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11 Dec. 1996
Alexandre le Grand
Alexander The Great.
12 Dec. 1996
Erik le Rouge et la découverte de l'Amérique
The discovery of America is usually associated to one date and one name: 1492 and Christopher Columbus. This ignores the fact that 500 years before the Spanish navigators touched land with their caravels, a handful of hardy Scandinavian sailors crossed the same ocean in their streamlined knorrs.
13 Dec. 1996
Gengis Khan
Was Genghis Khan really a barbarian risen out of the Asian steppe to bring terror and death onto Christendom, the direct successor of Attila the "wrath of God"? Europe certainly lived in holy fear of the mongol horsemen, for these nomads were the antithesis and the enemies of the "civilized" farming societies that populated the fertile plains of the West at that time.
16 Dec. 1996
Ibn Battuta (sur les traces de Marco Polo)
1325 - Ibn Battuta, a young Maroccan, leaves his home town Tanger to go, as all good Muslim should, on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Little does he know that he is embarking on an extraordinary odyssey, perhaps the greatest journey of all times.
18 Dec. 1996
Vasco de Gama
We are at the end of the XVth century. Spain and Portugal both seek the maritime path to India and the fabled spice islands. Nutmeg, pepper, clover: these are products worth their weight in gold ! When King Juan II of Portugal gives Vasco de Gama commandment of four ships to reach India by circum- navigating Africa, he knows that this young captain has the talent to succeed.
19 Dec. 1996
Les Tassis, maîtres des postes
The Tassis, masters of posts.
20 Dec. 1996
Les frères Pinzon, la face cachée de Christophe Colomb
The Pinzon brothers, the hidden face of Christopher Columbus.
23 Dec. 1996
Amerigo Vespucci
Everyone knows that Christopher Colombus discovered America. So why is it that this continent is not called Columbia, for example, instead of America?
26 Dec. 1996
Magellan et Del Cano
In 1518, Captain Fernando de Magellan and his friend the astronomer Rui Faliero are at the court of the king of Spain to present young Charles the Fifth with an astonishing project. The aim is to join the spice islands by heading due west and crossing the Atlantic, whereas since Vasco de Gama's trip in 1488, the Portugese sail to India via Africa, therefore heading south.
27 Dec. 1996
Cabeza de Vaca
The year is 1528 and America is as of yet an unexplored continent. Five caravels appear off the cost of Florida, from which 600 men disembark under the orders of the conquistador Panfilo de Navaez. It is the golden age of the conquistadors, who persue their dreams of Eldorado at the expense of the Indian tribes they encounter.

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