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15 Mar. 1998
On the Streets
Denver: Four patients from a collision involving a drunk driver; A man suspected of a heroin overdose collapses outside a homeless shelter; A confused 83-year-old woman complains of an unspecified ailment; A seven-year-old boy is having a bad asthmatic attack; a 22-year-old man has two stab wounds from an ice pick; An airplane carrying a 54-year-old man having a heart attack is diverted to Denver so that he can be treated; A man as been smashed over the head with a beer bottle.
15 Mar. 1998
Seven Minutes
Phoenix: A motorcycle cop has been hit by a that crossed the center line; A 19-year-old seven months pregnant is giving birth in a parking lot, A 38-year-old woman has injured her back in a boating accident; A 25-year-old gang member sufferers chemical facial burns when his cousin knocks acid out of his hand in an attempted suicide; A drunk driver going in the wrong direction collided with three other cars; has had acid thrown in his face; A min breaks his leg when his car crashes into a van.
5 Apr. 1998
The Night Shift
San Francisco: Two men have been in an accident on the Bay Bridge; A bodyguard at a nightclub has been beaten up; Another man has been beaten up in a street fight, and is struggling to breathe; An HIV+ man is evaluated after ingesting alcohol and Valium ; A woman has been slashed in the throat with a broken bottle; A 25-year-old man is suspected of a heroin overdose; A paramedic receives an accidental needle stick; A four-year-old child has sprayed herself with pepper spray.
21 Apr. 1998
Knights of Newark
Newark, New Jersey: A family is pinned in a car after being rear-ended by a stolen vehicle; A man hits his brother with a baseball bat in a drunken argument; A construction worker has fallen 30 feet at a site; A woman was slashed by another woman; A man has suffered a massive heart attack; An off-duty police officer and his brother are struck by a man driving a stolen vehicle; A child is having a bad asthma attack; Another car crash involves cops and a stolen vehicle; A man is stabbed in the arm; A woman is very upset after a pharmacist accuses her of shoplifting.
21 Apr. 1998
Rush Hour
A motorcyclist is hit by a car; A man calls 911 when his Porsche stalls on the freeway; A woman injures her neck in a car accident; A driver has been shot in a drive-by; A man has been beaten up; A woman hits her son-in-law over the head with a beer bottle after he assaults his wife, her, and his father-in-law; A man who is in an argument with another man repeated slams his head against a car; A young child is having a bad asthma attack; A man suffers a seizure, then becomes combative.
8 Jan. 1999
Double Dose
Tampa: A street kid has been stabbed in the leg; A teen suffers a neck injury in and is pulled unconscious from a spring after a diving accident; A man suffers a concussion in a fender bender; A 36-year-old man has fallen 35 feet at a warehouse; A three-year-old girl with cerebral palsy has a pediatric seizure; A 21-year-old man wrecks after falling asleep at the wheel; A man in an area of town known as "The Box" is stabbed in a knife fight; A rancher has been gored by a bull.
22 Jan. 1999
Desert Jackpot
Las Vegas: A construction worker sufferers a serious head or neck injury after falling off a two-story building; A man is hospitalized with a heatstroke after drinking two much alcohol and passing out in the baking Sun; An incoherent man is found sitting in a parked car near a freeway; A 42-year-old man has been assaulted in a parking lot; An 80-year-old woman with ulcers is complaining of stomach pains; An emotionally disturbed man roaming in a parking lot after terrorizing a day-care center suffers second degree burns from the hot pavement after he is wrestled to ...
5 Feb. 1999
We the People
Washington, DC: A firefighter suffers facial and inhalation burns when his mask comes off fighting a fire; A man has a bullet lodged just underneath his skin after being shot in the back in an argument; A woman goes into labor; A tourist has dislocated her knee; A man has collapsed outside a burning building where his home and business were relocated; An out-of-towner who has been shot in a rough part of town while trying to procure drugs has driven to a police station with a broken thigh bone after having been shot; An HIV+ man is having trouble breathing; A 61-...
12 Mar. 1999
After Dark
Detroit: A 10-year-old girl, whose mother is agoraphobic and has not been out of the house in seven years, has been hit by a car while riding her bike; A gunman who has barricaded himself in a home invasion has been shot in the head; A 14-year-old asthmatic boy has had a reaction to a bee sting; A car has crashed into a street light, and a sawed-off shotgun was found under the seat; A man is unconscious after having fallen in a bathroom; A woman sitting on her porch has been shot in the hand in a drive-by; A man with one leg is beaten up in a carjacking.
