arlo Glass

    Freddie Prinze Jr. - Cole Ortiz

    Michael Wincott - Adrian Cross

    Gbenga Akinnagbe - Erik Ritter

    Giles Matthey - Jordan Reed

    Yvonne Strahovski - Kate Morgan

    Benjamin Bratt - Steve Navarro

    Tate Donovan - Mark Boudreau Edit

  • This has never been established for definite, but spin-offs have strongly implied that the President during the first season was Harry Barnes, a Republican whom David Palmer subsequently defeated in the election. Supposedly the first season was written under the silent assumption that Bill Clinton was the incumbent President, presumably meaning the creators intended for Day 1 to be in mid-2000 , though this has since been invalidated and Day 1 established to have taken place in 2004. Edit

  • Many people have appeared on the news. That doesn't mean that they will become famous. In later seasons, some villains had very detailed information about Jack, while others didn't even know who he was. Edit

  • Day 1 was part of the Californian Presidential Primary, so presidential candidate David Palmer went to LA a few day earlier. During season 2, President Palmer was in Oregon. During season 3, the University of Southern California had been selected as the venue for the first of three televised presidential debates, so President Palmer went there to participate in the debates.

    In season 4, President Keeler was on the Air Force One. When the plane was shot down by terrorists, it happened to be flying over the Los Angeles area, so that CTU could send a helicopter to investigate the wreckage.

    In season 5, President Logan was in LA to sign a treaty with the President of Russia.

    In seasons 6 and 7 the presidents were in the White House, Washington D.C.. In season 8 the president was in the United Nations building in New York. In season 9 the president was in London. Edit

  • 24 was conceived and developed before the 9/11 attacks. It was a coincidence that 9/11 happened in the same year in which 24 started airing. Season one was scheduled to begin airing on October 30, 2001, but after the terrorist attacks of September 11, the date was moved back a week to November 6th. The events of season one didn't have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.

    Starting with season two, however, the show went in a different direction and focused on large-scale terrorist attacks that resemble the 9/11 attacks.

    There wasn't any major terrorist attacks in the U.S. during the show's eight-season run. So the show wasn't afraid to create dramatic situations such as a nuclear bomb exploding in downtown Los Angeles. Edit

  • It would be very hard to portray on television. In reality, if a nuclear bomb really went off in a major US city, it would likely be impossible for the story to focus on the main hero (Jack). Too many problems would need to be addressed. But season 6 was meant to focus on Jack's relationship with his father, so they had to just abandon that plot and moved on to a different plot arc. Edit



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