20 Sep. 1999
No Limits
A woman has been run over by a car in the French Quarter; A firefighter has been injured on the job; A man receives a head injury after passing out on Bourbon Street; A man is showing signs of a diabetic seizure; An elderly woman complains of abdominal pains; A seven-year-old boy was struck by a car while riding his bike; A man faints after an altercation at a store.
4 Oct. 1999
Southern Comfort
Nashville: A tourist is experiencing painful breathing at his hotel room; A motorcyclist has crashed into a utility pole; An elderly man is suspected of having a heart attack; A 33-year-old man has been beaten up in a fight; A 12-year-old boy has injured his leg in a little league game; Paramedics have to respond to a SWAT team raid on a crack house; An elderly woman is unable to get to her feet after falling inside her home.
11 Oct. 1999
House Calls
Pittsburgh: A 94-year-old woman complains of shortness of breath; A 27-year-old woman is suspected of a heroin overdose; The daughter of one of the paramedics falls and cuts her lip; A woman seven-weeks pregnant is complaining of severe chest pains; A father and son were assaulted in front of their store; A man is found on the ground unresponsive; Another man is suspected of having taken too many pain killers; A woman is trapped inside her car after an accident; A 30-year-old woman was assaulted by her boyfriend; A 24-year-old frequent flyer has a seizure; An 18-...
22 Nov. 1999
Tough Love
Boston: A pedestrian receives a badly injured foot when she is struck by a speeding car; An EMS dispatcher was broadsided by another motorist; An electrician was burned in a flash fire; A man injures his hand when he punches a wall in anger; A man trying to rescue a cat on his roof fell and injured his ankle; A drunk man falls down hard on the sidewalk; Another drunk has been beaten up in a drunken street fight; A cancer patient who has just returned home from the hospital has a malfunctioning oxygen machine.
6 Dec. 1999
Portland Pioneers
Portland, Oregon: A 56year-old man is suffering a seizure; A 31-year-old woman becomes trapped in her car after being t-boned by a semi; A young experiences trouble breathing after overdosing on some unknown substance; A woman has trouble breathing after an allergic reaction to an antibiotic; A man overdosing on heroin is found seizing; A stoned woman has crashed into a utility pole; A soccer player breaks another player's leg after kicking the leg instead of the ball; A man who has collapsed at the Portland Airport is suspected of having a heart attack; A young man ...
27 Dec. 1999
In Hot Water
Pittsburgh: A boater hits the steering wheel when he crashes; Firemen respond to a structure fire; A boater is trapped underwater; A resident of the structure fire has lost his medicine in the blaze; An 83-year-old man is found vomiting blood in his bathroom; A man in a nursing home is found unconscious and unresponsive in a diabetic coma; A 33-year-old man is found passed out stoned on the riverbank; A 49-year-old man has taken so many drugs that he is having trouble breathing; A medical secretary collapses at work with back pain; Paremedics respond to a medic alert.
7 Feb. 2000
On the Edge
Oklahoma City: A 77-year-old woman is experiencing breathing difficulties; A man crashes after skidding over a wet highway; A man is injured in a fight outside the Will Rogers Theater; A shooting on the south side; A man is shot in the knee outside of a night club; Six people, four critical, are injured in a car accident; An 18-year-old woman is having a panic attack.
6 Mar. 2000
Badlands and Broken Hearts
Albuquerque, New Mexico: A man accidentally shoots his 14-year-old nephew in the arm while hunting; An 89-year-old man collapses at his son's wedding; A Canadian tourist complaining of chest pains has to be airlifted 80 miles east of Albuquerque; A store clerk calls paramedics on a homeless man who had been robbed and assaulted; A car accident near Cuba, New Mexico, results in an ejection; A woman faints at on her front door step after her daughter evicts her; A two-year-old sitting in her grandfather's lap was ejected in a car accident when her mother fell asleep at ...
13 Mar. 2000
The Wild West
Portland, Oregon: A 32-year-old unrestrained is unresponsive after he crashes his car and goes down a 15-foot embankment; A 17-year-old was shot in the chest; Life Flight responds to a head-on collision near Mt. Hood; A heroin overdose at a crack house; A 67-year-old woman has some unknown illness with a low heart rate; a drunk pedestrian has been hit by a car.
25 Sep. 2000
Dream World
Orlando: A 70-year-old man was in a minivan rollover on I-4; A 21-year-old man goes into a diabetic shock when his plane lands at Orlando International; A 42-year-old man has been smacked in the head with a beer bottle; A 16-year-old girl is running a hight fever and is slipping in and out of consciousness; A 76-year-old woman slipped on a hard wood floor in her home,suffering a femur fracture; A large bookshelf falls onto two small children; An ER frequent flyer claims to have had a seizure, and a few hours later is picked up again.
5 Oct. 2000
At Risk
Charlotte, North Carolina: A man has been shot in the upper arm; An elderly woman has fallen and broken her ankle; The water breaks on a woman 4½ months pregnant; An employee at a car dealership has been shot in a robbery; A drunk who has been on a bender for two weeks wants to go somewhere to dry up; A 19-year-old has injured his ankle in a sporting event; A drug dealer swallowed three rocks of cocaine to avoid arrest.
12 Oct. 2000
Desert Fever
A 59-year-old man has taken a hard fall from a horse; A 26-year-old woman has been in a rollover accident; Paramedics have to retrieve a snake from someone's home; A young woman fractures her clavicle in an accident; A 44-year-old suffers a seizure in a grocery store; A 33-year-old man was hit with a beer bottle and punched in the mouth; A cancer patient is experiencing nausea; A woman complains of chest pains and breathing problems; A construction worker has fallen 20 feet, landing on his back; A diabetic man being taken to the hospital refuses to take an IV.
19 Oct. 2000
Kansas City Blues
A 61-year-old man has collapsed in a parking lot; A shooting victim is bleeding heavily; A tracheotomy patient has some bleeding around his tracheal tube; A 61-year-old man has been hit in the head with a stick; Paramedics notice needle tracks on the arms of a woman complaining of chest pains; A 75-year-old man was sitting in his chair at home when he started feeling dizzy; A 34-year-old man is suspected of going into diabetic shock when he is found unconscious and unresponsive; A 79-year-old man collapses in his home and is experiencing rectal bleeding.
26 Oct. 2000
Critical Care
Reno, Nevada: A 72-year-old asthmatic man collapses after having trouble breathing; A 36-weeks pregnant woman was rear-ended on her way to work; A man inside a motel room is complaining of chest pains; A three-year-old suffers a pediatric seizure; A concerned neighbor calls 911 about her neighbor who has a history of falling down; A 36-year-old man has overdosed on 40 methadone pills; A 39-year-old man suffers a seizure; A 63-year-old man with a history of heart disease is feeling ill.
2 Nov. 2000
A Sinister Turn
Indianapolis,Indiana: A man drives into a house in an apparent carjacking; A 16-year-old girl suffers a febrile seizure; A five-year-old boy has been hit by a van; A man collapses at a club from a possible drug reaction; An out-of-control man was arrested; A man driving a stolen car is badly injured when he crashes into a tree; A satellite installer was attacked by two pit bulls.
16 Nov. 2000
Air Care: 24-7
Orlando: A 20-year-old man has badly injured his legs in a high-speed crash; A 65-year-old man is suspected of having a stroke; A five-year-old sickle cell patient is running a really high fever; A car surfer is run over by the car he was standing on; A man his having chest pains after smoking crack; A 20-year-old motorcycle rider has been hit by a car; A 73-year-old man is crushed by a large tree; A man on a roof tripped and fell 30 feet to concrete pavement.
30 Nov. 2000
Everyday Heroes
A 77-year-old man has been experiencing chest pains for several hours; A man has been beaten up in a robbery; A teenager injures her ankle jumping on a trampoline; A diabetic is acting combative; A 72-year-old woman is experiencing chest pains; A 39-year-old man has been ejected from his truck in an accident; A man has had an alcoholic blackout; A ten-year-old has been bitten by a neighbor's dog; A paramedic gets a new tattoo.
7 Dec. 2000
True Believers
Kansas City: An elderly woman was working in her yard when she started feeling dizzy and weak; A 16-year-old boy has a severe laceration on the back of his head from a car accident; A retired fire captain is having a heart attack; A combative 40-year-old man having a seizure stops breathing after being given a sedative to calm him down; A man suffering from congestive heart failure has been having progressively heavy breathing for three days; An attendee at a religious event passes out; A 75-year-old woman is dazed and confused after rolling out of bed and falling on ...
Force Five
Oklahoma City: Paramedics have to set up triage in rural areas after a Force 5 tornado strikes.

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